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anything but WY's wont fly for FS

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    i think Fred Savage woulda already thought after "Working" flopped back in '99 that the only popular Tv Show he'll be known for is "The Wonder Years" a kinda short-lived but endearing Sitdram, kinda like 8 Simple rules with Ritter i watched "Threes company" and thought that show was o.k. but i didn't even bother to watch 8 simple rules
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    Ancient post, but that's really pretty harsh. It sounds like you're saying Savage was only good as a kid actor, so he should just give up on acting and find a different profession. By that same logic, Neil Patrick Harris should've stopped doing TV shows when "Stark Raving Mad" was canceled in 2000. Funny thing is, "Stark," like "Working" and "Crumbs," wasn't a total bomb. All three shows got respectable ratings, but they weren't enormous hits. If a show's not a ginormously overwhelming ratings success out of the box, the networks usually don't give 'em a chance anymore... which is really pathetic, and the reason that is littered with unwritten descriptions for unaired episodes of countless shows. Harris made a comeback in a big way on "How I Met Your Mother," and there's no reason to think Savage can't do the same on another show.

    Personally, I hated "The Wonder Years" (one of the most overrated shows of its day) but I LOVED both "Crumbs" and "Working." Now that I think of it, I liked 'em, which is probably why they got canceled.
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