Crossing Jordan

Season 5 Episode 6

Total Recall

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2005 on NBC

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  • woody gets a confession from a boy about a crime commited ten years ago but the trouble is it's not that simple; jordan starts dating the reporter

    ok i kind of liked this ep but found it like so terribly hard to watch for the first five minutes..i mean i dont want jordan w/ that reporter..hes like such a scum bag..all reporters offense lol..but thats how i feel..i mean he did mess up the last thing w/ the prisoners and i think he was lying about not doing it..then it got better w/ the investigation b/c there were all these twist and turns w/ the boy and then it ended up being (spoiler) the brother doing all the bad dare glad woody found out but he really needed to listen to his psychiatrist and not be so mean to her..i felt he judged her too quickly although it was hilarious
  • it was fun lol specially Lily and Jeffrey

    Looks like Jordan and Pollack are together, I'm happy for her. Finally she is with someone and she is having fun.

    Lu is here to stay too, she even gets into a case with Woody.

    Woody's case is about a teacher that was killed and one of his students confesses but it turns out he didn't do it.
    I like to see the two approaches, you have Woody on one side with the evidence and on the other there's Lu with the psychological part. And she was right, the kid had been trough a traumatic situation, his brother killed the teacher right in front of him.

    Jordan's case is fun too. Husband and wife found dead in their apartment, nothing new here. The apartment was in a mess and they were known by ADA's because of all the police reports, they even had a bet about who would die first.

    At the end, when they were fighting, a bookcase started to fell and the guy tried to save his wife but they both fell down...
    And using Lily and Jeffrey to replay them was fun too lol seeing them hit each other, scream, throw this at, that was fun to see
  • A good solid episode. Not really what some Jordan/Woody fans might hope for.

    This episode served (in my opinion) to establish a set of new relationships and a change to the ones already there. As well as the two sets of deaths/cases, one focusing on the Police investigation and the other worked on by Jordan and crew.

    The two new relationships, whether they be romantic or other seem to be Jordan/J.D Pollack and Woody/Lu. Clearly Jordan and J.D relationship whilst also being very new, is a romantic one. Woody and Lu\'s is a profession one, which would in hindsight turn into something romantic later. Then there is the effect of the previously established relationship. The most notable being Jordan and Woody\'s long standing angsty long time on-off attraction.

    This episode only very quickly addresses Woody\'s reaction to the new paring of Pollack and Cavanaugh. Although I would have liked to see more of a reaction, I have a feeling that is isn\'t the end of the jealous looks from our Detective Hoyt.

    The personal stories are weaved in with the cases as Jordans new relationship is put under the spotlight as she begins to let it affect her judgement about a case. Similarly Lu and Woody are also butting heads over who is right about the other case.

    A good solid episode.
  • Is there a hint of jealousy in the air?

    Well as much as I wanted to get right up next to my television and shove it in Woody’s face, I managed just to shout it across the room. He does still care for Jordan and it was very obvious with the snide comment to the new boyfriend (Pollack). Woody has issues, but I think the psychiatrist lady is way too much like Jordan (personality wise).

    But I must say this Jordan is not the ‘love sick’ kind of girl, they need to lay off that and fast. She is head strong and self-destructive and they need to keep her that way. Bug was not seen much in this episode but Nigel was front and center.

    What is with the weird ADA guy with Lilly? Could there be love in the air. Am I noticing a drinking problem about to rear its ugly head? Overall a good episode they are slowing getting into the ‘love’ section of the show. I like it, but come on I want to see Jordan and Woody have a knock down drag out. She needs to rake him over the coals and show him who is boss. That I won’t miss! Till next time.
  • A very interesting episode

    What can I say about this episode, we get to see more of the crazed/angry Woody at some points in the episode as well as the Woody that we know and love. The other case has Jordan and Nigel working together to see if a couple killed each other and who died first. We got to see more of JD Pollack, his character is starting to grow on me, he's not as annoying as he was to begin with. Lu isn't bad as well, she's at least throwing some of Woody's catch phrases and attitude back at him. There were some great scenes between Nigel and Jordan as well. Wondering if Macy's negative attitude will come to a boiling point in upcoming episodes. I really love the crime re-enactment scenes with Nigel, Jordan, Lily and the attorney. There's no Crossing Jordan next Sunday, hopefully I won't go too badly into withdrawls until the next new episode airs.
  • I hate Jordan's new boyfriend.

    I don't like her with the reporter guy but loved that Woody was jealous of him. I don't know how I feel about the new shrink girl but I have a feeling Woddy will be getting involved with her in the near future. I don't like how Dr. Macy went straight back to Dr. Grumpy.