Crossing Jordan

Season 1 Episode 2

The Dawn of a New Day

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2001 on NBC

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  • Jordan is still finding her role, but she's already developed the characteristic pluck. She's being introduced as a fairly immature, but compelling person who hasn't fully processed a lot of her own past. She tries to discover who killed a cab driver.

    I'm pleased A&E is starting this over so that I can view them all. This episode is good character building. Unfortunately, trading murders is a little old hat. We were driving on route 20 H to P, my brother and I, and talking about our writing... he was 18, I was 16... and he was writing a short story about people who traded murders. I'd hate to reveal my age, but that was a minute ago. I think most people are pretty familiar with the storyline, so... not the strongest beginning, but I do like all the cast. I really prefer ensemble casts in general. Funny aside - last night I was at Barnes & Noble picking up the Mexico history text and some mocha and cheesecake and Cassie Clare's City of Bones. On our way in this boy held the door for us. He liked me - him with his long black hair and grey wool trenchcoat. He was actually quite pretty. I think if I were C I'd be pissier about people flirting with me when we're together. Anyway, I don't know what it is - but I always love those D&D types, even though I'm as Barbie as you get. When I had my nose ring, there was a brief period when tattooed and pierced people smiled at me on the street. That was really nice, I miss it. Maybe I should edge up my look. Nah, I don't think people really love that in their lawyers. Oh, there was a baby with a Slipknot shirt, too. Anyway, while I was browsing stationery, I overheard him speaking with the clerk - who was okay, later he and I discussed the Economist's coverage of Castro and his leadership over the last 50 years. I don't know what book D&D was buying but he told the clerk he heard it was 'cookie-cutter.' Um, compared to what? His look? Anyway, how can you express that something is unoriginal using a cliche? My friend, once, when I said I enjoyed (this may be the only way I can use the word 'enjoy' - with one eyebrow raised. The other day, a different friend im'd me that he was enjoying a glass of wine. Um, yeah.) idioms, said she was taught in writing that cliches aren't the best. Sometimes when the gap is super-large, I don't even know how to bridge it. But I do know that boy without even knowing him. And I'm certain he thinks he's original. I guess that's how it is when you have an IQ of 115 - you know you're smarter than some, but you don't have the sense to know you're not that smart. Which is sad for me... isn't being smart a lot about being lonely and wishing so badly that someone could really challenge you? Or maybe that's the girl experience - in mine, when you challenge boys it angers them and makes them want to hit you. This theme song is really awful. I'm glad Jill has this vehicle. I remember when she left L&O and there was all this outcry b/c she was replaced by this bond girl, but you know, I suspect Ms. Hennessy has a modeling background as well. It's funny how I attach everything in my mind one thing to another...
  • Well-done episode, but I do have a minor moan.

    In this, the second episode, we get both the case and the sub-plot of the episode.As a bonus, we also get a bit of a change in the relationships between the characetrs.

    The main plot, that is, the case Jordan's working on, works well: there's a twist which is handled well and not too obvious in the case of a cabbie found dead in his cab... and the man who was hit with his licence plate, two cases which dovetail and therefore bring Jordan and Garrett together.

    The sub-plot chronicles two other M. E.s trying to work out who a 'John Doe' is - apart from a John Doe no-one's been able to identify for a month. They do exhaustive research, which is eventually successful and has a heart-warming conclusion (which, I suspect, some would find too sentimental). Personally, I found this plot more interesting than the main one, as, indeed, I did the hint of a romantic possibility for Garrett, a possibility I hope shall come to fruition rathetr than leving the poor man alone and miserable. The other character relationship involves Jordan slowly moving forward with Evelyn. This is done too quickly in my view, and should have been stretched out longer (mind you, as I've not seen any episodes beyond the first two at the time of writing, it may well be).

    Overall, this is a good episode and bodes well for the future. I hope all concerned keep up the good work.
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