Crossing Jordan

Season 1 Episode 3

The Ties That Bind

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2001 on NBC

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  • This is a much better plot than the last. We go to a prison to investigate who has killed a prison guard. I was pleased that it was prisoner, not a guard... that would have been too expected... because all prisoners are innocent, right?

    I used to watch Murder, She Wrote in the daytime. I guess me and retirees, we like our mysteries. There are these weird little labels on things. The first one tells us we're in Malden, off I95. Didn't J used to live there when he was in med school? Sometimes I wonder what happened to him. I mean, who cares in such a big way... but one wonders if he is happy, you know? God, he's so old now... 36 or something. Wow. I don't know. Liz Hurley was still crazy hot at 36, but men never seem very attractive once they start to get eye wrinkles and smell like tooth decay... My parents are still attractive, I guess they don't gross me out too much. This episode is good – the show is starting to get the moral hard edge it's going to later develop…
    Like, in the autopsy, the assistant says "It's hard to believe someone could do something like this." and Jordan says "Kinda pisses you off, doesn't it?" Yeah, um, me too.

    It's a little unbelievable to me the way none of the cops will ever listen to her – I know being a cop implies misogyny, but um, she's a doctor, and they're … well, I think it's a given that she's smarter. Love the old lady who helped her husband out of this world. What a class act. Not that C and I will be doing that. I'm kinda a nihilist, so I'm thinking what with the nothing but this and all, I'll take the end-of-life suffering. Euthanasia is for the religious, not of course, those who actually believe in the normal gods, who clearly disallow that kind of behavior. But of course, its proponents are correct that we all have the right to make these choices about our selves. The visualization we're developing is good. Where Jordan and her dad play out the crime - for some reason I think this is key to a good detective show, or even a novel. There has to be a methodology that we can get behind. Kinsey Milhone has the notecards. If it were me, I'd drive around... I like to let things sit on the back of my brain.
  • Pretty boring.

    Nothing really happened. The body who was into S&M added some humor, I guess. But the main case with the prison was fairly lack-luster. It was obvious that both Jordan and her dad would end up going to the mother's grave. The only good storyline was with the couple with the morphine. It brought up some interesting issues regarding euthanasia.
  • Jordan goes to prison to investigate, and no one catcalls or makes lewd comments. Huh?

    Just a few nitpicks: For a so-called high security prison with murders and rapists, it seems pretty lax. And they have a wood shop with very sharp tools.... Ok, so I have never been in prison, but it seems like Jordan should have gotten a few prisoners riled up when she walked down the corriders.