Crossing Jordan

Season 5 Episode 16

Someone to Watch Over Me

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 2006 on NBC
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Someone to Watch Over Me
A father is murdered and his daughter becomes a target of an assassin, stirring some hard memories for Jordan. Elsewhere, a high profile family makes life hard for Dr. Macy when their son is killed in a tragic accident.

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  • No more Tallulah!

    Lu changes the entire dynamic of the show. Liked it so much better without her. But this episode was a good one, despite the presence of Lu.
  • Definitely an interesting episode. We're shown a Jordan who's really grown up and come a long way from season 1. Never would we have imagined Jordan from then being able to handle and care for a child like she did for Kayla.moreless

    I have to say I enjoyed both plots of this episode. Jordan’s story seems to be setting up quite nicely. It’s been mentioned that in the season finale Jordan reverts back to her season one self. I wondered how they’d accomplish that (as Jordan is no longer that person, she’s seen such growth) but, I can see how bringing her mother’s memory to the surface is the start of this transformation. I look forward to seeing her progress…or actually I should say digress. As for the B plot, it was intriguing and told in a way that kept us interested. Definitely two solid plots.

    Jordan and Kayla: Maternal Jordan. Not two words you thought to hear in together. And yet here I am using them together. Now I don’t think Jordan is ready for ‘kids’. I think Kayla is a bit of an exception 1) because of the girl’s street smarts (she hasn’t lived life sheltered) and 2) because of her unique situation—being very similar to the way Jordan lost her mom.

    Under normal circumstances I don’t think Jordan would have become THAT attached to the girl. Kayla happened to pull at all the right strings though. It’s interesting because in the next episode (from previews) we see Garret telling her she’s not ready for parenthood. And while with ANY other kid I’d probably say he’s right, with Jordan if she really went through with it I could see her being a parent to Kayla (however I’m sure some unknown relative will pop up…or social services says ‘no'--wouldn’t that be a blow to Jordan…).

    I know Kayla isn't going to be sticking around, but I really like her and Jordan together. I felt a rapport between the two. I think I what really drew me in was the reaction Kayla brought out of Jordan. Kayla invoked old memories of Jordan’s mother to resurface in Jordan. Interestingly though Jordan handles these emotions in a much more mature and adult way. Jordan’s personal growth since season one has been remarkable.

    The maturity in Jordan this season is only amplified in this episode. I'm really really ENJOYING Jordan this season.

    Jordan and Lu: I like these two together. There’s something about them. In this episode you were so uncomfortable in your chair as you watched. You were just waiting for the axe to fall. There’s a respect for each other and at the same time a jealousy and a need to claim their territory. Lu at the precinct and Jordan (at the morgue somewhat) but more with her interactions with Kayla.

    You see the set up in this episode for the rough relationship between Lu and Jordan—somehow I don't see them being best buds, but I do see them forming a certain respect for each other. Obviously Lu is feeling at least a LITTLE insecure about what place Jordan has in Woody's life. So that has to cause some of the uneasiness between them. And when Jordan finds out about Lu (though I get the feeling she has a sense that something is going on with Woody—in the way Woody reacted around her in this episode) there’s going to be more tension between them.

    Woody seemed as if he was almost trying to ‘separate’ himself from Jordan in this episode. There was this definite vibe that Woody gave off. I can’t wait to see how he deals with Jordan when she finds out.

    Woody: Woody has seen some DRASTIC ranges in personality this season. He was mad at the world in the beginning of the season—understandable. Recently he’s gone from moody, to almost carefree. He’s gone to Jordan, pulled away from Jordan and rebounded with Lu. At first glance he seems to be the most unstable character this season. So why has Woody been all over the map? I’m going to try and reason this erratic behavior to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, as a friend pointed out to me. He either believes he’s over the shooting or has convinced himself he is, but I think that the events of the shooting are going to come back and haunt him. (Well that’s what I want to believe—they need to if they want to give his character some credibility.)

    Whether this was the intent of the writers I don’t know. I’ve always said Woody never fully dealt with last season. There was no blow up, no huge reaction, no breaking down and losing it and then starting to rebuild again. That’s bugged me to no end. So here’s to hopping that that breakdown just hasn’t occurred yet.

    Woody and Lu: I’m kind of sad, because I rather like Lu and Woody together, but I don’t think it will last. (I am a J-W shipper, but I almost think maybe they just aren't meant to be sometimes…like when I see the easy chemistry between Lu and Woody.) Woody and Lu have a certain chemistry together—you can’t convince me otherwise. And I like it. That said…

    There are a lot of signs that say their relationship is not on the most 'stable footings' (if I may use an architectural term to describe their relationship). There were DEFINITE signs of 'insecurity' from Lu. Or at least a little bit of 'worrying'. That can’t bode well for their relationship.

    1- Her look when Woody answers his phone and it's Jordan.

    2- Talking with Jordan in the safe house.

    3- Talking to Kayla in the precinct. Lu brushes past Jordan is a almost 'superior' way and goes to talk to Kayla (almost an ‘I can and you can't so there’ type attitude)

    4- At the end in Lu’s apartment. She questions Woody directly about Jordan and Woody doesn’t give her the ‘I am completely over her’ answer.

    This just doesn’t inspire confidence in me that they’ll be able to have a relationship that isn’t filled with its own set of problems.

    Garret and Lily: We've got two extremes going on here. Lily wanting to screw the rules and Garret unwilling to even slightly bend the rules. Both on a high horse it seems--though in this case Garret was justified in his decision. His hands were tied.

    This might make be the unpopular view, but both Lily and Garret need some attitude adjustments. Garret (we all know) has his whole set of issues, but there comes a point where you get too ‘dark’ and people stop being lenient and understanding and get fed up. He’s bordering very close to that line.

    Lily has always been a champion for the sad and hurting. She wants to make them feel better or at least help them deal with their grief. She’s an amazing woman in that respect, but you can’t always be there for everyone. I feel like she’s on this mission. It’s as if she’s becoming the people she counsels and losing some of her professional view of the situation. Is this a reaction to her fear that she’s too good at her job (Death Toll)? Could be. Whatever the reason she came off as a bit of a spoiled child in this episode. She seemed to have no respect for Garret (who was doing his job. His hands were bound. There wasn’t one thing he could do, other than talk to the Peyton family again, which he did.)

    Lily has to realize that sometimes life isn’t always fair.

    So overall I liked both cases: The J-W-Lu case for the under currents of emotion in the episode. You could feel the build up. There's tension there and you get the feeling it's going to keep building until it explodes. And the B Plot was compelling—the interaction of two extremes. Lily wanting to screw the rules and Garret unwilling to even slightly bend the rules. Both solid story lines. 4 out of 5 dead bodies.

    For more reviews: www.crossingjordanencyclopedia.commoreless
  • Jordan can't take care of anyone but herself, so why try to help the girl

    Jordan can't take care of anyone but herself, so why try to help the girl. If Jordan an't even find her own way in life how in the world will she be able to tske care of the girl. She has here stay at here place at the end of the episode. Jordan can't figure out here own emotions when it comes to anything she has to deal with. I don't know what will happen in the next couple of episodes but i think the girl will leave. She doesn't have what it takes to help a teenage girl live. The girl will resent Jordan for even trying to help.moreless
  • Enough of Jordan's emotional baggage

    I don't blame Woody for sleeping with the first woman who would take him. Jordan's emotional baggage is getting on my nerves. And for once can we have a nice Dr. Macy instead of the grumpy, always screaming at others, rude man they show in every episode. No one wants to work for a guy like that.
  • Surprise! Jordan and Woody don't end up together . . . again.

    I guess that Jordan and Woody aren't going to be in a relationship until the series ends. Great. I guess I will start watching then.

    Woody and the blonde chick are now dating - Jordan sees herself in this young girl she's helped save and in the upcoming episode, try to take on a "mommy" role. This won't last b/c none of her relationships do.
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