Crossing Lines

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Crossing Lines

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After being shot in the line of duty and leaving the NYPD, former detective Carl Hickman is persuaded to join a young crew of talented multinational detectives that pursue crime across European borders.

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AIRED ON 8/15/2014

Season 2 : Episode 12

William Fichtner

William Fichtner

Det. Carl Hickman

Marc Lavoine

Marc Lavoine

Det. Major Louis Daniel

Gabriella Pession

Gabriella Pession

Sgt. Eva Vittoria

Tom Wlaschiha

Tom Wlaschiha

Investigator Sebastian Berger

Moon Dailly

Moon Dailly

Det. Sgt. Anne-Marie San

Richard Flood

Richard Flood

Det. Tommy McConnel

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  • Hickman is Gone

    so am I.

    It was just an okay show but if William Fichtner left I don't want to watch anymore.
  • Great Show, missingcharacter

    Great show, great idea. Definitely different and thats part of what makes it great. No character seems to be safe which stinks but is also part of what makes it great. Characters and acting is solid but: its missing a hard, bad @$$. Don't say the irish guy, he talks tough but seems to be all talk, 1 fight that I've watched and he lost. Give us a John McClain. Pretty please!moreless

    I love this program. It is so different from the normal detective/police yarns that are on at the moment. Sure it has all the same segments, the little story at the start, then the crime, then the investigation. What I like about this program is that it portrays the detectives as ordinary dysfunctional people who struggle to deal with their own problems whilst trying to be this elite force, solving crimes and catching international bad guys. I bet there would be a few of us who would join their merry band wagon for a few jollies all over the world. I struggled with them killing off one of the main characters so early in the show. The shock factor worked though and now I find myself waiting eagerly for the next instalment.moreless
  • Drama which keeps me smiling

    Magical scanner revealing everything better than highest level of Dispel Magic spell - one step more and we would end in Minority Report reality :)

    FBI-ish style of "Who are you? ICC! OK"... while the conversation should be more like "Who are you? ICC! Who?? International Criminal Court! Go away or I will call police!! We are the police! Enough, I am calling police now!!"... The idea of almighty Men in Black opening doors by flashing badge with few magical letters is probably well established in America but implanted into European grounds feels like never ending "Knock, Knock. Who's there?" series :)

    Getting everywhere by train... or chopper... hm... I tell you a secret... we also do have in Europe... busses! :) :) :) and bicycles!! :) quite positive that across whole Europe you could also find at least 5 airplanes... probably even more than 10 but I could be wrong here :)

    As the only true, real crimes are committed in NY it must be the NYPD veteran to be the center of the story - and the others are just "kids" :) :) I understand that this supposed to build bridge to US audience... but it didn't really work, did it? Maybe because it all started from true American Psycho... unfortunately quite short and with mummy issues :)

    Like it should be in the "old world" the office is located in old castle's dungeons :) :) :) I am just waiting to see the dragons :)

    Being prepped by the above - having big smile in my heart - it is very easy to relax watching fairly clever stories told in a bit different way than typical US crime dramas.

    I just hope that if it will be continued - they allow major to live... as having Hickman running the team would be a bridge too far ;)

  • Poor listing

    Season 2 has started and like season 1 , it looks great! I don't understand why it's not included in the weekly "What to Watch" listings? The staff needs to wake up!!!

    News Briefs: FX Casts Corey Stoll As a Vampire Hunter

    Plus: More summer scheduling for NBC, Duck Dynasty dominates, and details on The Office's series finale.

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