Crossing Jordan

Season 1 Episode 11

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2002 on NBC

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  • Drunkenness, drumming and a new detective!

    Ah, the episode in which we get introduced to Woody. He looks so cute and dippy at the start of the episode but by midway through he's really showing what he's made of in the interrogation room. I have already seen later episodes of Crossing Jordan, but if I were watching this episode without seeing those I would certainly see potential in him.

    Garret and Jordan seem to have switched roles in this episode - Garret is intent on finding the criminal while Jordan takes a step back to allow him to do so. While this wouldn't work in every episode, it's a nice change for the odd storyline.

    The dinner party at Jordan's place, good old Nigel with his plan B to save the party. Drunken morgue staff are funny!

    Nigel and Bug add comedic value to the episode as usual - always enjoy their parts.

    Nice simple story to follow in this one with plenty of personal bits blended into the middle - the ideal mix to make a good episode.
  • We meet Woody for the first time...A character you can't help but laugh at...gotta love Woody back then. FOr more reviews:

    Detective Woodrow ‘Woody’ Hoyt—new guy on the block from Wisconsin. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. The opening scene between him, Garret and Jordan was priceless. I’m telling you when the shows over and done with I’ll still remember that scene and it’ll rank up there as one of the best. I sure hope Woody (what’s up with the name by the way. Who names their son Woodrow unless they want to cause him endless heartache and grief and teasing growing up?) is sticking around, because I absolutely loved him. He was so sweet…accommodating…and oh so naïve.

    What a great episode.

    Jordan: Jordan, Jordan, Jordan! Clever. Tyler pushes her and she pushes back—harder. She gets her wish. He goes running. She has her whole spiel about wanting to settle down and Tyler moving in with her and possibly starting a family…and that was all it took. He was packed and ready to go before Jordan could finish her speech. Was Jordan really ready for everything she preached about? I don’t think so, but Tyler wasn’t going to take any chances. Jordan needs to go bound with her girlfriends. Here she is telling Garret about her ‘intimacy’ problems and how she can’t seem to let herself get too close to anyone. Garret is obviously uncomfortable in the ‘girlfriend’ role, but he does offer Jordan some good advice.

    Garret: Some character building. We learned Garret wanted to be a great musician and then dropped out of high school to pursue it—following in his father’s footsteps. The picture posted on the bulletin board really set Garret off. It seemed like such an innocent picture, but low and behold it brought back memories of Garret’s father. Memories Garret wasn’t dealing with too well. His father loved him, just obviously not enough to stick around. It’s left Garret a little scarred.

    Who’d have thought Garret was a wild child? It’s nice to learn that there is a more carefree side to Garret. Speaking of carefree, I think Garret’s mellowing a little bit. He seemed to take Lily’s present (the drumsticks) in stride (after Lily’s lecture of course). And he didn’t flip out at Jordan when she admitted she was the culprit behind the photo posting.

    Bug and Nigel: Those two are like fraternal twins. Different as can be on the outside, but inside two peas in a pod. Oh yes Bug’s a pessimist and Nigel’s an optimist, but they’re both two very curious people. Bug tries to suppress his curiosity where as Nigel delves in at every opportunity. Nigel tempts Bug, but he won’t give in. So what does Nigel do? He starts bringing in the family members. Three family members with three different stories, all who want the body. Bug holds out as long as he can but eventually gives in and admits he’s curious.

    The group dinner at Jordan’s place was immensely entertaining. Trust Nigel to break the ice. It was a great idea getting them all together in one place, outside of work. It was nice to see the easy camaraderie and teasing going on among the gang.