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  • please bring it back!

    I just finished watching all episodes again, what a brilliant show and yet it was cancelled and with such an abrupt ending. please pick it up!
  • Addictive, sucks you in, binge watching worthy lol

    I miss this show and when my husband and i start to wonder why they canceled it we watch all 6 seasons on netflix :D when we get to the end we alway say really i want to know what happens to woody and jordan i want to see them get married and little woody's and jordan's but to producers and craters stripped us of knowing :( Netflix please pick up the show either to give it a well rounded ending or some more seasons. Fans are asking for it. please stop making shows we can care less about and give us what we have been waiting for... PLEASE
  • Witty, cool, addictive

    Of all of the shows on TV over the last decade or so, Crossing Jordan is one I truly miss. How could this show have had such a following only to be cancelled?! If NBC doesn't want it, won't someone else take up the series? NETFLIX?????? Look at how many fans have spoken up about this, even in recent years. That should tell you something as to the longevity factor and as to the potential ratings data (since that is what producers seem to be most interested in). The end of season 6 was not the right ending for the series itself. Bring back Jordan, Woody, Nigel, Bug, Lilly and Doc Macy!
  • Bring back Crossing Jordan

    This was a great show. All the actors entwining with each other. They are like family. Please bring the show back

    i want this show to come back why make a great show then just kill it off tv networks always looking for rating an bringing in new show that fail why not bring in an old show that is popular and have your rating skyrocket instead wasting money on show that dont make it past series 1 ... i watch this when i was little and im 21 now and just rewatched from season 1 til the end ... and my reaction is still the same questins need answering !!! and a good tv show back on the air !!!!!!!

    I never seen a show like this any more it has everything i love this show since day one bring it back please i do not see the day the this show come back. Like everyone i was hooked and completely in love with this show. So great and amazing program and the all casting was great love it bring it back. I keep watching the episode and when i finish i watch it again.

    I LOVE this show!!! One of the BEST shows I have EVER watched from the first episode I was HOOKED!!!! I cried when the last episode ended, what a way to end the season after everything they have been through in the show!! PLEASE bring it back!!!!!!

    why not just bring crossing jordan back! TV organisations always do this you get into a tv series and then take it away. Why not take away days of our lives or young and the restless. Those shows are boring, for example if i watch them in 2010 and stopped and picked back up in 2011 it would still be the same old story line... BRING CROSSING JORDAN BACK!!!!! Surely with such a high demand to bring the show back proves to you that it was a mistake to end it... Aint use about pleasing your viewers? So how is this pleasing us?
  • I love and want more please. Rate is past 10. Ive cried with them and laughed with them.

    They need to have more seasons I loved this show to death. I would love to continue to watch it. It's sad when there are good series and they just stop and leave the viewers with so many unanswered questions. Like Jordans condition and lily, bug and Madison. And will Nigel and Kate hook up. I love Jordans willingness to always find the truth and speak her mind. I have just watch every episode and season over again and could it again.
  • crossing jordan

    they need to have more episodes because the last season left me with questions and i really love it
  • Crossing Jordan

    Great to see the re-runs on Sky's Vibe Channel. Seeing it all again you realise just how "naughty" and determined Jordan's character actually is - forever pushing the boundaries to get to the truth despite her Team's & Woody's rising blood pressures. But you gotta love the way they stick together like family, especially when everything hits the fan - and you can always guarantee that's a moment never too far away.

    You feel for the guys who fall hard for her: Woody, Pollock ... painful once they really put their hearts out there for her, ouch. Another reason why you have to keep watching the series - you wanna see how it all turns out for them all.
  • Loved it

    I loved this show, even though when I first watched it I was very young, the only show that is out now that compares to this is Rizolli & Isles.
  • So Good

    I watched almost all of the episodes of Crossing Jordan on Netflix! This was a show that I actually avoided watching the final episode because I knew that I was going to cry because this show always ended by pulling at the heart strings! I loved the actors/actresses in this show! They were all relatable. I wish this show would be picked up again by some tv station and have the same cast!! that would be amazing! GREAT SHOW!
  • Not a review!!!

    I have a question. Does anyone have a list of episodes that directly tie into the story-line of Jordan's mothers murder? I am trying to re-watch all of that plot line but cannot find certain episodes. Thanks for all your help :)
  • Lots of examining here...

    i miss this show! The actors were really on point with their roles... a sophisticated bunch! Exciting to see again and again!
  • Bring the Show Back!

    There is nothing but mindless reality show garbage on tv anymore...Crossing Jordan had a great story line, excellent cast and left you wanting more every season. Loosing this show is equal to loosing the REAL music of the past. Nothing new, nothing interesting just more of the same unoriginal junk that has already been done.....
  • Bring this back~

    I don't know why they decided to stop this show I though do believe their decision to be a complete mistake. This show paved the way for shows such as: CSI, CSI Maimi, NCIS, etc. I just can't believe that they could remove this show with all the different things that still could have been done. Jordan's love affairs, Bug and his new girl... I believe that it was a true mistake but, if they wanted to help end some curiosity of what happens perhaps they could produce a movie to end it all. I think that would at least get me and everyone else who watched the show, off the backs of whoever took the show off the air.
  • The medical examiner's office is thrown into a superstitious environment when a writer is found dead in his apartment after being punctured in the neck by what seems to be vampire teeth.

    I loved this episode! The way Nigel interacted with that vampiress in the club was brilliant! Alastiar Dark was mysterious and alluring, but I loved the way that Woody broke through the demonic shell to find the normal person underneath. Woody seems apprehensive at first, but over time adjusts to the idea. Even though I watched the entire episode, I couldn't help but focus only on the parts that have Nigel in them. When he said "B Positive, Darilng" I cracked up, but then became contemplative about whether that was his real blood type or not. Nigel is such an intriguing, sometimes nutty character, but he has a soft side which shows with Lilly. He's my favorite character on the show, and I wish that they had done an episode just about him.
  • I miss this show...

    How could you not love a show that has a doctor named "Bug"?

    Jordan was a woman on her own mission. I loved how she and father would re-play the facts of a case, and how he always called her Jar-den.

    It can't hurt having Jerry O'Connell as a cast member. While the show was more character driven, and less about the morgue, like CSI, all of the characters had interesting story lines.

    I loved Nigel's blog.

    I don't know if I could pick a favorite episode, although I wasn't thrilled with the show's finale. Maybe because I didn't want to see the show end.
  • jordan is a coroner who does things a little different than the book says no matter what anyone says and is very good at her job

    i love it..i watched it years ago when it was first on and i dont know what happened but i know i stopped watching it for some reason..i think it was on too late or something..but now that its on at a decent time i love it...i watch it like all the time..jordan is so awesome..she is so temperamental and everything but she gets things done and you got to admire her method..i just dont like how she pushes people away..thats the only thing..i love it tho..the cases are always amazing and they finally got some romance things in a little later which totally rock..loved it so much
  • Head strong medical examiner in one of the most beautiful and historic cities in America.

    From season 3 on I never missed an episode, this show was the reason I purchased a dvd recorder :) so proudly I have every episode on dvd with my own menu setups. Easily every episode, or at least every other episode could have been described as a series classic. Its not that each show was better than the next, it was that each show was just as great as the previous. The twists and turns were classic, and this show made it possible for Women to have the lead in dramas, made it possible for shows like Bones, Medium, Veronica Mars and Ghost Whisperer to exist. Sadly it doesn't get the recognition for all it did, and the ability for the writing staff to keep such a major plot alive for so long without making the fans feel they'd forgotten about it was nothing short of spectacular. The writers have my highest praise.
  • Great characters and great show!

    This was a great show and Jordan is such a great character. I just wish I started watching it earlier than I did.
    I started watching a couple of seasons before it finished and I wish they would bring it back because I would like to know more character development from when I started watching.
    Woody is one annoying character! He drives me nuts and I don't know what Jordan sees in him. ha ha ha
    They are all so close and I think that it why I liked the show, the inter relationships were enough to keep me interested in the show.
  • This show is about a tough as nails M.E. Jordan Cavanaugh who proves time and time again that she can hang with the big boys. Dr. Macy is in charge of keeping her in check no mattern where her exploits take her.

    This show shows the other side of murder investigations the side that the M.E.'s office handles and how the M.E.s can be just as much a part of solving the crime as the detectives assigned to the case. Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh is a loose cannon M.E. who together with her constant companion Detective Woody Hoyt solves all the impossible cases she is like House with Estrogen. The show also has a romantic side that leaves you left wondering if Jordan and Wooody will ever finally get to be together. All of the team members in the M.E.'s office have a job and Dr. Macy has by far the toughest job of all keeping Jordan in line. The show leaves you with the burning question who killed Jordan's mom?
  • Love it!

    This show was a good show, I only started watching it about 3 months ago but from what I saw I really like it and it holds my attention, not many shows like that. Jordan is the best one. I don't see many of them but she is very connected to her job, she wont do anything else till its done, and it reminds me of me! I'm like that but she sticks to it more then me. She is devoted to her Job and what's a shame is that from what I saw she let it ruin good relationships with men, that not like me. I haven't seen the end of it yet but im sure I will soon. Give this show a chance!
  • It was a pity to stop it like that!!

    Dr Cavanaugh is attaching, she's dysfunctional, complicated, tortured, in one word she is real!! And Woody, he's funny, handsom and somehow just the opposite.
    The whole team it's just like a little complicated family, I adore.

    It's a good balance between case-solvings and relationships. And the actors are just great. It's a pity they've stop it (and in advance!). It was one of my favourits shows.

    I haven't seen the last season yet, so I still have some more episodes to enjoy, but I would have liked to see some more.

    Is there any chance they could decide to take it back??? Really hope so.
  • Crossing Jordan is better than those stupid reality shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't believe you took Crossing Jordan off the air. That was one of the best shows on TV. My Mother and I are very dissapointed in the network. Maybe before you start canceling shows, because your not making millions at it, you should find out what the viewers think!!!!! All the stupid reality shows don't even come close to shows like Crossing Jordan, Law & Order Criminal Intent, CSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York, Bionic Woman, Law & Order SVU- those are some quality shows with excellant story lines. Its a shame you all are to naive to figure that out.
  • My favorite show of all time gone.

    Crossing Jordan is my favorite TV show. I never knew I would become so addicted by watching just one episode but now I am one of many dedicated fans of the legacy which is Crossing Jordan. There was something about Crossing Jordan that I can't describe but I loved. It was brilliantly done and deserved a proper ending that tied up all the loose ends. Crash was a good episode, but CJ could have gone for at least another season. I will never understand why NBC canceled Jordan but I will have to live with their decision. I will always miss Crossing Jordan. Crossing Jordan Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Another great show gone without a good bye

    I cant believe another good show gone without a proper conclusion. The way the last episode ended I thought for sure it would be back for another season. What happened? I dont really know who decides whether shows go or stay, but this has happened alot lately. this was an absoulutley fantastic show. If it had to be cancelled for whatever reason,is there at least a way to bring it back for one more round up finale. Tie up loose ends. Does bug and lily get married? are jordan and woody getting together for good this time? So much left unsaid.
  • I wish, a bit more every day, that the show's not cancelled. I wish we'd be able to see it back, and more certainly since I'm sure fans WILL be there if it does happens.

    I never thought I'd be fond of a show like I was while watching CJ... This show is just wonderful. The stories were written logically, while the characters took us along with them, in the Boston ME Office...
    I wish, a bit more every day, that the show's not cancelled. I wish we'd be able to see it back, and more certainly since I'm sure fans WILL be there if it does happens. This is just a dream now, while the show keeps giving me the most satisfaction sensation when I see it, again and again, never bored :)
    I'm sure I'm not the only one to think that, all around the world there are fans who just wait to see their ME gang again... We need CJ back!! There are so much shows these days, and none of them gives me the thrill CJ gave me. Just wonder why. The characters are amazing, the relationship too. More than that, it's nearly like they have a particular relationship with us (to take an example: the Nigel blog has been made real by the production and it kept us even more in touch with the CJ world...)

    I miss the show, I wish there could be a 7th season...

    I'm not sure I made myself clear here... I'm sorry if I didn't, and if I made any mistakes ;)

  • I thought that the Crossing Jordan series was very well written and most certainly one of the best dramatic character driven series during its 6 year run.

    As far as "bringing back" Crossing Jordan; Not gonna happen. Not on NBC or any other "TV" network. It is not coming back to television. (Other than re-runs.) No question.

    But, no worries: It is not over!! A great team of fan-fiction writers picked up where the series ended on TV. These talented women are going to give the series the finale it deserved. Their virtual season is going to be 31 episodes long. The first episode, "Hold That Thought" premiered Sunday, September 30, 2007. This virtual season 7 (VS7) is hosted in the web site. You can catch each episode every Sunday until April 27, 2008. Each will remain available for viewing anytime in the site after each of the Sunday's episode's air date. The premiere picked up after the rescue from the mountainside. It was/is fabulously written, presented with graphics and music. It was as if you are watching it on TV.

    VS7 is getting a lot of attention already, just days after the premiere. You can find it already added to the Jordan site. Other articles are being found in Canadian news as well as various media here in the States. Please don't worry anymore. We, the fans, are being taken care of by VS7.

    Please check it out. You will be so glad that you did.