Crossing Over with John Edward

UPN (ended 2004)


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  • I watched an episode of a show where they had proven how John could just be guessing on stuff. There are no such things as psychics. My mother watched it and it mezmerized her. I knew...

    before the show that showed how John was a fake that John was, well, a fake. If you really think about it, ghosts are just an illusion. A figment in our minds that scare us, and also how we scare others. John was trying to make us believe that there were "ghosts" that were trying to contact us. Give us a break! You'd have to be really stupid to think this show is good. Sorry if I insulted anyone. It's worse than any other show I have ever seen. Catscratch on Nickeloden is close, but this takes the cake. To close, I would like to say this. John Edward is a big faker who has nothing better to do with his life than rip people off. Just because he has no friends.

    Note: I was going to give the show a zero but it won't let me. This show doesn't even diserve .1