Crossing Jordan

Season 1 Episode 7

Sight Unseen

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

The coroner's office is busy this morning as Garrett comes to work. Spying on Lily he has a quick fantasy until Jordan shows up and ruins it by teasing him. He tells her his love life is none of her business. He gives her a case. A child was struck by a vehicle and died. Always tough ones these kinds they agree.

Jordan and her assistant do the autopsy. They see tire marks on the clothes but there are no contusions from the bumper. Jordan determines that he was not killed by the vehicle, but was already dead.

Another autopsy is being done by Sanders and Bug who work with Candace Macintyre who they both like. They are trying to discover who the bodies are, that were found when digging a new building.

As Jordan goes to her office she meets Howie, the state psychologist. He is doing his rounds and hits on her. Jordan tells him to get lost, but that she also has not had the nightmares for more than a month. Howie leaves her alone for now.

Meanwhile Lily again asks Garret out and gets rebuffed big time. She is visibly hurt. Bug and Trey are doing the autopsy and trying to compete to win Candace's heart. Bug's charm seems to be working far better than Trey's and Trey isn't happy.

Meanwhile, Jordan had tissue samples done and finds out the boy was an asthmatic, and possibly died trying to get to the hospital. She later meets with the parents of the young boy and asks them why he didn't have an inhaler with him. They say they knew about his asthma and always made sure he had his inhaler. They find that the bag he had was not his and so no inhaler.

Bug and Sanders autopsy find the men probably died in a duel over the same woman. Jordan visits the bag's real owner Sarah Browning. Mr. Browning pulls a gun out on her and asks where Sarah is. Jordan tells him she is just a doctor. They tell her that a guy phoned them demanding 100,000 dollars, money they don't make.

Later Jordan visits her dad for some help. He is reluctant since it should go to the police. Evelyn comes in and isn't happy with the situation. Max tells her to get Bonny Reynolds who can listen to the phone recording. Later, Jordan and Max go to the Browning place with Reynolds and listen to the tape. They determine it is made from a dry cleaning place.

At the office Bug, Sanders and Candace find out who the men are-Benjamin Hamilton and his business partner.

Jordan and Max find a dead guy at the laundry place and Jordan lifts prints off of the contact lens. They analyze the prints at the office at night, but Garrett catches them and Jordan tells him the truth.

The next day Max and Evelyn fight over the phone at the office, while Garrett and Lily settle things and make a date. Sanders and Bug are still trying to impress Candace when Nigel comes in and solves the mystery of the two men. Candace is impressed.

Jordan finds that the prints of the dead guy match a man named Tommy Hughes, who had a partner named George Lupo who got greedy and killed Hughes for the money. They finally call the feds and meet at the Browning house where Lupo calls and tells them where to put the money, at a park. At the park Lupo takes the money but the feds have been watching and chase him. He dies when he is hit by car. Jordan races him to the office and gets the gang to help her find where he has been for the last 24 hours. They determine he has been at an animal shelter that has a crematorium. The feds and Jordan get there and find the girl alive. This is a great feeling for Jordan, who tells Howie she's happy she told a parent that their child is alive not dead. At Max.'s place she finds that Evelyn has left and has made an ultimatum to Max.