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Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Jan 12, 2006 on ABC

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  • Could be much better, but it shows signs of promise.

    The pilot of "Crumbs" is not too funny, but it has its moments. But what's nice about it is that this seems like one of those rare sitcoms that embrace serious subject matter and has ongoing character development, while most sitcoms have the characters stuck in emotional limbo where they never seem to learn anything.

    The hardest thing to swallow about this show is Fred Savage being gay. I mean...I used to watch "The Wonder Years" all the time. So I hope that angle isn't overplayed in the future.

    My favorite character is probably Mitch's mother. I like the actress even when her over-the-top craziness isn't as funny as it's meant to be. His brother is also fairly interesting.

    I'll the show a few more tries before I make my final decision on it.
  • Any guesses as to when this show is going to get yanked?

    Could the Gay thing be any more over played? The shock value of having a Gay character has dried up. Every show nowadays has a Gay character. Though I did get some laughs from the show, that is why I gave it a rating of 5. The Mother having a secret love affair with the Nurse in the home - I liked it. But it wasn't enough to grab me and keep my focus. The writters of these sitcoms need to come up with something fresh. Maybe outside of the home life.
  • A show with possibilities.

    Most of the reviews of this show so far have tended to go overboard, either over-praising it or dismissing it, at times for reasons that are nothing more than blatant homophobia. In reality, the pilot episode of "Crumbs," while not without its faults, shows a sitcom with great promise. Its characters are quirky, but not in an overly bizarre fashion, and there is ample room for them all to be developed. One of the more refreshing things about the show is its main character, well-played by Fred Savage, a non-stereotypical gay man still in the process of coming out to his family. His sexuality is only one aspect of his personality, though, and his being gay isn't what the show is mostly about. It seems to be more about the need to reconnect to family, even if that family is disfunctional.

    I do agree with those who found the laugh track distracting and unnecessary. I understand that parts of the show are filmed in front of a studio audience, but this seems to be a show that would be better filmed without an audience, and I hope that problem is dealt with soon. But overall, the pilot episode of "Crumbs" leaves me eager to see how these characters and their relationships are developed.
  • Is ABC trying to run off families by taking the Will and Grace crowd. The first 3 minutes of the show have Fred Savage in a gay relationship. It's disappointing!

    Dan Aykroyd said it best to her “Jane you ignorant slut…” Jane Curtain is too good an actress to be in this show called CRUMBS. She has been in too many good shows to be in such trash like this. I could not watch the entire show as I was offend by the first three minutes as I watch our childhood hero from Wonder Years - Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) just finish orally pleasuring his male partner. I do not want MY FAMILY seeing this kind of garbage on TV. I hope it dies quickly.
  • Jane Curtain and Fred Savage lead this seemingly dysfunctional yet deeply loving family. Fresh from the psych-ward, Curtain moves like a Samurai Warrior ready for the kill and waiting for a break. This is family comedy at it's best. Hillarious and Hear

    One of the BEST written shows to premiere in YEARS! Sung Suh and Marco Pennette, BRAVO! The cast is a knockout! THANK GOD Jane Curtain is back on TV. Her Supermarket scene alone will win her an Emmy. Fred Savage is already doing the best work we've seen him do. Ted Wass (Director) is genious with this cast. "Crumbs" has every ingredient for a classic series that will run for many many seasons to come. Audiences should heave a collective sigh of relief, sit back, relax (not too much) laugh and cry in the same breath. I'm hooked already. Hoorah!
  • Not so much about the episode but about the show in general

    From watching the commercial for this new show
    I get deja vu. I keep thinking of the show on Fox called Titus. He had the looney mom and the gruff dad and doofus brother.
    While I am not saying that both shows are exactly
    alike there are some similarities.
    It will be interesting to see how the first episode
    is received.
    I love Jane Curtin so I hope the show is a success.
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