Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 12

Sleeping Beauty

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on NBC

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  • An episode that didn't quite live up to it's hype, but still a good ep. More reviews at:

    Okay, my thoughts finally. I liked this episode, but I didn’t love it. Truth be told I thought last weeks was the better episode. I felt this episode had two problems with it.

    First—it was anticlimactic. There was so much build up to this point (Jordan’s surgery) –to the point where you expected the entire episode to focus on Jordan, and then we ended up with only a portion of the episode focused on Jordan. I actually didn’t have a problem with the format of the episode. I think the build up to this episode was misleading and hence I didn’t get what I expected which is why I say it was anticlimactic.

    If the preview for Sleeping Beauty had been about the case, with just a small mention of Jordan I think my reaction to the entire episode would have been completely different. It (probably) would have been a much more successful episode. If you give a person more than they expected chances are they’ll walk away happy. Hype up something and then you don’t live up to it and ‘anticlimactic’ is what you get—and you leave us with this uneasy feeling of disappointment.

    Second—Woody’s case. I actually really liked the case, and that was my problem with it. The case was too good, too strong to be a B-plot line. This case should have been the focus of its own episode. I felt we had two A-plots competing against themselves in this episode. And unfortunately Jordan's story won out (for my attention) but it (in my opinion) happened to be the weaker of the two. A lose-lose situation.

    What interested me most about this episode was how the four men in Jordan’s life each reacted to her surgery. I loved the way everyone's story line really revolved around how they were handling Jordan's surgery. MJ and I were talking about this throughout the episode and a little afterward. And I saw one post on the CR that mentioned this too (sorry I don’t remember who’s post it was…I was tired Wednesday night, and I never got a chance to read through all the responses either).

    --> When I look at this episode on a whole what really pops out at me—we could call it the theme of this episode—is ‘How each individual deals with tragedy.’ Everyone deals differently and that was really well portrayed.

    Garret: Garret takes the bull by the horns (if I may use such a cliché). He faces the problem head on. If he could physically do the surgery my bet is he would. He wants to be active—needs to be active in helping Jordan. Garret feels completely helpless (they all do, but it’s most evident in Garret and Nigel’s actions) and what makes it worst is the only thing he can do is sit and wait.

    Bug: You know Bug cares, but he doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve. He’s quiet/pensive dealing internally with Jordan’s situation. He doesn’t display his emotions and he has a hard time dealing with Nigel who is a complete wreck. There’s no doubt that Bug is worried, but he’s able to remain calm (or at least give the outward appearance that he’s calm).

    Nigel: Nigel is a doer. He wants—needs to do something for Jordan. Being active, keeping positive help him keep the panic at bay. However once he’s done everything he can think of doing he can’t hold back the panic. The initial bad news about Jordan and returning to find the fish dead push him over the edge where he then lashes out (deservingly so) at Woody.

    Woody: Avoidance. He does everything he can to not think about Jordan. The irony of it is he’s reminded about Jordan constantly (Renee, Tracey, Jordan’s office and the flower, Nigel…). If he doesn’t see how sick Jordan is, then he doesn’t have to accept that she’s really sick and could die. I don’t think Woody could handle Jordan dying. He can barely handle her being sick. Going to the hospital opens those flood gates that he’s trying so desperately to keep close.

    I also wonder how much guilt comes into play. I’m sure he still vividly remembers his own stay in the hospital and the visit he had from Jordan. While, Jordan probably wouldn’t tell Woody to get lost, you do wonder if she’d shrink away from anything more than a ‘caring friend’.

    I can’t say I was mad about how Woody acted. Last week when he let Jordan walk away it showed just how shaky the ground they stand on is. If Woody had shown up before Jordan’s surgery I think at best we would have gotten an awkward hug that neither would know how to deal with. I’m more interested to see where he goes from here. He did show up at the hospital. The real test comes in what he does during her recovery.

    Kate—I’ve said it countless times and I’m saying it again. I love the addition of Kate. It was so funny when she smiled at Nigel early in the episode. I had this urge to go up and demand why she was smiling. Our Kate doesn’t smile (usually). What I loved about the smile—it was another sign that Kate is starting (in very small baby steps) to find her place within the morgue dynamic. I think she will always be contrary and difficult (but hey, can’t we say that about Jordan—yet we still love her) but she’s starting to find her place, fit into the rhythm of the morgue.

    Things that made me smile:
    - Renee guest staring.
    - “Have a wonderful Brian Surgery” card.
    - The ending shot—all four of Jordan’s men there for her.

    There were many moments I liked in this episode, but it fell short of my expectations.