Crossing Over with John Edward

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  • A psychic reader connects audience members with lost loved ones that have "Crossed Over".

    I have to admit that I was addicted to this show when it first started. I took constant ribbings from my husband over it. It didnt matter though, I was hooked on this mans ability to talk to the dead.
    One day, I was just sure that he was going to do a reading for me, right through the television screen.I have since changed my mind about that, and about the show.
    John Edwards enjoyed a fast track to fame with this program, where he took audience members, and made them into guests. He would do a sort of monologue/history of his powers, and then begin. He would "feel" someone reaching out to him...over...HERE. Does anyone have a GRANDMA? Heads would nod, up and down, thats name"R"? "Yes!, It's you, stand up here" he would say. The lucky guest would then go on to agree with each detail that he would spill out of his mouth, in astonishment. "She's standing right here, and she says to tell you she knew she was dying". "Oh, my goodness,I told everyone that she knew, but they didn't believe me!". Satisfied, her reading is over, and onto the next voice from beyond.
    I was hooked onto this program for a good two months before I grew tired of the same reading, different face routine. It reminds me of the saying I like most "Fool me once, shame on you" "Fool me again, shame on me". I am no longer fooled.
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