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It's not so much the existence of this show that bothers me...

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    [1]Jun 26, 2013
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    It's that it's taking up a time slot that could be occupied by something better.

    Ok, I noticed that several people liked the pilot, for some reason. How can anyone not see how contrived the characters are? The only thing that I liked in the pilot was that the incredibly annoying British woman got killed, so at least she's gone if I decide to give the show another chance. And yes, I know that is not the reaction they had in mind.

    They even went out of their way to avoid any possibility of sympathy for the serial killer by making up an extremely lame back story for him. He became a serial killer because his mother preferred to be called "Annie." Seriously? I just sat through an hour and a half of melodrama for that?

    It seems like this show is trying to imitate "Criminal Minds," which is a show that I like, mainly because of its realism. Nearly all serial killers become the way they are as a result of a traumatic past, and that's a big part of "Criminal Minds." I don't mind when shows imitate other shows that I like when they do it well, but this one falls utterly short.

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    [2]Jun 28, 2013
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    It did remind me od Criminal Minds but putting that aside I see a lot of potential in the show and I like the international flair.
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    [3]Jun 29, 2013
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    I also like the international aspect, but a serial killer who killed his mother because she preferred to be called "Annie"? Seriously? The writers went out of their way to make the bad guy utterly contemptable. It was contrived and boring.

    I'll give it one more episode, but only because the annoying British woman is dead. Damn, she was so annoying! "Were YOU....warm...?" She was so overacted.

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    [4]Jun 30, 2013
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    Terrible writing, silly one-note characters and poorly staged action. These are supposed to be some of the best, highly trained police from their respective countries and when they've finally tracked the killer down, with their comrade in danger of being killed, the Brit woman and the Irish lad are flirting??? Really? You are at the actual location of where a murder is about to take place and she's saying things like "we'll finish this later.."?? Ridiculous. And for her to die via more flirting was just incredibly lame.

    And yet, none of this was as bad as when the NY cop/leader shows up at HQ for the first time and each member of the Justice League spouts off a line from his police resume, one after another. So cheesy.

    At least Donald Sutherland's getting a paycheck out of this, bc it will be off the air in 2-3 weeks. And I am the only person who noticed that the commercials sold Sutherland as the ringleader, organizer of this team?? But in fact, he's just a bureaucrat getting the team's approval stamped.

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    [5]Jul 1, 2013
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    I liked part 1 then started to go downhill from there. They should get rid ofMarc Lavoineand get Donald Sutherland to take over and give it a little more ump. All the information just thrown out there and nothing down with it.

    I agree kind of lame
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    [6]Jul 8, 2013
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    While I can't call this and excellent show, I have found it to be enjoyable so far. I like that it's not quite as adrenaline/testosterone-fueled as most shows of its kind here in the States(thank Jerry Bruckheimer for that trend). I also like the "unfamiliar" about it. The European setting gives some visuals we're not used to seeing here, and the international cast provides some fresh faces. Donald Sutherland is usually worth watching even if he's playing a minor role, though so far he hasn't done much. And William Fitchner is ALWAYS welcome on my screen. He can play good guys & bad guys with equal skill, but he absolutely excels at "damaged hero". And I like the relationship they seem to be developing with Carl(Fitchner) and Anne-Marie, the one who was kidnapped in the pilot. I don't know if they plan to make it romantic or just have Carl become something of a mentor to Anne-Marie, but they work well together. I look forward to seeing her back with the team. As for the stories, they may not be the MOST original, but when it comes to shows about cops who chase these kinds of criminals, "original" these days just seems to mean "as extreme & twisted as we can think of", and I'm burned out on that.

    To the original poster, who thinks this show is just taking up a spot on the schedule that could've been filled by something better, remember that it's summer time. The major networks rarely have much in the way of new scripted material on during the summer. NBC's schedule is mostly reality dreck. I think they only have two other scripted shows on their schedule right now other than SVU repeats.

    And to the person who thinks the show won't be around very long, don't be too sure. I don't know what the ratings are, but the network doesn't have the same expectations for summer shows, and this show is broadcast in 4 other countries, with at least 3 more that are supposed to be carrying it eventually. Which means it isn't relying solely on its US success to keep going. Of course, that doesn't guarantee that NBC will continue to carry it, but my gut says they will. It's not like they've got a stack of scripted shows waiting to take its place.

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    [7]Jul 15, 2013
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    Besides being just a Euro version of Criminal Minds, after watching the pilot I can already see this will be a 1 season show. Why? No diversity. It's almost mandatory for any new TV drama to have at least 1 black, 1 gay and 1 lesbian. All of the main cast here are pasty white men and women. No chance.
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    [8]Nov 10, 2013
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    I sort of agree. I like the show, I like the idea and I like some of the characters (the NY cop, the French big cop, the French girl cop and Donald Shuterland's big boss). I don't like the rest of the characters (in fact, I have hard times telling who is who --except for the sex differences, of course, but the two guys are similar one another, and the same goes for the ladies) and I find quite irritating that everybody is perfectly fluent in English. I understand that it would be a little difficult for the average US watcher to read subtitles and listen to foreign languages, and I can suspend my disbelief and accept that the team members all speak English (but why, since the leader is French?), but the idea that everyone they meet speaks and understand English like a native... well, is asking too much to the viewer. Unless, of course, that the German guy has Star Trek's Universal Translator in his bag of gadgetsFoot in mouth

    I wish this shows could overcome its flaws and get more of the European background. The four episodes I watched could have been filmed anywhere in the States for what I know.

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