Crossing Jordan

Season 1 Episode 20

The Gift of Life

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 15, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

Garrett talks to Jordan about making out a will when he finds out she doesn't have one. They then get a call that a heart surgeon has dropped dead while doing an operation.

When they go to investigate, Jordan and Nigel soon discover that the heart surgeon is Dr. Elliot McCaffrey, a former mentor of Jordan's.

The body is then taken to the lab. A Lily continues to have problems with where to bury Mr. Bush. She decides to call everyone who received an organ from him so that he will be buried somewhere.

Garrett takes a look at the patient's X-ray and says that the main artery wasn't completely shot and that if a Doppler probe were done the patient might have lived. Garrett has trouble changing the cause of death from natural to accidental because Jordan feels unqualified to give the necessary information for the autopsy report.

Jordan looks inside of the box Garrett gives her and finds a book on how to write a will and a stethoscope. Jordan is taken back to when Elliot McCaffrey discussed privately with her about the patient that died on the table and insists he did nothing wrong Jordan begins to question if that is what really happened.

Garrett still insists that Jordan be honest before attending that conference on the patient's surgery. At the conference, the doctors are gathering to discuss if anything out of the ordinary happened when the bypass was performed and Jordan decides to agree with Dr. McCaffrey's findings.

Garrett is angry with Lily because she didn't follow a transplant protocol when Mr. Bush died. Meanwhile the body of Mr. Reims is being operated on making Mr. Hummer very happy.

Bug talks with Lily about having the deceased buried at Potter's Field. Lily suggests that he look up all the names of the recipients but she is then warned if she does it she will be fired. Lily decides to do it herself and pay for the burial.

Garrett is upset with Jordan because she wasn't honest with herself from the beginning. Now Garrett must rule the cause of death as natural. The patient's husband has no way of knowing what really happened to cause his wife's death.

Jordan asks her father about the man named Garrett Macy and whether he ever had worked any cases with him. She then tells her father she's not exactly sure what happened the day the patient died on the table. We then see Dr. Elliot McCaffrey getting mad because the truth about the patient's cause of death is finally out. The cause of death on her certificate states her death was accidental and not natural.

Jordan also finds out that her hopes of being a heart surgeon with Elliot McCaffrey is gone because she told the truth.

Mac asks Jordan if she wants to talk about the death of Dr. McCaffrey. She feels that because Dr. McCaffrey blacklisted her, her dreams of being a heart surgeon are over.

Jordan then takes the sleeping medication with alcohol and collapses. Jordan is rushed into the emergency room where Dr. McCaffrey sees Max. A Nurse asks if Jordan has been drinking.

Dr. Elliot McCaffrey tries his best to save Jordan's life knowing that if he doesn't he's gonna have a problem with Jordan's father.

Lily meets Dick Robins who has Mr. Bush's liver and who wants to bury him on his family's plot. Jordan's father lectures her on the dangers of mixing sleeping medication and alcohol together. Elliot reconsiders his decision to let Jordan on his team after he feels challenged enough to save her life.

Mr. Hummer learns that his patient was a bit fragile post-autopsy so they decide to get him ready to go to his new place so he can be frozen. Lily tells Garrett that she won't change for him or anybody else because she knows she did the right thing.

Jordan realizes that she would be better off being there for the dead rather than being a heart surgeon. At that moment, she realizes it wasn't Dr. McCaffrey who saved her live but Garrett who saved it by offering her a job at the morgue.

He is shocked when Jordan tells him she doesn't want the heart surgeon position but would rather work for Garrett and learn more about herself.

Jordan gives Garrett a present and inside is a stethoscope, the one that he first gave her when she started her job.