Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2007 on NBC

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  • Jordan is blatantly set up. Her reporter boyfriend has been killed and she is the only suspect. oh yeah, and the story he was writing is ignored by everyone else...but may just lead to the real killer

    And this is why people stop watching shows...

    you know when writers have an idea about a quirky little show with a tight plot and near fixed set of seasonal variables? and then the writers get worried coz they've lasted two more years than ever expected and suddenly they lose all confidence in their own idea and try to change the show into a generic rip off?

    this is what this episode is. Jordan is blatantly set up. instead of being a coroner, half way decent girlfriend/friend/co-worker, she decides to become wunder-cop

    she starts running around causing trouble and getting herself into lots of stupid scenarios which all seem to reveal her guilt...
    yawn, the rest of the cast barely do anything but discuss how the rational and highly stable Jordan they know would never do such a thing...and how determinded they are to help her.

    Oh, and woody's in it...but we are only meant to see friend/cop woody not potential love interest woody otherwise it looks a bit sleazy.

    honestly, i used to love this show...
  • How many times is Jordan going to get accused of murder?

    And how many more times is the office going to be in trouble? This show is getting very very close to jumping the shark. Let's bring in yet another person to screw up the office and cause havoc. This show needs to end this season. No more Jordan, Garrett, and Bud.
  • as jd's murder investigation is on-going, jordan takes matters into her own hands and searches for clues in washington while the gang is doing their best from boston

    this was an awesome season premiere ep b/c the cliff hanger last season was so fantastic and they just pick up where they left off which is fabulous..i loved this ep b/c it had the same amount of drama as the season 5 was awesome and we get to see jordans character evolve even more and still be the same old jordan at the same time..i love the dedication of the team and how they do stick together..the new girl tho..i dont like her so much..spoiler..the pen thing was clever tho lol..and i was glad woody and lu broke up over this..unfortunately i didnt like lu too much in this ep..but the ep was awesome and when lu took the blame i liked her better and they solved the case and got jordan off everyone is happy..yay
  • My first on Crossing Jordan

    So, this is going to be my first review on this quite good show. I've never watch it in English, just randomly in the German version, so Jordan's original voice kinda irritated me, it's a lit higher over here.
    Anyway, I needed to download this episode, cause I could no longer wait - after season 5's cliffhanger I really needed to know what happened. Although it was fairly predictable that Jordan OF COURSE wasn't guilty, but someone set her up. But I enjoyed watching the others solving the case with her and breaking all imaginable rules for her. I like it when they all stick together - especially when Woody's on board. I feel a new romance arc for them coming, maybe they'll make it this time? Well, I don't know their complete story, but I'll be following it as soon as season 6 comes to Germany.
  • Great, but not QUITE living up to my expectations, until the end, that is.

    I don\'t know what I was expecting, but I was left saying \"So that was it?\" after the first 45 minutes.

    That said there were some WONDERFUL scenes. The staging and editing of the traditional game sequence was almost perfect. Each scenario was plausible, yet all were not quite on the money which in my book is a good thing. I would have liked to know what the argument between Jordan and JD was about, but I understand the symbolism of it and can appreciate why it remained a mystery. The lone gunman bothered me a little. It was almost TOO easy. There wasn\'t really any mystery at all. I felt a little ripped off by it. But once again I understand why and appreciate that the writers wanted to closure for this storyline (I wonder if its because the whole plot-line, which could have been amazing, was twisted so poorly that it sunk like the Titanic and they just wanted to put the whole thing in the past and call a Mulligan, but that\'s just MHO).

    Any and all misgivings I had were taken away in the last two minutes of the episode. When Jordan went to view the body I lost it! The picture-booth pictures were...perfect. You could almost picture them out and about, being silly and in love, stopping by a photo booth just for S&Gs and in the end she did the traditional \"sweetheart split\", giving him half and keeping the other. How perfect was that? It reminded my why I love this show in the first place. (I just wish we could have seen some of that chemistry between the LIVE JD and Jordan last season. I might have liked him better)
  • Decent Season opener than answered our questions and now we can move forward for the rest of the season.

    [ ret·ri·bu·tion: punishment imposed for purposes of repayment or revenge for the wrong committed ]

    A fitting title in many ways…most poignant in my eyes though being that retribution usually doesn’t put things back to normal—as the ending scene showed so well.

    Jordan will never again get to talk to JD. She lost the chance to share any thoughts, wants, apologies she had for JD. Ted Hawthorne took that away from her and no amount of justice (or retribution) will ever bring JD back. All Jordan will ever be able to do is ponder the ‘what would haves’. I loved the ending scene because I felt it summed up Jordan and JD’s relationship and gave as best a closure to JD’s death as the circumstances allowed. Those pictures represented their relationship: friends, lovers, and the possibility that there could have been more. All that’s left are some pictures of good times and memories of the hard times.

    Kate Switzer—what a name and what a personality. Mettalica in autopsy—how can that not grab your attention? While the rough, no nonsense, not here to make friends attitude reminds me of Elaine (another character I loved…why is it that all the characters I really love die? Sorry, back on topic.) Dr. Switzer stood out as her own character to me—not a carbon copy of someone we’ve already seen. She’s got quirks. She’s smart. She’s not afraid to stand up to anyone, and she knows how to play the game. Corrupting Nigel’s work after she figures out he was watching her…that’s playing the game.

    I liked Lu last season until she had a character assassination (sorry writers, but I really think you screwed her character up last season). Some of my faith in Lu was redeemed in this episode. I hope she keeps this attitude and spunk. She was fun to watch last night and I started believing in her again.

    Okay, so the one part of this episode that just didn’t work for me: THE CASE. I re-watched this episode paying attention to ONLY the case, and there’s too much trying to happen in 42 minutes. Here’s why it doesn’t work for me.

    1- JD comes to Boston, to collect evidence against the judge—who’s a weak, pathetic character…but I won’t go ranting on that, cause I might be here all day if I did. I do have to say the judge’s suicide was purely for effect in my opinion. Too many contradictions in the judge, easy to bribe, but weak in character. Feels guilty when confronted to the point he then decides to commit suicide? This just doesn’t jive. A corrupt person doesn’t have a conscious—not like the weak judge was given…just all wrong…okay, moving on, I swear.

    2- This evidence proves that the judge is corrupt. JD’s flash drive had four cases on it. The fifth case—was just another bribe the judge took. How does JD connect the bribe to the coal mine worker to Ted Hawthorne? JD’s story was the judge, the leap to him being connected to Hawthorne is just too much to process. Even now as I try to think it through and wrap my brain around it there are too many, what ifs and hows. A case shouldn’t be that complex that the viewer can’t follow it after one viewing much less two or three viewings.

    3- How the hell does Hawthorne find JD? JD’s a reporter and has to be semi decent at covering his tracks? And Hawthorne a cold-blooded killer? Did you get that impression when Jordan confronted him? No? I didn’t think so. He gave you the impression that he’d hire a hit man or something right? It was just a bit too unbelievable.
  • The writers/story editors are showing a complete lack of imagination, stuck in the same old tired "Jordan in trouble again" plot line and "Jordan and Woody just can't come together" subplots.

    I\\\'m not surprised ratings are down. The network schedulers certainly have done everything to kill this show, half-seasons-hiatus, midseason reruns galore, second season start dates, etc. To make matters worse, the writers are showing a complete lack of imagination, stuck in the same old \\\"Jordan in trouble again\\\" and \\\"Jordan and Woody just can\\\'t come together\\\" character plot lines. After a terrible Fifth Season, the cliff-hanger was a good one (clearing out JD, Lu, and Lily\\\'s fiancee in one swoop to anul horrible Season 5) and deserved a two or three part season opening resolution, with Jordan and Woody finally growing closer as they fought to get Jordan out of trouble (yet again) and realized that their feelings and loyalty to each other is mutual not matter how hard each has fought against it. Character growth on both of their parts would at least have saved the rehashed plotline. Instead, though, we got a too quick and easy resolution that harkened back to Seasons 1 and 4 with Jordan and Woody hugging awkwardly at the end. I\\\'m hoping the show gets out of this deep rut its in, or it will definitely go down the tubes. Why on earth can\\\'t the writers/story editors write some decent plot lines with Jordan and Woody working through their issues together as a backdrop to action plotlines? There\\\'s plenty of fodder there and it would play off of the series biggest asset--the chemistry between Jordan and Woody.

    But they won\\\'t do it--Tim Kring seems to think he can stretch out the Jordan-Woody sexual tension forever. (Last season he commented \\\"it works for us.\\\") Wrong. I watched only half the season last year and may give up in disgust if things don\\\'t get less stale. Here\\\'s hoping they realize their mistake in time to save what used to be a good program with interesting characters. Considering that Season 6 is already in the can, though, it seems a hopeless cause.
  • Cliffhanger answered!

    Jordan must now stay on the run as the cops Are closing on in as she must prove her
    Innocence and Woody may have to lose his job perhaps in
    Order to prove Lu wrong. As Jordan's team must race against
    The clock. Glad that it ended well as Lu paid a huge
    Price for her mistakes in trying to prove Jordan guilty.
  • Crossing Jordan is back with an exciting premier. With the crew backing Jordan up 100% Lu is out to prove Jordan's guilt in the murder of not only J.D. but also of the bartender who drugged jordan.

    The premier of crossing jordan was so intence I was on the edge of my seat for the whole show. The new m.e. was realy a jerk but i loved the way the crew got around her and did all they could to help jordan. I could not stand Lu for most of this episode although she redeamed herself at the end. Jordan was in D.C. and took the liberty of staying in J.D.'s old apartment. She also snooped around in the judge that she believed had J.D. killed's office. He caught her and was about to call security but then she told him she knew about the bribes. Macy ran in and pulled jordan out of the court house just in time to see the judge comit suicide. But in the end it all worked out and jordan caught the real killer.
  • I just started watching this series and boy did I pick a great time to start!

    I've seen 10 episodes of this series and I only started watching on Friday and out of them this is by far the best! The plot was clever and very well thought out! The ending scene made me cry and that's, well, pretty easy to do but still! Jill did a great job tonight as did the entire cast. Lu(played by the wonderful Leslie Bibb) was wonderful at making me hate her which is hard to do because I love Leslie so much. My only problem would be if Macy and Jordan get together. They're more like father and daughter than boyfriend and girlfriend. I hope they don't go down that route.
  • Predictable, but still good.

    Just finished watching the show. I missed the show. I guess Kathryn really is pregnant because every shot showed her from the chest up or she was behind something or holding folders lol. She did look like she gained some weight. And this is why the show was delayed.

    It was a very good episode eventhough I thought it was very predictable. Jordan is in trouble, Jordan gets out of trouble but this time from the help of her friends.

    I was very disappointed with Lu, who would have thought she was such a b!tch, but she proved herself in the end by taking the blame for the evidence. But now I wonder if she will still be with Woody because it looked like she was trying to mend things with him?? hmmm...

    Still want to see Jordan get together with Woody and same goes with Bug and Lily.

    But now we have another M.E. on board? Looks like there's going to be some more character building, but is it someone we are going to hate or love, or are they coming and going like all past M.E.'s in previous seasons?
  • Wait a minute, I haven't stop crying yet. Hang on!

    Wait a minute, I haven't stop crying yet. Hang on!
    Okay, Okay, Okay, I am good right now. What can I say about this episode and show. AMAZING!!!
    I love it. This is what I love about the show. People that you work for and that you known them half your life and you get introuble for doing something, like what Jordan was in, that you didn't do. And they help you cover your name. Doing everything that it takes. That my friends is what we call "Family" here in tv land. People that watch a show like this. Great writing, Great cast, the story was amazing. Got me up on my feet and yelled at Lu for convicing Jordan to murder that she did not do. And I was right but not my mother, brothers, and grandparents. If I know Jordan,and I do, she would never do that. What can I say about this show and episode? This is why I watch this show. Jill Hennessy is great and my top two women in the foresnics. Jordan and Bones.

    What can we see this season? I am hoping that Jordan and Woody can get back together but I think that won't happen. Lu got introuble and I am happy for that. I am celebriting! LONG LIVE JORDAN!!!!
  • Jordan will do anything to prove that she is not responsible for Pollacks death, except something illegal.

    I think Crossing Jordan is a great show,and I am so happy it came back on.This episode was great,it shows how supportive her friends and co-workers are. Iknew Jordan would pull her gun at least once and I was surprised that she didn\'t blow away the judge when he tried to bribe her. It was also a great show of support and friendship when Garret was hugging Jordan and he took her gun so it wasn\'t found on her when she was taken into custody. Woody is a completely different story. He still loves her and will do what it takes to protect her.
  • Wow I am lost for words just WOW WOW WOW what a come back for the season and the cast once again proves why they are one of the best there was, is, and continues to be!!

    OMG it was just a WOW episode and I am speachless. First off I should never have thought that this cast and writers would deliver anything but over 120%! And that is what we got tonight. What a way to start the season and we have been dieing as fans for this night since fall and it was not a disappointment it was above and beyond. I loved the recap in the beginning showing the connection and lvoe that Woddy has for Jordan and Lu not being able to handle it. Wow what a witch the way she went after Jordan because Woody loves her so much. Jordan was classic Jordan plus added drama and responed the way Jordan would to the death of CJ. And the way the team one loves Jordan and they way they are always together no matter what the mess, this show has each cast epsiodes but their team work is what makes them great and the drama great. I can't wait to see what Bug's relationship with Lilly. And wow the awesome new comer doctor and I think that Neigal has stars in his eyes. And the best part is Mascy is back on top and back the strong leader and his friendship with Jordan just keeps going. You have to love the twists. This episode not only greatly written but the actors nailed it ten times over again. Cross your fingers Jordan/Woody shipper!! Here we go it is back and there is not a show that can top it!
  • Crossing Jordan is The Greatest Show on Television. Jordan and Woodey have \\\\\\\"THAT\\\\\\\' Chemistry, and the rest of the cast ADD to that Chemistry and make this Show SPECIAL. Welcome back and Thank you for a Wonderful Show.

    My husband and I just got in to Crossing Jordan,,,,, AND We Absolutely Love it. We have been watching ALL of the repeats getting caught up, so we can be up to date when it returns THIS SEASON.

    We thought it had been Cancelled and I was going to write to Protest, BUT, It looks like it is coming back. THAT,,, is Fantastic. The cast is Amazing. We Love JORDAN and WOODEY Together. They have a SpecialL Chemistry. The Whole Cast has THAT,,,, Chemistry... \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"PLEASE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Keep Coming Back,,,, AND ,, Do Not,,,,, Break up Woodey and Jordan...
    Great Job,, Great Cast, KUDDOS to all Involved in putting this wonderful show together.

    Dr. Massey, Lily, Nigel, Bug, JORDAN and WOODEY, Fantastic Job. ) I hope I haven\\\'t left any one out. You are ALL the Greatest.
    We can\\\'t wait until January for the NEW SEASON.
    Thank you for The Greatest Show on Television.
    Ken and Edie Walker/ TEXAS
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