Crossing Jordan

Season 5 Episode 18

Thin Ice

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2006 on NBC

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  • A throw back to teh Season Four format, but keeping with the season 'arc format'. A very well done episode. For more reviews see

    Okay! Time for my thoughts. I have to admit that at first I wasn’t sure what I thought of the episode. It had so much of the ‘classic’ CJ that I love and yet it still was an episode that is a ‘piece of the whole’. As I started writing I realized I actually quite enjoyed it.

    I liked the rape case story (I’ll explain why in a moment) and while Nigel and Bug’s story required a very large suspension of reality, I found their interaction the more important part of the story and hence was able to look beyond the fighter pilot plot.

    So let’s get started. I know a lot of people felt the ‘A’ plot was a ‘ripped from the headlines’ case and unoriginal. And while I agree it was taken from recent events (the Kobe fiasco) I think it was more original than people are giving it credit for. What was so different for me was the ‘human’ aspect. From the moment we met Quentin I felt sympathetic towards him. I honestly liked the guy. He was portrayed as a likable character, who (in the end) had good morals.

    People make mistakes. That doesn’t necessarily make them bad. Quentin made a mistake in lying and covering up what happened, but he felt remorse for his actions and in the end made the decision to do the right thing, despite the grief and heartache it was sure to cause him. That’s a strong person—one who can stand up and do what’s right.

    Nigel and Bug and the Fighter Pilot…Okay this required me to let go of reality a little too much. The premises of a pilot being found, frozen, from the 1950s I could deal with. Bug and Nigel taking a trek out to Mount Washington…that was a bit far fetched. (I must comment though, the art department did a wonderful job. Beautiful set!) I can look past this because I believe the focus of this episode was not about the pilot, but about Nigel.

    You don’t see Nigel get too emotional too often. He’s normally the ‘happy’ family member (in reference to the morgue family). Nigel doesn’t get ‘invested’ in cases (typically), that’s Jordan’s job. This case however hits close to home for Nigel—not in that they’re similar situations, but in the fact that it brings his relationship (or lack of) with his father out from the closet he’s hidden his emotions in.

    We know Nigel has never had an easy relationship with his father. He’s never lived up to his father’s expectations. Then to top it off he’s learns—through his brother—that his father has remarried and now has a new son. What a blow that had to be. It must seem to Nigel that his father has completely erased him from his life. And tops it off by having another child…almost as if it’s a second chance for him to ‘do it right’ this time. He’s telling Nigel (without speaking) that he sees Nigel as a failure. It’s eating Nigel up inside.

    Bug’s advice, as hard as it was to take, might just be the best advice. Can Nigel let go? Probably, but I bet he’s still wondering if he should have tried more…if it was the right decision…if maybe his father has changed…

    Jordan: That Jordan didn’t realize something was up with Woody before all this tells you just how ‘preoccupied’ Jordan has been lately. Jordan was pretty restrained all in all—no huge reactions. I wasn’t too surprised with how she handled the situation—by NOT dealing with it. Ignore it and pretended it didn’t happen. Granted she’ll have to deal with it, but for a few days she can pretend. And Woody made it easy for her—she tells him they don’t need to talk and he doesn’t push. Woody is being a wimp. Sorry, but he should have dealt with this long before Jordan ‘caught’ him and Lu. They need to talk. No if and buts or maybes. Woody should be man enough to have this discussion.

    Jordan’s a believer. Her compassion for Shannon and her unquestioning belief in Shannon is toughing. She believed Shannon—no questions asked and despite Shannon’s ‘issues’. (brief question: How many of you believed Shannon? Or did you fall into the Lu camp on this one? It's a great debate topic and a serious issue in our society, but I'm not going to get into it here.) Jordan gave Lu a few rough moments over the case and not believing Shannon but otherwise tried to work ‘peacefully’ with Lu. I have to note that Jordan didn’t act in any unbecoming, mean or jealous way towards Lu. I give her credit for that.

    Side Note: Jordan’s gift vs. Lu’s gift…which one knows Woody better? Two ‘stress relieving’ gifts, yet one is definitely ‘more’ Woody than the other.

    Lu: A few things on Lu. 1) Her guilt over not believing Shannon. Lu’s not a bad person. And I believe she’s a good cop. Tough, but fair. We’ve seen her handle creeps harshly. We’ve seen her be compassionate and understanding with suspects (Nate) to earn their trust. We’ve seen her reserved and quiet with suspects. The point is she knows how to deal with all types of people. So the fact that she couldn’t deal with/believe Shannon was surprising. I think we got another glimpse into Lu’s ‘background’ here. When she says: “I just have a tough time with people who unnecessarily put themselves at risk. Especially women.” It set off little alarm bells ringing in my head. I wonder what’s behind that statement. Was she ever in that situation? Someone she knows? A friend? A family member? Of all the cases and people she’s dealt with this one was obviously the most trying for her. Interesting isn’t it?

    2) Lu feels guilty—on Woody’s behalf. Here she is the ‘other’ woman which she’s fine with. Except she expected Woody to TELL Jordan about her rather than what happened. It’s obvious she cares somewhat about how Jordan feels. She tries to apologize on more than one occasion. The action that proved her sincerity—about feeling guilty and wanting to fix it was a moment in the morgue. She’s about to enter the morgue but pauses, takes a deep breath then enters and then tries to talk Jordan (before Garret interrupts them).

    3) Giving Woody the riot act—he deserved that. She hit the nail on the head (as they say). He’s “keeping his options open”. He’s afraid to talk to Jordan—possibly cause admitting he’s with Lu could spell the end of him and Jordan (completely) and he’s not ready to give up on them. If that’s the case then it’s time to break it off with Lu. She’s a big girl she’ll understand…though at this point she’s probably already figured it out.

    Lily and Jeffery: I’ve tried to like Jeffery. I went into it this season thinking that he could be a great addition. I really wanted him to work…but honestly the man drives me nuts. I can not take his constant edginess (i.e. jumpiness) or his weak personality. The man has no backbone. It’s driving me nuts. (Yes I repeated myself--purposely!) I want to go up to him and slap some sense into his brain.

    Maybe it is just me. I don’t like weak men. And to me (as sweet as he may be) he comes across as being weak. The fact that he CAN’T deal with Jordan—who did nothing more than call him a coward—tame compared to some things Jordan has been known to do—proves my point. The man is a basket case. Jeffery is proving to be a weak and whinny man—not a character you warm up to and learn to like.

    Lily pissed me off. She always fights for the sad and grieving. I can handle that. However the last few episodes she’s been much narrower minded in seeing anything 'outside’ her spectrum of right/wrong. Then she goes and snaps at Jordan. If she really listened (assuming Jeffery told the morgue scene as it happened) to Jeffery she would have been snapping at him telling him he was the one being unreasonable. She’s lost her objectiveness when it comes to Jeffery. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprise since it happens to many people when they are in a relationship. They become (however unintentionally) much more narrow minded and less lenient of other’s opinions and actions if they counter their ‘partner’s’ thoughts.

    Garret: What happened to dark and moody Garret? Could he possibly be coming to terms with his addiction, his life, his friends… Did Jordan’s little rant last week (the one about him being there for her just like she was there for him) actually knock some sense into Garret? Here’s to hoping this wasn’t a flashback to old times, but the steps to a new Garret.

    I loved the ending scene. I miss the simplicity and satisfaction of those scenes. It’s probably one of the things I’ve missed most this season, but I think after There’s No Place Like Home 2’s ending scene I knew (the sixth sense kicking in) that there weren’t going to be any more of those calm and easy moments for a while. TNPLH2 ended on a ‘dark’ note and was the start of everything that came there after. Hopefully this is the beginning of a ‘lighter’ note and spells some happier times ahead. (If not this season at least into next).
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