Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 9

Seven Feet Under

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2007 on NBC

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  • Jordan is losing her mind.

    Tiffany Amber guest stars in this episode and i have not seen her since fastlane. One of my growing up eye candy. She is so pretty. Unfortunitly she doesnt do much in this episode, she is found dead, and they find out that she was exposing herself on the net. This episode was a bit slow, Jordan felt effects of her brain problem and sees double vision. Something happened about the case about Tiffany but all and all it was pretty boring episode, nothing really happened. This show has its ups and downs. But if your a fan gotta watch it.
  • Nice development on Switzer

    Dr. Switzer appears to be one of these love to hate-characters, the ones that are good for the show even though you kinda hate them. Kate is like that. She's so cold hearted and distant all the time, but at the same time she's just doing her job differently. She seems to be not attached to anything, as if she didn't care. And then we found out that she's tough and can scare away the bad guys ;-)
    But in this episode we found out just how much she really cares. She just doesn't show it, but she still cares. And not just for the mummy, but for the human being also! I really liked to see this side of her and I don't hate her that much anymore ;-)
  • Dr. Macy confronts Jordan abot her cancer.

    When Jordan is in her office taking her medicine for her cancer she drops the pill bottle on the floor and as jordan tries to pick up the pills off the ground dr. Macy comes in to give her the address for a pick up. Dr. Macy notices something wrong with Jordan by seeing that she's not able to pick up her pills that she dropped. macy confronts Jordan and Jordan is forced to to tell Dr. Macy that has been diagnosed with cancer a rain tumor called meningioma. Macyn insists Jordan to go home and rest. But it's just like Jordan to refuse to listen and do her work. Macy tries to persuade Jordan to go through the treatment and have the surgey because the pills aren't enough. Jordan is scared becuse Woody senses something is not right with jordan and is worried about her. When Woody asks jordan if everything is alright she just tells him yeah and that she's just really tired. But Woddy can still see something is wrong. At the end of the show Woody asks Jordan if she wants to go out for some dinner but she tells him "No thanks I'm really tired. I think i'm just gonna hed home." But Woody is still worried about Jordan. Jordan also tould Macy not to tell anyone else about her cancer especially Woody. Bug and Switzer work with Woody on what they thought was an ancient murder but ended being only a few years old. Dr.Macy, Jordan, and Nigel work with Detective Seeley on a teenage girls murder with a big secret.
  • We see a hidden side to Switzer, Garret learns Jordan is sick, and others start to catch on. Two emotional cases...overall a good episode. more reviews at:

    I was completely shocked by how much I liked this episode. From the previews I wasn’t too excited…other than Seely returning…it didn’t capture my attention. I was half out of it when I watch the episode the first time…and yet it still made an impression on me.

    Emotions were pulled every which way in this episode. We laughed and we were sad. We were angered by actions, we were amused by actions, and we were misled by actions. So many emotions…and somehow it worked together. I think (personally) the overall feel of the episode was ‘sad’ in it’s entirely. It was the laughter, tears, anger, joking, and outrage combined that gave the end result, what made it so sad and so powerful. (Not sure if that makes sense, but I felt it was the combination of all the emotions that made it so powerful.)

    I should have figured out who was guilty. It’s a golden rule that you’ll see the bad guy before the end. Never will it be a random person that hasn’t played into the episode—just basic story telling—it’s the same in books as it is in TV. I was so out of it the first time I watched though that I had no clue who was guilty.

    Seely! I love him. For all Garret’s wrath, I think Seely was right. These parents had no clue about what was going on in their children’s lives. These parents should have had a clue. However, there was a time and place for it, and the first interview when the parents are grieving wasn’t necessarily the best time. I miss Seely. He adds a different dynamic to the show—always upsetting someone. He’s a great internal ‘conflict causer’. There’s always conflict around him—and conflict is the most important (and to me) intriguing part of any story.

    I’ve said it from the beginning—I really like Switzer. I’ve also said there’s more to her than meets the eye. Brash, rude, rough, unlikable: it’s a façade. Don’t get me wrong—Kate can be a b*tch. But she’s not a heartless b*tch. Switzer has a heart. There have been small moments here and there leading us to believe so. This episode was full of moments. Kate was the enemy before the first strands of Metallica blasted through the autopsy room. She could have been the sweetest person on earth and the morgue staff still would have had a grudge against her. She was invading their territory. The staff still hasn’t warmed up to her, because she won’t let them. Raise your hand if you see traits of Jordan in Kate. There are so many. Kate, however, isn’t coming into a family that accepts her and thus is having a harder time with fitting in. I loved the ending scene—Kate placing the flowers on the coffin. It said more than words could. I can’t wait to see more.

    Interesting dynamic seeing Bug and Kate rather than Nigel and Kate work together. I love Nigel and Kate, but was surprised by how well the Bug-Kate dynamic worked. Just on a professional level. Bug is most similar to Kate out of the morgue crew—when it comes to the science, and interests. I enjoyed them working together.

    Woody acting like a teenager. Now normally this drives me crazy. Today though, I found myself laughing. Walking like a mummy and “Indiana Switzer”…only Woody could pull that off. Humor aside, I’ve actually liked Woody in the past three episodes. (Sometimes he can be too much for me.) He’s got his compassion back. He’s not mad at the world, out for revenge…he’s no longer thinking about the murderer, he’s caring about the victim. He’s not out for revenge, he’s out for justice. A much more human and caring Woody has been portrayed the past few episodes (throughout the season actually, but it’s really shined through in the recent episodes).

    Jordan and Woody. Woody and Jordan. Just when the dust starts to settle and we think things are finally heading down a smoother path, something else happens. In this case Jordan gets sick. Kudos to Woody for picking up that something’s not quite right with Jordan and for caring, for worrying. However…

    Anyone see a reversal of roles? Woody didn’t want pity, Jordan neither? Woody wouldn’t let Jordan be there for him in There’s No Place Like Home 2. Completely shut her out. And now Jordan is doing the same. She’s keeping Woody in the dark—because she doesn’t want his pity…though if either of the two opened their eyes they’d see the other was offering support, not pity.

    Jordan asking “What else do I have.” It was such a sad and telling moment. What else does Jordan have outside of the morgue? If we answer honestly: Nothing. She’s put her life on hold...because of fear? She has plenty of reasons: Her mother, Max leaving, losing James, JD dying, losing Kayla (I still think Kayla would have completely changed Jordan’s life had she become a part of it). All of these events have hurt Jordan in some way. About the only place where she hasn’t been hurt is the morgue.

    So it makes since that everything Jordan has is at the morgue. Her friends, her adoptive family—people that love and care for her. Then there’s Woody. She doesn’t have Woody—which is part of the problem. Yes they’re friends, yes there’s something special between them, but they’re not together. She hasn’t learned to let Woody into her life—to let him care and be there for her. (Pot calling the kettle…since Woody has acted the same way…There’s No Place Like Home 2…anyone remember that episode and the downward spiral from there?) Jordan’s kept everyone arms length away and she’s suddenly realizing it. Now it’s up to her to make the decision to change that and let people in. No one else can do it for her. She’s scared, but she doesn’t have to be alone—if only she’d realize that.
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