Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 13

Post Hoc

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on NBC

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  • Jordan is recovering from her surgery and is being watched by the crew on shifts to make sure she is okay. But then bug goes missing so the crew starts to locate him leaving jordan with kate. Jordan is having a hard time recovering n must trust kates help

    this episode was awesome. Bug dissapearing came out of no where and i was glad to see renee back. i loved how jordan and kate began to get along and how jordan turned out to be okay and everything. i felt so bad for bug he was trying his best to make them believe him but they wouldnt listen...i was about to slap them... but in the end they were okay and jodan gets to come back to work next week. I cant wait for the next episode and i hope there is a next season of crossing jordan....well later..
  • Amazing episode

    I loved this episode!

    It was interesting how everyone dealt with Jordan's recovery - and I was so surprised about Kate. She's really growing on me!
    The moment she walked in Jordan's appartment, I knew she was gonna make a change. I'm sure the two of them are gonna get along well when Jordan's back at work! Kate really helped Jordan and I think she'll appreciate it!

    The Bug-storyline was amazing, too! It was great that the writers did this. How do I describe this... for a non-US viewer it was a shocking thing to see how citizens are treated. I get that the government is trying really hard in its fight against terror, but it's awful how innocents suffer because of it...

    Great episode!!!
  • Jordan fears her brain surgery may have been ineffective while the others try and find out why Bug has been detained by Homeland Security.

    This episode mixed a lot of important elements which have been sorely lacking in recent seasons. Firstly, we saw humour during intense situations. For me, the best episodes have always been the ones that while having a heavy storyline, threw in humour to remind us that, life really is kind of funny. This week while we worried about Jordan’s health, her hallucinations kept me in stitches. Woody rapping, Bug in the shower and Macy with his pink gloves and apron were priceless. However as soon as the laughter subsides we were reminded of the source of the hallucinations- Jordan’s surgery may not have worked. In the midst of this we were faced with Bug’s detention by Homeland Security. While the gang struggled to figure out why he’d been apprehended, we were treated to wife who stabbed her husband’s corpse- a welcome relief from the weight of Bug’s situation.

    Secondly, since the truth of Jordan’s health condition was exposed, we’ve seen the ‘family’ rally around one another in a way they really haven’t in a long time. While the sense of family was heavily emphasized in the first few seasons, I’ve felt the sense of closeness fade in the morgue lately. I was glad to see everyone eager to help Jordan when she needed them and to even see Kate begin to find her place within in the family. In the same way, I was happy to see how even Renee got involved in Bug’s situation and worked as hard as anyone to get him released.

    Thirdly, this was an episode that says something about the state of the world in regards to terrorism. While I am usually against television shows that go out of their way to make a social commentary, Bug’s storyline had elements that made it impossible for me to dislike it. Continuity was a major positive for me. Dr. Bowen, who I had almost forgotten about, was brought back into the mix. This show has constantly angered me by dropping characters without so much as mention in later episodes. I was glad to see this season’s writers carry over a character we never really expected to see again. I also liked how we could tell that there will be more to this storyline. It wasn’t just something done to make a statement and then be left alone. Bug’s quietness at Jordan’s apartment hinted at how his experience might affect him in future episodes and I am looking forward to how he deals with it.

    Finally, because she’s my favourite, I can’t finish without saying a little bit about Susan Gibney. Like I said before, I liked how Renee wasn’t working against anyone we like in this episode. She usually has to ruffle the feathers of our regular characters in order to get what she wants. It was a nice change to see her fighting with them rather than against them. As I see more and more of her this season, I am more and more convinced that the writers have forgotten to write at least one scene. This would be the scene where Garret and Renee went from a tense and awkward relationship to what we see now, which seems to be working quite well. I may be the only one who thinks so, but I’m convinced that there are deleted scenes somewhere that have Garret and Renee finally making up with one another.

    All in all this was a classic episode of Crossing Jordan, one I look forward to seeing again and one that further proves to me that Crossing Jordan more than deserves a season seven.
  • No, I'm not calling the episode silly...Odd is the term I'd use, however it isn't one of my options...this was definitely an interesting episode. For More reviews:

    This was an odd episode. Odd can be good though.

    It was a one of those episodes when I heard/read the description it made me leery. It’s a well known fact I normally don’t like military based episodes. CJ has had a few and I’ve liked none of them—too many times the military or the government gets ‘less than flattering’ portrayal…and the episode becomes more a political statement.
    That said I did like this episode. I do wonder why they felt the need to do a ‘terrorist’ plot, but at least it was handle decently enough. The system isn’t all bad, but it’s not perfect either—at least that message was portrayed. It’s not black and white…but many shades of gray.

    Normally you always see the gang fighting for Jordan; it was a nice change to see their support behind Bug. Jordan took a back seat—or I should say Kate filled in, allowing the others to focus on Bug.

    I do wonder what effect this will have on Bug. He was (for all practical purposes) kidnapped, held against his will, terrorized, and threatened with torture—all this for having done nothing wrong. The look on his face at the end told us how badly he was affected. He was treated unjustly—and yet there’s almost nothing he can do. That’s tough to deal with. I hope there’s some ‘side effects’ in upcoming episodes.

    Jordan and her hallucinations…I can tell you right now the opening scene freaked me out. Too…too morbid for my taste. The bathroom hallucination (with Bug, Nigel and Kate) made me laugh. The others just made the whole episode odd. It was definitely an interesting format for the episode—sometimes different is good though.

    Woody – I’m not even going to bother commenting on him, because I obviously have no clue what the heck is going on in the writers mind on this topic…Let me just say I expected more—much more. No idea what’s going on inside his head. And I really don’t care anymore. And may I say the eggshell hallucination wasn’t anywhere close to right. More like he should have been walking blindfolded…that’d have been more appropriate symbolism. What little interest I had in him has been chucked out the window. I’m going to enjoy the other characters. May I use that as a lead in to Kate.

    I love Kate. I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but she’s amazing. I love what the writers are doing with her, and I love how Brooke portrays her. Absolutely wonderful. And no I can’t promise that I won’t rave again about Kate, because if she keeps up this way I’ll be saying it many more times before the season is up.

    Kate is practical. We know she (puts up a front that she) doesn’t car what people think about her. She doesn’t seem to care if she fits in or not. She’s basically a hard-ass. Then she does something that completely shocks you. Who’d have thought that the two alpha females in the morgue would get along? I didn’t doubt Kate’s sincerity for one moment when she was with Jordan—helping her in the shower, and playing card games with her. Their parting comments, when Kate was leaving, were one of my favorite moments of the episode.

    Side note: Kate is an A-Type personality. I recognize fellow A-types. I too would have been cleaning…or doing something to keep busy while Jordan slept. Don’t ask me to sit still…obviously Kate suffers from the same syndrome.

    Notes on continuity:
    - Renee—it’s been great to have her back. She’s one of those antagonist that you need in the show. She’s good, but she causes heartache—mainly to the morgue. I’ve loved seeing her back. - New Cop—It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new cop. I think Seely could have filled this roll just as well, but I had no objections to the new guy.

    - I loved Amy. It was so nice when they brought her back up. It’s amazing what continuity does for an episode! I wish she and Bug had hooked up.

    So, why did I like this, rather weird, episode better than last weeks? I think it was more because I had high expectations for last week and the episode didn’t live up to them, where this one I had no expectations and so it surprised me…sometimes quirky works. This was one of those times.
  • Jordan is afraid that the surgery did not work

    All of Jordans friends were helping take care of her. Jordan was seeing things that were not there and was terrified that the Surgery had not worked but was scared to tell anyone. Bug Mysteriously disappears Woody tries to find him and finds out that he has been taken by Homeland Security as a terrorist it was shocking to see what they can do if they suspect you are a terrorist. You have no rights cannot contact a lawyer and they can hold you without chargers forever which is just not right. As Garret said I am all for catching terrorist but how many innocent people have you caught up?
  • Excellent mix of plot, character development and social commentary.

    I'd been getting kind of bored with the show recently, (the Woody/Jordan will they/won't they thing has been played out); Jordan's relationship with her boss & close friendships with Bug & Nigel has been developed. I felt there wasn't anywhere else for them to go.

    This episode definitely revived my interest. It was good to see how Jordan's close friends were taking care of her as she recovered, her fears about possible failure of the surgery, Switzer's frustration at having to cover for all of them, the cop just trying to get his job done.

    However, the part I found most compelling was the treatment of the effect of the current administrations repealing of our civil rights. Seeing a character we care about get treated like a terrorist with no rights, getting tortured helps bring home the reality of the actions we condone through our apathy. The repeal of Habeas Corpus (after over 200 years), ignoring the Constitution, finding ways around US laws; Using secret waivers instead of warrants & instead of due process; claiming they are all powerful & unaccountable for "national security"; mocking Geneva Conventions; ignoring basic human rights.... all of this is so troubling but most of us don't think about it because we assume it's so far removed from our daily lives. But this does happen, innocent people are just suddenly "detained". I'm going to make a point of watching Crossing Jordan now, I hope they continue with this plotline and the aftereffects of such treatment.
  • On several levels as good as a truly great show has been. The political commentary is right on point, the interaction of the people, as always, real and deep. This episode deserves an 'episode Emmy.'

    This is as good as the show gets. Seeing, through the eyes of Bugs and Garrett, the attacks on the Consitution by Homeland Security, the helplessness of the judge to act, these are a milestone in television's willing to take on political matters. But all the rest of the show works on the same high level, the true 'family-love' feeling shown by everyone, first for Jordan, and then for Bugs; Jordan's bull-headed refusal to ask for help until she has to -- and having Switzer be the one to, offhandedly, solve the problem; the usual flashes of humor ("But you were going to cut him open anyway" and "You want me to autopsy a fly?" in particular); and the brief red herring of "Officer Gorgeous" talking about his first case turning into a serial killing and then the mysterious disappearance of Bugs.
    If this IS the last season, they are going out on a very high note, but I hope that episodes lke this convince the network to give us another year.
  • Jordan is scared about her recovery, but what is going on with Dr. Vijay.

    This was a episode that showed Jordan seeing things that were not there and was terrified. Her friends were there as usual for her, to help her through all the mess. Dr. Vijay has a disappearence and the team works to find him and get him home safe. Jordan starts to worry and wants to help but Garrett sets her straight. This was a good episode and i think everyone should watch this one and take the time to understand some things about people. Do not judge them without knowing all the facts about the person. Good episode watch it.
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