Crossing Over with John Edward

UPN (ended 2004)


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  • John Edward hopes to reconnect lost loved ones or something like that!

    I have never lost someone. I guess I'm lucky. I think like most people here, I watched it cos my mum wanted someone to watch it with her. She herself, lost both of her parents very young and she has always been desperate to keep them in her mind. This is the only reason i gave this show a little bit, a little something cos though i categorically disbelieved everything that man said, she didnt and i think it made her happier. i agree, he preyed on the broken hearted. i know if he came to englnad and my mother wanted to go, i would pay. i would hate it and i think that this was very evil of him, to go for people like this. i dont know everything, maybe there is an afterlife and a god, but i think if that if there was, that god would not want some guy to go on tv and profit from this. also, he was not even good. he shouted sweeping generalisations into a crowd like, do you know someone with a first name like laura, lorna, louise? i do, do you? i don't know... i'll wait till its my turn to lose someone i love, then maybe i'll change my review.
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