how do you know what it all mean ?

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    I was told by my grand ma I had the gift, she crossed over in 1992 now I have know one to ask what dose that mean,I,m disable now and retired I do reading for friend & family ,I would like to know what book tell you the meanings ,sometimes it come,s to me latter...,are the meaning the same for ever one ? I would like to hoe my gift to help other...those who have crossed over... I died 3 or 4 times now but each time I come back I have a better understanding of life... I,eve seen the light my mom ,grand ma they where in the tunnel helping people my mom told me it was not my time she said due not go to the light your here to meet some one but you wait a min. she ask me if i want to talk to my dad ,I said NO I,m steel mad he had no right to end your life , you only had 25 days left be for your first grand baby was born... that was not right...she said i was happiest person a live ,I was you there that day , and you brought me $1500.00 that day I,m sorry you went thought that you where right i should of press charge on him the first time, but he was not suppose to live that day he had gang green from an old war wound re member ,YES I told the doc. and the priest I was going to kick the life support out of the wall and send him on his way...Yes Rick that why I could not tell you he hit me you fond out tho when the police ask you about what they found you stayed there for a long time and ANSWER a lot of ? I,seen you send your brother & sister away they could handle it your brother to I made him pro-mess me not to tell you because you told your dad if he raised his hand to me even in jest you would kill him I did not want you to go to jail but I should of told you that was my mis-sack then she said it time to meet him , said who she said GOD he,s got a ? for you what? then ,I herd a voice ,It ask me( when you die Rick what would you like to be remember for ?) I said the man that prove there was a god ,there was a salient then I heard sorry I had to talk to my son , I ask do you have a wife ? the voice I,m proud of my son he was a good man and so are you if you want to prove there a GOD write a book of what has happen to you some will believe you it will make a difference to some people when they come here not all believed in me as your mom & grand ma help them find there way they work for me now there angels said ,you did not want to talk to your dad , in time that will change too will see... well it,s time for you to go back, may I come and talk to you ? Ya you can due anything you want... Yes if you believe in me, but not all has to believe in me, to get a pass to the other side you just have to have a good heart you keep your faith & have a good heart ,I found that out on Dec. 2 2013 I was in the E.R. for 7 1/2 hr. that when I found out GOD has a sent-of-hummer too... but that another story ... the next thing I know I,m back on earth... Yes GOD dose come and talk to me it takes a little getting use to ,I start currying sometime,s but I know his voice now and I know ,I will be alright it gets e-z-er ,I do not know when GOD going to come and talk to me but I know it,s him GOD said to me one time I have no sex but I due have a son I understood that I have a son too and I,m proud of all 3 of my children they where a gift from GOD and now I have a grand son his 5 years old now I wonder if he will have the gift he saw a picture of his grand mother and said she came visited him one night I thought he hired say that,s your grand ma it shock me when he said she came to see me...well I,m looking for you to do a show near me soon so I can see you thank you John Edwards maybe we will meet one day i live in Monterey ca. born and raised here and will die here one day who no when that one thing GOD will not tell me it,s a unknown or hasten been written yet ...there only one that know.... see ya Rick Cox

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