Season 1 Episode 4

Jody Crumb, Superstar

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Feb 02, 2006 on ABC

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  • Is it wrong that I love the Elvis character so much?

    We get a little more of a backstory from this episode. We find out that Jody was with Patrick the day he died (a boating accident), that apparently Mitch was bullied by Jody when they were younger because it seemed his dad was harder on him them Mitch, and that Mitch always wanted a magic set (when he was 11). I was very impressed he was actually able to do a trick for his mom considering he had just gotten the set nearly 2 decades after he'd asked for it. I also loved Mitch talking to his dad in the alley and the car chase near the end with Billy crashing into a stubborn Jody (who is infurated that his Father is now working at the resturant and doesn't think he's "good at anything"). But the best part of the episode, I think was Elvis telling Mitch to "hide behind the bar" when Suzanne found out her cheating ex-husband is now working with her boys at the resturant. A pretty good episode in my eyes, but of course, there's always room for improvement.