Crossing Jordan

Season 5 Episode 1

There's No Place Like Home, II

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on NBC

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    Garret, Oliver and Solkum: This was an excellent case. I loved Wizard of Oz. And there were tons of clues to figure this one out right from the get go. The first was Nigel’s comment when they arrived at the house out in the middle of nowhere.

    Nigel: I feel like I’m in Kansas.

    “We’re not in Kansas.” My initial thought, and it dawned on me I was thinking of the Wizard of Oz. May I take one moment to comment on Nigel’s hair. I practically had a heart attack when I saw the hair. Thank GOD it was a wig. Nigel, Bug and Garret all understand the evilness of Oliver. They’ve seen the two crimes he’s already committed. The understand the pure evil at Oliver’s core. Slokum, either to be a pain, or out of ignorance to take Garret’s words seriously, doesn’t put much faith in the gangs theory.

    While in the conference room Oliver murmurs in an eerily calm voice, “I learned a lot in those three years. Mostly that there is no place like home.” Oh my the second reference to WofO. That was enough to get me thinking. Oliver’s plan was starting to take shape…to show itself to us.

    Clue 3: The Tin Man…a guy without a heart and The Wicked Witch.

    “I hate to speak ill of the dead, but he always was a heartless son of a bitch.”
    “She called him boring. He called her witch.”

    In two sentences he made two references…so did you pick up on the pattern yet?

    I was once again furious when Nigel comes out with the comment, “Unidentifiable meat.” The poor dog (and clue #4: Toto)

    I was happy to see Seely back. He still had his quirkiness, but he wasn’t nearly as ‘snobbish’ and ‘jerky’ as his normal behavior. I’ve always liked Seely and this was the most likable I’ve ever seen him. And of course he’s still his clueless self (he could have been the scarecrow) Seely: Oliver’s right he’s brainless—Clue #5. By this point Garret had figured out the WofO reference and it was a matter of time before they figured it out.

    “I walked away so now I’m the cowardly lion.” I was a bit disappointed at the very end with Oliver. He shows up and he wasn’t nearly as creepy as he was through the rest of the episode and the seen seemed almost anti-climatic. You knew Seely was waiting in the wings. It was still a great play on the WofO and I enjoyed the storyline.

    Jordan and Woody: Two thoughts. Jordan was justified. Woody was an ass. On that note I loved the storyline between them. I’m a Woody-Jordan shipper and I want to see them together, but I’m liking this new twist and an almost reversal in character roles the two of them portrayed.

    This is the first time Jordan outright said she pushed him away. She screwed up. I didn’t think we’d see the day. The tension between Jordan and Woody could have cut through the toughest steel out there. It was like watching them walk on eggshells. Jordan never seemed quite sure what to say to Woody and when she did say anything she seemed to be on a cautious-defensive mode.

    Jordan however was trying. She warned Woody about his fingerprint. She kept things from the police—for a time. She gave Woody the benefit of the doubt, helping him find evidence. All she gets for that are false words from Woody. (I don’t think the spiel he gave to Jordan was real. I think he was saying what he needed to get Jordan to help him.)

    Woody’s one angry man and it seems it’s all being taken out on Jordan. His last words to Jordan were cruel. Uncalled for and mean. I don’t care if he was shot at, if he did go through six weeks of Hell and if he is still haunted from the experience. He has no right to treat Jordan (or anyone) that way. The two definitely are hitting their first ‘rocky’ patch in their relationship. (I know technically they’re not together, but they’ve never been together but somehow are always connected to each other)

    So I see this as their first challenge in their relationship. I’m looking forward to the trip we’ll take with them.

    Slokum: Now I’m glad to see Garret back, but I HATED the way they brought him back. I’m sorry but it was a copout. Slokum is this man who doesn’t care what the world thinks about him. He’s a hard-ass. He’s a jerk. He’s not a softy. He took pleasure throughout this entire episode in poking wholes in every ones theories. Why would he hand things back to Garret when he’s worked gleefully at making everyone’s life miserable?

    That said it was a great episode and wonderful season opener.

  • not the best one for opening a season.

    This one didn't speak to me that much, not for a opening season episode...

    I confess I was surprised by Oliver, I didn't expect to see him again.
    And that morgue was weird, all hearing suits and Nigel's hair.
    Woody was strange too, I hope things get better between him and Jordan.

    About that guy, Slockum. The final scene where he looks at the guys saying goodbye to Dr. Macy, they were laughing and happy. I guess that's when he realized the envy he had, he wasn't respected like that nor loved.

    One thing he got right, they would do anything for Garrett.
    Now he is back!!!
  • It was okay.

    I thought that Jordan standing up to Slokum was about the best part in that show. That or Nigel tackling Garrett then removing the wig. I honestly was bored a little by ths show. It just didn't appeal to me. I think that it could have used some pizazze to it.
  • Everyone at the morgue is ignoring Jordan, but they finally bring it to an end. Garrett is back & Henry Winkler’s out. Jordan tries to make up with Woody, but he refuses. Things are back to normal at the morgue, but things with Jordan and Woody aren\'t

    What a season premier! This episode had so many emotions in it! I’m very glad that Garrett is back, and the Oliver/Wizard of Oz storyline was a perfect way to get him back to the morgue. I have to admit, I was very surprised at the way Henry Winkler’s character left the morgue (just giving the job back to Garrett). After the changes he’d made, and how much he seemed to love being there and controlling everything, I didn’t ever think he’d just say that Garrett should have the job back, but I’m glad he did!

    This episode had a whole different mood about it than the others. I guess it was because Henry Winkler’s presence at the morgue made everything so much tenser, but the Jordan/Woody storyline also greatly contributed to this. I felt so sad the way things worked out between Woody and Jordan in the season finale, and I was even sadder to find how things worsened in the season premier. I hope that they make up soon, and can be at least friends- if not more!

    Henry Winkler’s morgue dress code looked so funny on everyone. Seeing Nigel, Bug and Sydney in suits and the way they argued was so cute, and Nigel’s wig was hilarious! Jordan looked really different in the dress code, because it was completely opposite of her usual attire, and more like what Lily normally wears.

    All in all, great episode, and I can’t wait to see the how the rest of the season plays out!
  • This is one the best episodes of the series ever! It had so much drama, mystery, suspense, and ofcourse dark humor.

    I loved this episode. Though, it was a little upseting to see woody so mad, it really got into his past and gave him some deep turmoil. The beginning of the episode was probably, part of the best. It was hard watching jordan go into woody's room like nothing had happened, and then he turn her away. I also really liked when jordan almost attacked riggs, the boy who shot woody. IT seems woody went off the deepend, but i guess this is why he will need a psycologist.I hope some set of circumstances brings woody and jordan togehter. This episode seemed to trade woody and jordan's places. She was being responsible, while he was risking his life to find a shooter. There argurement may have been hard to watch, but were very emotional and well written. They added so much drama to the show. I loved having garrett back, and he looked so good. Matt looked good do, and ironically he was dressed down. The suits the morgue staff had to wear, actually looked pretty good, and jordan looked good, but it still wan't some of their personalities. The wizard of oz theme was so creative. And it was a wonderful experience when you understood the title. Lilly was very good at being an emotional pillar, and nigel's hair was so funny. I loved the rivarly between nigel, bug, and sidney. Sidney was less annoying. All in all this episode was fantastic, with great acting, directing, and writing. Leaves you wanting more, and i can't wait for the rest of season and where all the characters end up and with whom.
  • Good but not up to par.

    This should have been a 2 parter, the way it ended was to quick. Henry Winkler acted out his character with such precision, he was great. Oliver was a great bring back charcter, he offered the dark side that you want to know more about, but it seemed rushed the way he pointed out this and that, and the way they solved out his plot.
    Woody has turned dark and that will be interesting, but I would have liked to see more of what happened at the morgue over the 8 week period.
    I'm happy Garrett is back but it just all felt rushed, it appeared that NBC in a hurry to duplicate the cross over success with LasVegas again ruined what could have been a great episode
  • By far one of the best episodes I’ve seen. Exciting, twisted, and humorous.

    I was devastated by the loss of Dr. Macy during the season four finale, so it was a huge relief when he came back. The drastic change in Nigel’s hair almost made me cry, and I was trying to cope with it right until the end of the episode. Thank god for wigs. Also, the return of Oliver Titleman was a wonderful touch, along with the repeated attacks on Slocum. If you watch any television show this season, make sure it’s Crossing Jordan. You won’t be sorry.
  • Definitely one of the best in the series so far.

    This is one of my favorite Crossing Jordan episodes yet. I thought Nigel was hysterical in his suit. Henry Winkler\'s character was just what the show needed to shake things up. I love the way Macy and the kid squared off again. The whole Wizard of Oz thing was very interesting. I also liked the way Winkler\'s character stepped down and turned things back over to Macy. I also loved when he gave Jordan the Bonsai plant. I certainly hope we\'ll see more of his character in the future. As far as Jordan and Woody, I would like to see them work things out but I think it\'s going to be difficult with their reversals here. It\'s nice to see Jordan as the one going out on a limb for the relationship for a change and Woody as the one not interested. My prediction once he\'s finally got his act together and is ready, Jordan will be too afraid again and won\'t want to get involved. Like I said this was definitely one of the best episodes yet.
  • Was it just me or did Woody and Jordan seem to have switched bodies?

    Okay, I will admit it I stayed away from spoilers! So this viewer was shocked when Oliver, made a come back! I am pretty sure I sat up in the chair and went…um, shouldn’t he be in PRISON? I was glad they resolved that issue for me. I thought they did a good job picking up where they left off, with the season finale. Not to much but just enough time to seem believable.

    I am pretty sure I cried when Woody dumped on Jordan like that, but it seem that was goes around does come around. And this would not be like me if I did not say, thanksfully that was just a wig! I thought I might have to get a post-it and keep Nigel covered up! And for Macy, man am I glad he is back. He is much better looking than Henry Winkler anyway.

    So this premier was not a disappointing as some I watched, and this kinda made my Sunday! Not to hip on the cross over with Las Vegas this early in the season, but we shall see!
  • Overall a good, energetic, engaging premiere.

    This was one of the better season premieres I\'ve seen this season.

    We watched last season\'s finale (taped) immediately before the episode and this premiere was careful to answer anything left outstanding.

    I was SO relieved to see Garrett back.

    I do hope Henry Winkler\'s departure was permanent, as I find he ads little to the dynamic and chemistry of the show.

    The continued tension between Woody and Jordan leaves the viewer wanting to come back for more, but I do hope that they bring it to resolution before viewers get tired of waiting and go elsewhere.

    I\'ve only watched sporadically over the years and regularly for the last season so I did not see the original episode with the psycho killer. I appreciated that they gave enough background so the unfamiliar would be caught up to speed, without belaboring too much of the show the old episode. I was watching with a long time viewer of the show and the kid\'s reappearance was suprising and interest grabbing for her. He was also a recognizable character, meaning the story writers did an effective job in creating a memorable (albeit disturbing) player.

    Overall a good, energetic, engaging premiere.
  • They played this season begining of perfect. I mean i was on my feet the hole time and the ended it perfectly. Had to love Nigel pulling the wig off. Bug finnaly going off on Slockum and showing some balls.

    Woody - Okay the guy that caught Woody is caught. Woody lets it get to him cause he almost died like his father did. Was shot by some one that was a scum kid. So basicly Woody relived his fathers death. It consumed him to the point of almost killing the boy that shot him in the chest and almost killed him. He is still in love with Jordan but he still thinks that what she said to him when he was being braught in to the ER. She was just saying it cause she thaught she was going to lose him. But because he is back on his feet he real hasnt had time to think about it cause he been obsessed with the fact that the guy that show him excaped the hospital and was free.

    Jordan - JOrdan look Slokum for so long it was nice to see Jordan hold back but she wasnt even thinking Woody Broke her heart . But it was good to see her blow up on Slockum Jordan in the season fives first episode she geting a tast of her own actions of how she treated Woody. She is stubern as hell as always and it hurts her but she doesnt show it. But it shows in the end she not ready to let go of Woody cause what she said to him in Jump Push Fall season finaly of season four she ment what she said. But i think they also changed Jordan possibly learned some what pushing feels like to happen to her maybe she wont push so much know.

    Garret - It was good to see how Garret pulled it off with the kid solving it all and playing him when he was in the ambnulance. The end of the show it was nice to se Slokum do somthing niec and give Garret his office back and his family.