Crossing Lines

Season 1 Episode 9

New Scars/Old Wounds – Part 1

Aired Unknown Aug 18, 2013 on Prime Video

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  • Life hurts, get out of the dark and find the light

    Finally Donald Sutherland has more than just a cameo in an episode. It was kinda predictable that the Jane Doe in the morgue would mean something to the team, but I was surprised it wasn't the missing Anne-Marie. I was half expecting someone from the cast to be killed off. The story is complex but at least the different plots are well integrated, so I don't need a playbook to figure out what is going on and each separate arc has had its' own time to unfold. I am not a fan of cliffhangers and while I like the show enough to keep watching, and the team is slowly coming together, they are still not quite on the same page. What makes shows with dark topics work are the characters, you really want to care about them despite the darkness of the job they do. The characters here are paired up but they still are not a team. At least they have another season to work out the kinks. The show has been getting better, its just not quite there yet. I'm waiting for one of them to go on "leave" to track down a lead that is personal to them and find their other team members watching the Young and the Restless in their hotel room waiting to offer their assistance.