Crossing Over with John Edward

UPN (ended 2004)


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  • hey I ,eve died 3 or 4 times now I been to the other side

    i like john edwards you can tell he has the gift My grand ma told me I had the gift she said you can not charge anyone for a gift it,s for all if they believe in you the will give you a gift each time they come been to the other side it fill like home,you fill safe and warm so I do not fear death it, s the next level , I,m going to have do not revive tattoo above my heart because they do not go throw my wallet before they jump start me they just say sorry we did not did not want to be . they just try to help would like to talk to john to find what some of the sysmble mean this is new to me just now understanding some of I like his show and him for helping people deal with crossing over,,, It,s a little harder to come back you want to stay,,,but your told it,s not your time once you see the light and go throw you can not come back you need someone like John Edwards to help keep up the good work john it,s a gift ,I wish you could tell me how to better use my gift ... and what dose it all mean...