Crossing Jordan

Season 5 Episode 3

Under The Weather

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2005 on NBC

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  • Jordan reaches new heights of absurd behavior.

    I don't know why I continue to watch this series. Habit I suppose. Garret orders her to go home but she insists on going down to the bottom of the well. They don't let us see how she managed to ignore Garret again, but it this context it seems like one place where he could assert her authority. It also seems absurd that Garret would be the person to go down in the well. It seems like a firefighter would be the right person.

    The boy was already dead. It seems that amputating his leg to get him out would be the least of the parents' problem. The body was already seriously damaged and would probably be further disturbed during autopsy.

    Of course, the episode is filled with other absurdities. Instantaneous matching of the bullet to the gun owner is one. A bug that has some of Jordan's tissue doesn't seem to be likely.

    I suppose if you like pure excitement it would be a good episode.
  • the gang tries to find three boys and are in a rush as they may not be alive since there is a horrible killer on the loose; jordan uses her own method to find the boys but ends up in a predicament

    ok i loved this ep..i was so on the edge of my seat..i love the drama, some comedy, and semi-romance..romance wasnt so great in this one but oh well..i loved it from the beginning..i mean jordan was sick but she had the determination to find the boys and i totally admire her for that..everyone told her to go home..but she wouldnt..unfortunatley that didnt end so well for her and yes this is going to be kind of a spoiler..she finds the boys and then they have to try to get out from underground while the gang is furiously trying to find the boys and when they find out jordan too..and i was so mad when she tells off woody..all he did was care about her
  • the woods...

    Three boys missing, it's raining like hell and Jordan has a cold...

    I liked this one, specially every time Jordan heard the words "Go home" lol
    But seriously, it was a good episode with a lot of suspense and interesting moments. When Jordan as holding on to the rope and the guy was looking down, I suspected the Ranger, I don't know why but I thought it was him.

    That plan with the water was good but even her was thinking it might not work at certain point. But all ended well at least for two families, the other didn't get so lucky. The best thing the can have it that the boy died saving a friend.
  • it was awesome!!!

    it was very good! i enjoyed it highly! this is exactly why i watch this show. the suspense was awesome. i thought the part when jordan was helping the boys by taking the bullet out of the one boy was very caring and i felt every emotion. i loved it!
  • The Crossing Jordan Encyclopedia Reviews and so much more.

    WOW! This was is not the episode to miss if you’re planning on missing one. Action packed, intense, under currents and tears: you couldn’t ask for more.

    This was one of those few episodes where the entire cast was a part of one case. No A story, no B story, just one tension filled hour of the gang working towards the same goal.

    I knew when we started the episode that the killer more than likely had to be someone involved in the search and rescue mission. So I picked up fairly early that the most likely suspect would be the ranger, but I wasn’t sure. I’m glad the killer wasn’t a random person, but someone involved in a big way with the whole plot.

    Jordan and Woody: Jordan’s put up with Woody’s attitude in the past two episodes. It was a little frustrating because it’s not like the Jordan we know to not have a response to Woody. I can understand though that she’s battling between saying something cruel so she feels better and keeping her mouth shut to not make the situation any worse than it already is, especially since she realized Woody needs some help. I give Woody a few points for asking Jordan how she was feeling in the beginning…it’s better than last week when he completely ignored her. Jordan kind of brushed him off…so he went back to his brooding self around her.

    The more telling scene I believe was when Jordan says she’s going to search the trail and Woody tells her no. He cares for Jordan still. Granted he would have said that to anyone who suggested searching for the boys but the way he said it to Jordan implied concern. There is hope for our dark-sided Woody. I, however, think we’ve lost a part of the ‘happy-go-lucky’ Woody we knew from season one. I think he died when Woody was shot. When Woody works through this I think we’re going to have a much more mature Woody on our hands.

    I loved the looks Garret, Nigel and the Ranger had on their faces as they witness the little sparring. Garret and Nigel looked liked they were just getting clued in on things. I’d love to hear Nigel’s take on the situation.

    The end scene was awkward. Woody tries to show concern…concern we know he was feeling from the phone call he made to Garret. Jordan doesn’t make it easy for Woody though and he leaves with things as strained as ever between them.

    Lily and Garret: Garret’s on edge. I don’t know what exactly is going on in that head of his, but something is wrong. I do know Garret has been very abrupt with Lily. Lily seems to be truly trying to be Garret’s friend, but he more often than not is giving her the cold shoulder.

    Jordan and Garret: Jordan’s stubborn. Too stubborn for her own good most times, but this time it paid off. I loved the scene between the two of them. For once Garret gets Jordan to see the total seriousness of the situation and accept her role—take credit for it. The connection the two of them has is so strong words aren’t even needed. The ending scene of Jordan crying in Garret’s arms was the perfect ending to a high tension story.

    Jordan’s ‘executive’ decision making was one of the many priceless Garret/Jordan moments. Garret might not be back to himself, but even he can’t resist Jordan’s charming way.

    Jordan and the boys: My favorite scene of this episode was when Jordan, carrying Danny, looked a Todd and smiled after they found Garret and the gang (and the music couldn’t have been more perfect). It was the most touching scene. Jordan kept her word and rescued the boys…helped rescue them…since Jordan needed some rescuing of her own. The interaction between her and the boys was so heart felt. She helps them physically and mentally (Todd—blaming himself).

    And lastly Todd’s wonderful comment about Jordan’s being crazy! Even the kid who’s only known her for a few hours picked up on the fact. Of course we wouldn’t change that for anything. Jordan wouldn’t be Jordan if she wasn’t a little ‘crazy’

    Oh one last thought: Where’s Sydney? Have we lost another member of the morgue with no explanation?
  • Jordan is back at it, and saving the day once again.

    I must say, I loved this episode. This is one of the best of the series, in my opinion. Jordan back not listening to Macy and she gets her butt in a sling, but manages to save the day. But I will admit I wished there would have been a better moment between Jordan and Woody. But I am starting to wonder if there is something between Macy and Jordan, and I the only one?

    Jordan needs to get a focus, like she had in other seasons. I guess only time will tell. I think the season is starting out great, let’s hope they keep it up.
  • Once again Jordan defies Dr. Macy and ends up in harms way.

    Every week one of them end up in a life or death situation and this week it was Jordan's turn. Three boys go missing, one ends up dead along with a woman. One boy got shot in the shoulder and somehow every one ended up below ground. Jordan ends up with the two remaining boys, takes the bullet out, and saves everyone's life just in the nick of time.
  • This show was a great episode of the character building variety.

    I think Woody didn't hug Jordan at the end because he thinks she doesn't like him that way. OK, so it is obvious that he can't read her well, but I think he wanted to hug her and thought she would think something of it, especially since both of them had romantic encounters with people in las vegas "last week"!!
  • Fantastic Episode! Great acting, directing, writing, everything!

    This episode had so much intrigue, drama, and suspense. It really kept you hooked. You felt jordans fear and need to survive. Jill hennesy did a GREAT atcing job, and really deserves and emmy nomination. The actors who played the two little boys were so good, espcailley the one who played todd. He was not cutesy or unreal, he really acted how any young boy would in that situation. Ofcourse, there was more woody and jordan anguish in this episode, though this time jordan actually was the one with more of an attitude. I loved how everyone worked together, it was an "all hands in" episode. Jerry o'connell did a great acting job, he really dug into the suspect. He was very serious and he seemed legitatley angry. Though, i think we saw more of woody's softer side towards jordan this episode. The end was hard, cause i saw the longing in woody and jordan's eyes, but neither did anything about it. The final scence with garrett and jordan was so heart-warming, and i think really helped jordan cope with everything. All-in-all this was fantastic, wonderful episode! I would recommend to anybody.
  • Murders in a state park. Jordan goes out on a trail in the rain and ends up in the underground shaft where the missing boys are. In the end she gets them out and they catch the killer. Woody helps catch and get info out of the killer.

    This episode has great intensity. Jordan's character really shows her leadership ability when she takes charge and makes her own decisions. Her independence leads her down a trail in the rain to search for the campsite where the boys were camping with their family. Of course she ends up falling into the same hole where the boys are being kept. The scenes in this underground mining shaft are good. The end is powerful when the boys are reunited with their family. There is also a very powerful scene early when Lily has to tell the one set of parents that their boy is dead.
    The biggest problem I had with this episode and with the series over all is the situation with Jordan and Woody. I think the writers and producers are trying to drive us nuts right now. In this episode Woody and Jordan only speak like twice. The first time Wooody makes a snide remark. The second time Woody checks to see if she is ok, then does not even hug her. It is really starting to hurt watching them.
  • The crew is called to a murder at a state park. There is one dead boy and one dead lady. They can\'t seem to get any leads. There are two missing boys associated with the case. When Jordan finds them, she\'s stuck in their situation.

    This episode was very adventurous! I was so scared for those two little boys and Jordan when they were submerged in water near the end. I knew it would all work out in the end, but it was so scary to watch. I didn\'t see the very beginning of the episode, because I had friends over, and we lost track of time, but when I realized it was on I dragged them into the living room and made them sit there quietly while I watched. Although I really enjoyed this episode, this is my least favourite season so far. There isn\'\'t much going on that I like. I\'\'m glad Dr. Macy is back, but I don\'\'t like how Woody is being towards Jordan. It just seems to me that there isn\'t much character development or any development at all going on in the show right now. There are still very suspensful, fun to watch story lines, but the story lines aren\'t really carried over into the next episode, because that\'s really not the kind of show this is. It\'s the character development, how the characters react to each other and their relationships that follow through from episode to episode and I personally don\'t think there\'s been much character relationship or development yet this season. Not any that has made us love any characters more anyways. But, good episode, loved the storyline with Jordan and the two young boys. It made me so sad when Todd was telling how Kevin saved him and then died. I loved the small scene between Jordan and Garrett at the end, it was a good moment.
  • Great Episode

    This episode starts out in a very rainy Boston with a Rolling Stones song from their latest album which fits the bill about the rain coming down. The whole crew is then alerted to a case about three missing boys in a park. The whole crew goes including Jordan who is sick and goes against Macy's orders. Great banter between the two of them. Macy yet again tells Jordan to go home, she 'leaves' only to head to the south end of the park where a second crime scene is that connects to the body of a dead woman that they find with one of the boys. Jordan finds an abandoned mine shaft that is covered with rope leading to it. Someone is following her, she falls in and then is trapped. The serach is then on. The crew doesn't fine out that Jordan is missing until the end. Great scenes with Jordan and the two surviving boys. I still don't know what to make of Woody's attitude, it was great to see him not let up on the suspect in the case as to where the boys were. His treeatment to Jordan towards the end was a little cold. Loved Garrett telling Jordan to own up to what she did and that he didn't know what he would do without her. Very touching scene at the end with the two of them hugging. A great episode that kept me hooked till the very end.
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