Crossing Jordan

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2001 on NBC

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  • Main: We are instantly shown Jordan's passion for justice, we get a peek at the demons shes been chasing since childhood, and at demons that seem to always be chasing her. She leaves a tumultuous situation in LA to return to her old job in Boston.

    As far as pilots go this was very good. The High points were that it appeared that all the characters were polished off with at least one solid season under their belt. We are solidly introduced to most of the main characters that will make up the family, Macy, Nigel, Bug, Max, and Jordan. We begin to see the transition from just a morgue into a voice for the deceased, and champions for justice. We also see the first major conflict arise for Jordan, will she recommit to her profession in an attempt to be a great medical examiner, or will her pursuit of justice and the need to solve every unsolved murder in an attempt to make up for not finding her mothers killer segregate her from her co-workers? It was just a pilot and yet it was filled with more drama, twists and turns then most other shows.
  • Well... Bug was very funny and you really got to know jordan:)

    I really liked the start:) You know when Jordan should describe why she kicked Garret;)Holding a brain in her hand.. The others must have thought that she was crazy!
    I have seen a lot of Jordan but not much of the first season and not this episode and everything has really chanched. Specially Garret! Going to a shrink and everything:P
    Bug was a funny part of the episode popping up now and then locking for hes butterflies;)
    And he find them in the end:)
    But Jordan is as she always will be...
    Overall a really godd episode, especially good as a first episode:)