Crossing Jordan

Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 2004 on NBC

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  • Only an average Episode. If you're looking for more CJ reviews visit my web site (

    I like the story of the dead hiker. Jordan and Seely had some great exchanges as did Devan and Seely. The scenes with Devan and Seely were actually the most successful of the entire episode. They’re two total opposites in personality. Devan is obsessive, pushy, driven and sometimes intolerable. Where Seely is almost more laid back, rude, arrogant, chauvinistic and thinks he’s God’s gift to mankind. Put those two personalities together and sparks are bound to fly.

    Devan’s personality is starting to blossom. When we first met here we knew she was going to be a hard worker, maybe a bit more obsessive. I still think she’s very similar to Jordan in her quest for justice and her ability to get her way. I think she’s starting to come across as much more forceful and with a little less tack than Jordan though. Jordan is sweet and has people hooked around her finger. Devan doesn’t have that loyal support from the rest of the coroner’s crew yet. I like the dynamic her character has brought to the coroner’s crew so far. Judgment on whether I like her as a person is still out. (though I have to say I think I’m going to like her)

    Jordan had some great one liners and she obviously was just as annoyed with Seely and Devan was. However she
    (unlike her typical self) ignored Seely and went about her job. She basically minimized her interaction with Seely, instead sending Devan to deal with him.

    Jordan stayed true to herself—being a champion for the underdog. Her quest to find out who this man was and whether he had family out there never wavered. And her reaction in the end when the caught the man—I swore she was going to throw her best punch. You can never doubt Jordan’s commitment to cases.

    Nigel and Woody’s case left me dry. I usually love anything supernatural, but this whole vampire story left me feeling kind of dry and not too satisfied. Maybe because it broke my hold on my imagination of my belief that vampires (and witches and warlocks and demons) were real. The one thing about the super natural is that when we watch it we put reality aside and let ourselves be pulled into this wonderful world.

    Obviously that wasn’t going to happen with this episode, because in science there always has to be an explanation. And so we learned it was all a hoax. It was really about people wanting to be someone or something they couldn’t be.

    Nigel and Woody work well together. They played their parts perfectly. The cop who believes there’s a rational explanation behind the crime scene and the slightly odd coroner who’s willing to believe in the possibility that things in our imagination could possibly really exist. There interaction was more fun than the case itself.

  • Another Grreat Installment!

    Very funny episode.

    Jordan & Det Seely spent most of the episode arguing, which was pretty funny especially when he started picking on Devan. Their case was pretty interesting, a decomposing body found in the woods without ID.

    Nigel believes that Vampires exist. Gotta love that guy! He's just too funny and comes up with the craziest theories, I just wish Jordan was working with him & Woody, that would have been really funny.
  • Woody, Nigel, and Dr. Macy are on a case that leads them towards a supernaturual conclusion, at least where Nigel is concerned. Silas Weir Mitchell is a great guest star as Frank Jones/Allistar Dark looking slighty off balance.

    This is my favorite episode of Crossing Jordan.
    My favorite scenes:
    1. Nigel getting all dressed up for the underground club and Woody going in his suit that screams cop.
    2. Frank/Allistar hissing when Woody opens the curtains, and eventually giving up the charade.
    3. Woody telling Frank/Allistar that even though he has gotten a job under and assumed name, he's willing to let that go becuase its obvious that Frank/Allistar has "issues".
    4. Woody and Frank/Allistar calling each other cereal names, "Count Chocula" and "Boo Berry"
    5. Bug pulling the shovel out of his backpack and Devan wanting to know where you get that sort of thing.

  • vampires!!

    The body of a writer is found in his bathroom with bite marks and a looked door. Nigel is called by Woody and guess his theory? a vampire killed the guy! Macy joins them.
    The writer was writing a book about a guy named Alister Dark, a vampire in Boston. They find the guy at a blood bank using a fake name.
    They also go to a Gothic Club, Nigel dresses according to the theme, he looks good!

    At the end we find out that Alister and that the writer committed suicide using teeth from a vampire website.

    The other case involves Jordan and Devan. A hiker is found dead hiding a camera. The case involves gold bar.
    They figure out the whole thing and Jordan finishes the episode notifying the hiker's wife.

    Jordan and Woody are not working together, I miss that