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AIRED ON 12/18/2015

Season 3 : Episode 12

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After being shot in the line of duty and leaving the NYPD, former detective Carl Hickman is persuaded to join a young crew of talented multinational detectives that pursue crime across European borders.


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William Fichtner

William Fichtner

Det. Carl Hickman

Marc Lavoine

Marc Lavoine

Det. Major Louis Daniel

Gabriella Pession

Gabriella Pession

Sgt. Eva Vittoria

Tom Wlaschiha

Tom Wlaschiha

Investigator Sebastian Berger

Moon Dailly

Moon Dailly

Det. Sgt. Anne-Marie San

Richard Flood

Richard Flood

Det. Tommy McConnel

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  • Don't Waste Your Time.

    If you've enjoyed top quality crime dramas and procedurals like Law & Order (all/any), CSI, NCIS, The Practice, Broadchurch, The Fall, Homeland, Luther, The First Detectives, any crime show written by someone with even an ounce of talent - Crossing Lines is NOT for you.

    Crossing Lines starts weak and descends to terrible.

    There's one good thing about this show, and that's Lara Rossi. Even my GoT fave, Tom Wlaschiha can't perform with the positively stunted role they wrote for him in season three. And Donald Sutherland... Where are your standards??

    I love crime shows, true crime and procedural drama and some of the crimes featured in this 'cross border unit' have a unique element but overall it was predictable and often an insult to the viewer's intelligence. The obvious 'make sure you notice this clue' camerawork combined with clunky, awkward dialogue that was more like a narration for dummies made me cringe.

    The court scenes were unrealistic. The challenge Louis constantly faces of proving his unit has jurisdiction magically disappears in season three where they seemed to take any old case. The character dramas were again clutter, weak and just annoying. The gadgets weren't anywhere near as top notch as the first two seasons. Where the heck did the ScanGen go?

    And in fact, where are the specialist skilled characters? There's no profiler, no weapons expert, no human trafficking expert, no organised crime expert and the returning Tech Whiz spent most of the season chained to his desk with a law school intern who had a weird shoe thing and then... Doesn't. Who else? We have a kidnapping expert who bungles each abduction in the first three episodes and is barely used the rest of the season, an American team leader who has an unexplained 'special' trusting relationship with Dorn and a convenient knowledge of vehicles, a whinging Pom and last - while I love her character, Seeger is literally the token black and homosexual rolled into one.


    I wasn't enjoying the last half of season two, too much drama not enough crime combine with weird tangents such as Rebecca's character turning utterly useless and being shoved in our faces - a prosecutor who never took a case to the court - an emotional Irishman with split loyalties who apparently just goes home after ruining the last connections he had with his family and two deaths within the unit almost ignored. BTW - the cliffhanger at the end of season 2 - never addressed.

    Amateur hour.

    So why did I keep watching it?

    Out of sheer disbelief the show could be this bad. Surely it would redeem itself and everything would be worth it? Right? I was mistaken. But, the good thing about having watched every episode is that I can give a fully educated review and hopefully save fellow tv enthusiasts from wasting their time.

    Because life's too short for sh** tv.

  • Crossing Lines Season 3 new female cast

    Seems like the new actor Elizabeth Mitchell thinks her main task is to be looking good, and not smile or move her face since it might cause wrinkles...

    I see that a lot in American actresses, and in Swedish ones too. Their main task seems to be looking good...

    And to be chasing criminals in high heels, seriously ^^ come on!

    They also make time for shoe change in the middle of chasing. First running in trainers and then indoors the high heels are back on....

    I enjoy Danish actresses and also British, with their lively acting and facial expressions and they don't seem to care if they look bad or good.

    I am torturing myself through season 3 of this show and pray that they will not do a season 4!!

    I give it an extra plus only because of the beautiful locations I get to see :)

  • Crossing Lines Season 3 new female cast: the show's funeral

    I just finish watching the first episode of season 3. and here is what I got to say: its okay. I mean, Goran, Stuart, Lara, Donald and Tom were excellent. Love their acting. But God! Elizabeth Mitchell just my make my brain and eyes hurt. The woman cant act, for God's sake. I am seriously hoping someone takes a pot shot at her, and actually kill her!! So stupid, lifeless, silly, and annoying as hell. And the new British girl, seriously?? The previous female characters were badass. These two new women aren't. And this review is from the first episode. There'll be future ones to come.moreless
  • Season 3: 1 step forward, 2 steps back

    I've been a fan of this show since it's first airing, but the changes in season 3 haven't been for the better. While it's true that the production/direction is marginally tighter, the writing of the show's new characters, as well as the actors' performances, fail to equal that of those who departed at the end of season 2. The loss of Louis, Tommy, Eva, and Hickman leave the show without any vibrancy, and Elizabeth Mitchell's performance is especially cold and lifeless. In short, the lack of character and chemistry among the new cast leaves me not caring about them, or even if the show returns for another season. Too bad. Another one bites the dust.moreless
  • season 3

    Must admit i was hesitant about season 3. After watching all 8 available episodes i must say i like the new characters and Elizabeth Mitchell is excellent as the new team leader. Keep this show going. The international locations are wonderful!!

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