Crossing Jordan

Season 4 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 2005 on NBC
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Jordan suspects foul play in the death of a man. When the wife of the dead man takes Jordan and others hostage Woody, Dr. Macy and the others race to solve the murder to save one of their own.

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  • Good follow up to last episode.

    They arrested the woman that hit Lily's mother but the conviction is not good, Lily wants her to pay for killing her mother. Her brother is nowhere to be found and all the responsibility lays on her. That must be hard but she is doing a good job.

    Last episode, when they discovered that the hit was intentional I suspected that it could had been for parental issues, like adoption. Guess my inch wasn't that off. Apparently Lily was adopted, I don't think she knows about it. Her brother i can't say...

    The main case here is a bodyguard found dead in an alley. His wife accuses the son of the Dominican consul to be the killer. They can't prove it because the guy, Danny Artega takes the body.

    Later Alberto's wife, Nicole, takes the counsel hostage. The rest is they trying to find out about Alberto's death.

    Jordan goes inside with Garret to collect the body but stays there. I like the action, the guns, the hostage, the SWAT team...

    It ended well, Danny was guilty and was arrested, Nicole got shot but survived.

    Justice was served. I like when things end well.moreless
  • This was wonderful episode for Lily and the rest of the crew. Lots emotions showing through. For more reviews visit:

    Tension, grief, worry, love, a question of who was good and who was bad…we got it all.

    Lily: She’s had a rough time of it lately. First she has to make the decision to let her mother go. And now she has to deal with arranging/finalizing everything from her mother’s funeral to getting her mother’s estate (or lack of) pulled together. She can’t get her brother to respond to her calls or take any responsibility. On top of that the lady who hit her mother is pleading guilty to hit and run and is looking at only 2-4 years confinement. Lily’s frustrated at the sentence being handed down. She doesn’t think it’s harsh enough.

    Lily comes close to really losing it. She’s got a crew that cares for her though and is looking out and supporting her. Garret seems to be with her through each step. Bug steps up and offers his help. Jordan comforts her.

    Lily was much more outspoken in this episode and I liked that side of her. She didn’t hold things in. Everything came spilling out. I know it’s her nature to be the ‘counselor’ but it’s nice to see another side of her poke through every now and then.

    I want to see where the two different blood types lead to. Hopefully they’ll expand upon that. I’m glad Lily had her own story line and problems to deal with the past two episodes. She’s always there for others (in fact in this episode she’s there, even with her own problems) so it was a good change for once to see her need someone. I’m glad she’s developing more.

    Lily never ends up writing the statement. She realizes vengeance isn’t going to make her feel any better—exactly the road you expect her to take.

    Nigel: Nigel needs a nice, sweet girl. That said—he’s so loyal to Jordan. If Jordan and Woody weren’t so perfect for each other I’d be rooting for Nigel and Jordan. I’d count on Nigel in any situation and know without a doubt that he’d come through for me. He’s just a good guy. Loved Macy’s comment to him about getting all the information he and Jordan had already gathered, that he (Garret) isn’t suppose to know about. Garret knows his staff—and Jordan really does get away with a lot. Macy is the perfect boss for her.

    Side note: I love Nigel and his whole ‘suede jacket’ spiel. It was hilarious. And the guys silence and weird looks were great.

    Woody and Jordan: The two keep us amused and hooked on them. They work so well together. Garret tells them to leave it (referring to Alberto and proving whether he was murdered or not) alone and they both give him the ‘sure fine’ answer and then they’re off to the alley where Alberto was killed—don’t they listen well!

    When Jordan gets taken hostage, Woody becomes seriously worried. Garret has to talk some sense into him more than once. He’s not too keen on waiting to go in and get Jordan. He insists on bringing Jordan the trace evidence bag—he wants to be in there with Jordan (wants to protect her)—plus he needs to appease himself that Jordan is really okay. Woody’s got it bad for Jordan. The ending scene was great: Garret was consoling Lily and in the background, as we fade out, Woody had his arm around Jordan, comforting her. I challenge anyone to try and tell me they didn’t look like a couple.

    Jordan’s an amazing woman. She’s been in this type (hostage/trapped) situation before. She handles them quite well. She has a knack for remaining calm and talking her way out of trouble. Jordan definitely has the gift of gab.

    I always thought it was the son who killed Alberto. Though they did give me a moment’s pause when they found the documents Nicole had been stealing. The pieces didn’t add up enough to convince me she really killed her husband—what motive did she have? Plus, she wouldn’t put herself in this situation and insist on an autopsy, if she was guilty. The son was too smug from the beginning. He reminded me of the spoiled child who always gets away with anything—this time he doesn’t though.

    One thing really bothered me—Woody shouldn’t have undone the cuffs on the son. Woody could have handled Nicole and then they would have had them both secured—and the whole little altercation at the end never would have happened. It should never have happened in the first place. That’s really my only complaint about the episode. I know they needed to provide some climax to it all but…

Ravi Kapoor

Ravi Kapoor

Dr. Mahesh "Bug" Vijayaraghavensatyanaryanamurthy

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Jill Hennessy

Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh

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Steve Valentine

Dr. Nigel Townsend

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Jerry O'Connell

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Miguel Ferrer

Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Garret Macy

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Kathryn Hahn

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