Crossing Jordan

Season 4 Episode 13

You Really Got Me

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2005 on NBC
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You Really Got Me
A guilty woman may be executed in Los Angeles for a crime Jordan helped put her away for. When evidence turns up in Boston that may exonerate her Jordan and Woody are off to California.

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  • woody is finally getting the vacation he deserves, but never underestimate jordan; jordan feels guilty about putting someone on death row and looks for new evidence for clearing this person

    i liked this ep..i was watching and very impressed..and not i absolutely love the song they kept playing..its still in my head lol..poor woody..he always tries to do something and its always interrupted..i cant believe it..i love the case b/c it looks absolutely like the one woman in prison did it but then they do their re-enactment and it seems so real and they find out they were was awesome what they found out and they had the body to prove it..the case was awesome and the other case was interesting too..ok have 2 say it..woody and jordan almost kissed if it wasnt for her phone..darn phone..i cursed for like 30 mins close but they had a sweet moment singing and w/ the ticket so that was goodmoreless
  • Jordan and Woody go to LA to investigate a murder that never satisfied Jordan.

    This is a great episode. It demonstrates a strong bond of friendship between Jordan and Woody, and alludes to a past for all the characters. But my favorite things is when we talk to the widow - really great crime dramas illustrate that we so often face a lot of hatred and anger when we search for the truth. Jordan admits she felt pressured to close the case and that was why she was never happy with her work. Because CJ is supposed to communicate to a wide audience (like often happens in the Law & Order), in the end the naysayers usually come around. But the actual truth is that truth-seeking is dangerous to your health and your popularity. But there is no equivocating the truth - it's the only moral choice.moreless
  • one of the best

    "I'm so tired, tired of waiting for youuu"


    This was a new side of Jordan, she worked a case in LA a few years early and now is comes back. A man shoot in the head has only one arm and it is connected to a case where a woman is on death row for killing a Chinese man.

    The fact that Jordan worked the case is the most interesting, she did what other people told her to, at the time she believe that the woman, Faye, was innocent but the evidence didn't add to it. Now it has changed. She and Woody go to LA and find the responsible for the Chinese man's death.

    And Jordan and Woody get a little closer, that scene at the rooftop, the karaoke, the fact that he gave his tickets for her and she got some back so he could watch the concert.

    They are becoming closer and I like it.

    An that cop with Bug, that was funny.moreless
  • this was absolutely the reason that i started watching crossing jordan and got hooked on it every night..

    the musical interludes, the scene with woody and jill at the end as he leaves to see the kinks.. the action sequences with the rare still-framed shots and the humorous banter that goes on between the two.. to me, it was the perfect episode. and seeing jill singing woody's beloved bands'"tired of waiting for you" as woody leaves for their concert(at jordan's strong urging/bribing with the kinks tickets)is irony at its bitter-sweetest. perfection. :)moreless
  • This episode was very entertaining to watch, and ofcourse was very fun because woody and jordan are california.

    This episode was very awesome, espicalley for woody and jordan fans. We love when they go to other cities. This episode reveal even more about woody's childhood and dad. THe almost kiss between woody and jordan,was a fine example of the complete woody and jordan relationship, always so close, yet so far. The music was great. I love the karaoke scene, mostly because i love the kinks. "Tired of Waiting For You" was the perfect song to play. It captured the essence of woody and jordan. The ending, with woody going to la and jordan going home, was less than desirable, but the rest of the episode makes up for it.moreless
Ravi Kapoor

Ravi Kapoor

Dr. Mahesh "Bug" Vijayaraghavensatyanaryanamurthy

Jill Hennessy

Jill Hennessy

Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh

Steve Valentine

Steve Valentine

Dr. Nigel Townsend

Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O'Connell

Woody Hoyt

Miguel Ferrer

Miguel Ferrer

Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Garret Macy

Kathryn Hahn

Kathryn Hahn

Lily Lebowski

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    • Woody: Well, it's just ah, the gesture is fantastic thank you Jordan but...I was kind of looking forward to staying here… with you. There I, I said it and I'm glad I said it! It's been a long time Jordan.
      Jordan: Look I didn't get these tickets to avoid you Woody...OK maybe I got these tickets to avoid you but at least I'm copping to the truth, see I've changed!
      Woody: So what does that mean?
      Jordan: I'll see you back in Boston, I'm not going anywhere!

    • Woody: Well here we are, you and me City of Angels, Faye's on her way to freedom and it's too late to catch a flight out.
      Jordan: Well actually... (pulls out tickets)

    • Murderer: I think I'd like to call my lawyer now.
      Bug: Oh, well call me crazy, but I have a feeling you are going to need one!

    • Woody: That doesn't make any sense… he's got this built in weapon, he's going to use it too…
      Jordan & Woody: Grab the gun!

    • Woody: You are who you are Jordan and yes you have your share of issues...its what makes you so good at what you do.
      Jordan: What is it with me Woody? I mean my life is like a trail of broken limbs. I disappoint, I let down, I get too close and then I just run away.
      Woody: Maybe you just need someone to...hold you a little tighter.

    • Jordan: Throw it in the mass spectrometer, look at it through the Hubble Telescope, put it in the easy bake oven.. (now speaking really loudly) I don't care!
      Woody: Come on Jordan.
      Jordan: (now waving a gun around) No, no, this is the gun that killed Chen, if he's content to just sit back and let someone die, I mean if that's the kind of sloppy, lazy work they do here, I'm not going to stand back and just…
      Woody: (over the top of her) JORDAN
      Jordan: WHAT?!? (realizes how frustrated she has got, quiets down and leaves the room)
      Woody: Girl's gotta switch to decaf!
      Neville: Wooh!

    • Faye: I know what I was then.
      Jordan: And now you've changed, is that it?
      Faye: Yes, yeah I've changed, but people don't change like that, I'm not a killer... I was never a killer!

    • Nigel: Oh she's a keeper! (referring to Detective Framus)

    • Jordan: You traded your Kinks tickets to help me?
      Woody: Get over yourself, I did it for Faye.
      Jordan: (smiles - as if to say thanks)

    • Woody: Already did! 200 crunches, check out my abs, you could do your laundry on them!

    • Jordan: Actually I'm going to keep speaking to you like this until you open up your puny little mind and just give me the… (person she was talking to hangs up on her) hello… hello...
      Woody: I think LA brings out your softer side!

    • Jordan: Bernie I am very sorry for knocking your testicles around… but you can't just let this woman die!

    • Jordan: Is that your daughter? (referring to a picture stuck to the wall of Faye's cell)
      Faye: No that's me, it helps me remember that I'm not who they say I am.

    • Woody: Listen Jordan, ok just listen to me cause I've been planning this trip for months. This is a one time, one night, intimate concert for real fans... because they're our band!

    • Jordan: Boy, you kick your boss in the nuts just once!...
      Garret: And he doesn't take your calls, go figure.

    • Garret: So I hear you found the 1 armed man.
      Jordan: It's no joke Garret, the man in our crypt is a killer.

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    • Featured Music:

      "You Really Got Me" by The Kinks
      "Where Have All the Good Times Gone?" by The Kinks
      "Tired of Waiting" by The Kinks
      "Los Angeles" by X