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  • i love this show

    I really love this show because it is the mother chance together if there child if the child do all ready live with them. So i ready love this because i just like show that have drama in it. I guess ya can call me a drama queen so ya.............. anyway back to crowned i think any mother that want to do something with there child should go on crowned. Also i liked the seson finale. I think that all of the team did good but i like holiis and her daughter because they were just so beautiful. I think that they are the one that should have won..........bye
  • A mother daughter pageant

    so i was watching this because there was absolutely nothing else on the tv, but i ended up hating it and i'll never watch it again. its such a random show, like moms and daughters teaming up to take pictures and getting judged on them? and they take it very very seriously. the daugthers are really rude to their moms and the moms are like w/e, they just take it no matter what. and they all get really emotional for no reason. when its time for elimination, they're like BAWLING. it just seems so fake and the judges bug me. its soo dumb
  • horrible reality tv

    a really really really bad show. I tried to watch it just to see if it was okay and i had to turn off the tv. It was so bad that I'm surprised that i didn't throw up for the last half and hour. This is bad reality tv with a bad concept and its pathetic that its still on the air. I mean this is what people watch? thats sad. I mean that is really sad. I hope that this show is canceled and that it will never be mentioned again or if it is then it is made fun of. This show is as bad as Anchorwoman, yes its that bad
  • this show sucks

    I know a bad show when i see one and this is one its basically about mothers and daughters competing for a $100,000 prize in a pagent, but overall its a very stupid show that should be taken off the air imediatly but it probably won't, but my advise don't watch this show one reason is there are to many reality shows, plus it sucks, and this review is from a male, so most likely femals will like this show, but ir you want a good show to watch, watch something like a gameshow, sitcom, or an animated comedy, because most reality shows ssuck and this one is no exception.
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