Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2007 on NBC

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  • after the previous larger story line jordan jumps right in again.

    upto now jordan never annoyed me a whole lot, but this time she has done it. sometimes you just have to take a step back but she just continues were she left of in previous episode when she couldn't wait but had to confront the guy herself. now she just can't wait for some real evidence and she goes in with full force and unfortunately wins on a irritating speech to a judge. too little forensic and too much drama.

    there should have been some episodes to bring things to a normal level, now it just keeps going and that makes the overall level worse.

    the rest wasn't too strong either, the parts between nigel and the new ME are just silly and woody was overreacting awfully also.
  • lu and jordan have to work together on the case of a young boy who killed himself due to molestation; woody tries to figure out what happened to a woman on a highway that got hit by several cars

    this was a very interesting ep..SPOILER: it plays on lu's psychology background some where she kind of approaches things carefully and wants feelings to come out of it..this was a hard ep to watch as we see this man (as seen too often) molesting boys and the boys and even the boys when they grow up are too scared to do anything..this was horrible and he deserved the justice he finally got..thank goodness jordan isnt the type to just give up..the woman on the highway was weird because so many cars hit her but thats not the reason she died and it was weird that no one really knew what happened..i like that they did find enough evidence regardless of kate's techniques to convict the guys that really killed her..good work guys
  • Lu and Jordan are forced to work together - and they rock as a team!

    I really liked how Lu and Jordan were kinda thrown together and had to solve that case together. It was great to see that they can overcome their differences after last episode's accusements! And they're really a good team as long as they work together!
    I kinda had the feeling that Lily and Jeffrey still had some unfinished business, but who would have thought how unfinished it really was... Now she's pregnant and that adds a whole new twist to Lily's and Bug's new found romance. I was really hoping they'd get it together, but somehow I got the feeling this pregnany is gonna ruin it again.
  • comments on "Shattered" (1/22/07)

    This episode so accurately reflected the uncaring attitude that's prevalent in most Boston area individuals. I live in the Boston area and can say people here would be moved more by the Patriots' loss to the Colts (whch they were) than by the horrible death of a woman on the highway... drivers who thought they hit an animal or didn't care what caused damaged to their cars, that's too typical of the apathy in the Boston area.
    Glad producer Tim Kring was willing to point out a major flaw in the Boston psyche!
  • Here's a case where the writers are not going to get a love letter from the City of Boston Tourism Board.

    Dang. Boston is the last place I want to be if all the callous people in the world live, visit, and kill there. It even brushed off on our belonged morgue staff. (Either that or Woody's whine and Jordan's do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do attitude brought out the worst in them.) I like the surly Jordan of season 1 revisited, but I hope they don't go overboard with it. It has a hypocritical touch to it that, for me, is not very attactive. It cracks me up that every time they have Woody "have a bad day" JO'C sports the goatee. Facial hair=pissed off. Is it my imagination or is Jeffery Donovan's charactor (Ivers) the same character he's played in a thousand guest shots? I'm going to blame it on type casting and leave it at that. Lily. If you didn't see that coming you're blind. But, I do love how she blurted it out.Twice. Actually, it was very "Lily" to me. I'm hoping this was a script tooled for football season and that it can only get better from here.
  • This episode was quite a shocker and a stunner.

    After last weeks episode with Lu trying really hard to convict Jordan. It was pretty cool that Jordan showed Lu that she takes no crap from anyone even her. I was very touched by Jordan's heart speaking out for the boy who shot himself. Plus it had some shocking moments with Lily being pregnant and the attorney guy is not investating Jordan but Garrett. I hope that plays out soon.
  • Character development on Dr. Switzer. Still very much disliked character of the show. We'll have to wait until next week to see who dies and then we'll see more of the new ME.

    Other than that, this isn't their stongest episode. The storyline was alright, very typical.

    I'm really hoping it's not Lily who is killed off, especially if they reveal her pregnancy in this episode. I'm wondering if it is Dr. Macy, but this episode I felt is just a filler from an exciting season finale to season premiere that was much anticipated until the 3rd installment which will be coming up next week.

    I feel almost like the investigational part was already done before, on Dr. Macy. I swear i've seen an episode much like this before so I thought it was alright. Kind of weak story but well acted. This cast has been together for a long time so their chemistry on screen is excellent. I wonder who will die... and would it affect the show. I hope the show will not go downhill if a main character is much loved is no longer available.
  • Tonight's episode rocked!

    I really think that this episode rocked as after Lu
    Was trying to prove that Jordan was guilty, she now
    Is forced to work with the woman she thought was guilty
    And Jordan didn't like it either. Woody tries to find out
    About a woman being hit on the freeway. Didn't you just love it when Dr Nigel gave Dr Kate a piece of his own mind. That just rocked!
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