Crossing Jordan

Season 1 Episode 21

Someone to Count On

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2002 on NBC

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  • Jordan meets a "forensic legend"

    I always love it, when todays TV series have guest apperances by either TV or screen veterans. So, in this case it's Jack Klugman, TV's very first Medical Examiner, and therefore the "father" of all those that followed. It's nice to see him intract with Jordan and somehow one get's the feeling Leo Gelber is acctualy Dr. Quincy. Wich, of course, he isn't. But one wishes they would have had the possibilty to do it.
  • Jack Klugman is a guest star in this episode. It is a wonderful touch. He was the first TV medical examiner.

    This episode moves the lead characters forward. Lily has to face that her affair with Dr Macy is over. She has a hot scene with Woody. She makes eating pop corn quite stimulating. Still, in the end, it is Nigel who Lily can count on, not Woody.

    Jordan has a touching scene with Leo, Jack Klugman. When they team up and share their strengths, it is heart-touching. Jordan can still see and Leo has the 45 years of experience in forensic science. Together they solve the mystery of a death.

    Woody ends up sharing thought with Jordan. He admits he is a mid-westerner, but he can be intriguing too. He recognizes that Jordan is "hot," but she is interesting to him because she has so many sides to her personality.

    Many find someone to count on in this episode.
  • Why doesn\'t provide a \'Wonderful\' classification?

    Wow, I really despise the fact that I\'ll have to wait until A&E cycles around, and back to season one, until I can watch this episode again. I didn\'t realize before how much I really loved it. Oh, and Nigel scores total HOT points for his interactions with Lily. I rewatched the episode at 3 am just to see them again. But when you wake yourself up after two hours of sleep, everything you watch just seems like a happy, colourful, dream sequence...But that aside, I would definately demand that everyone watch this one...and the next one...well...pretty much all of them.