Crossing Jordan

NBC (ended 2007)





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  • The medical examiner's office is thrown into a superstitious environment when a writer is found dead in his apartment after being punctured in the neck by what seems to be vampire teeth.

    I loved this episode! The way Nigel interacted with that vampiress in the club was brilliant! Alastiar Dark was mysterious and alluring, but I loved the way that Woody broke through the demonic shell to find the normal person underneath. Woody seems apprehensive at first, but over time adjusts to the idea. Even though I watched the entire episode, I couldn't help but focus only on the parts that have Nigel in them. When he said "B Positive, Darilng" I cracked up, but then became contemplative about whether that was his real blood type or not. Nigel is such an intriguing, sometimes nutty character, but he has a soft side which shows with Lilly. He's my favorite character on the show, and I wish that they had done an episode just about him.