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  • A show that is basically the crappiest comedy I've seen yet.

    I didn't like it one bit. I don't even know why I bothered to watch it. I didn't laugh at all and honestly, it was the worst show that has aver been put on National Televison. The writers for this show must have been on something when they wrote this because it is distasteful and I wouldn't reccomend it to a single person. Never put that crap on TV ever again, ABC!
  • Not all that great.

    The first time I saw the previews for this show, I thought it was going to be awesome. I tuned in to the first episode, which was okay. I kept watching and watching more and more episodes. It seemed like the show was getting more boring and more boring everytime I watched it. Then one day, I simply stopped watching. It wasn't interesting anymore. Why is the main character gay? It doesn't make the show interesting to me. Just so... bleh. I don't care anymore. If I could sum it all up, I would say... meh.
  • this show can be one of the best ever

    I think this show can be one of the best ever.Because it is one of the funniest shows on tv right now. In the futre it will be a rating probale about a 99% chance of being the best on tv but it cant beat out a couple of shows.
  • This show was so awesome.

    I'm thinking this show was canned, which makes me sad, it was just getting to the part i was waiting for! Fred Savage and Ryder Strong, man oh man, i was so excited to see where it'd go, but now it looks like i wont be able to. I mean apparently there was only 8 shows, so why not finish it off atleast?

    The cast was great, the story was great, overall it was one of my new favorite shows. I can't believe the shows that get chosen over this one.

    I wish they'd stop ocming out with shows and cancelling them, i can't take it anymore :(
  • I like it!

    I love this show. I think it's interesting and funny. I think it has room for improvement with some of the jokes and story lines. Over all I think it's a funny show. Jane Curtin makes a funny "mental" patient. There are times I wish I could run people over to! I'm also happy to see Fred Savage back on TV!
  • The Previews made it look like it could of been an ok show, but tuning into the show proves that its one of the worst new sitcoms currently on TV. And whats up with Fred Savage being Gay!!?!?!?!?

    Crumbs is currently one of the worst new shows on TV. The jokes are flat, the writting is horrible and the acting is horrible. And I can't believe that Fred Savage is Gay whats up with that! Hopefully this show will get cancelled very soon, this show is completly horrible!
  • A quirky show with some interesting idea's but some jokes fall flat and the show can be over-the-top. I believe this show is a love-it-or-hate-it show and that can't be good for the ratings.

    Crumbs is an inventive show with some Comedy, a little Drama and a whole lot of Crazy.

    I liked the first few episodes of this show - they were funny and smart but some jokes can fall flat and with the added laugh-track its a train wreck when it happens.

    Speaking of the Laugh Track - it is extremely annoying, clearly fake (the laugh track to The Flinstones sounds more realistic) and it ruins the tone of the show.

    The tone is also inbalanced with the 3rd brother (who died) being mentioned - it is just too sad. I think the existing storylines (Mitch = Gay, Suzanne = Crazy, Billy = Sleeping with tramp) can produce enough drama without this clearly depressing storyline.

    The Cast is well put together without a weak-link although I don't think the array of Character's spans far enough away from the Crumb family. We have the required Best Friend who can droll out some advice which I am personally fed up with (not directly with this show).

    The other problem is the writing isn't hitting all the high notes it can be awfully unfunny.

    For the most part this is an enjoyable sitcom but it has its weak moments.
  • JUNK.

    This time filler has absolutely nothing to recommend it. You have to wonder about the people who make the decisions to ever put stuff like this on the air. It is simply a worthless waste of time.

    Jane Curtain was so good on Saturday Night Live, Kate and Allie and 3rd Rock from the Sun - and now this - Why this? Are you really mentally ill Jane?

    The Wonder Years with young Fred Savage was a TV classic that will play in reruns 20 years from now like a time capsule of the late 60s, early 70s - just as Beaver and Mayberry represent the late 50s early 60s and enjoy a new following today. Some things do stand the test of time.

    Nobody will ever rerun Crumbs. Never.
  • Despite reviews, I like this show.

    With any originality lacking in current television sitcoms, at least "Crumbs" has something different to offer. Fred Savage as a gay man, maybe not original, but struggling with being in the closet is something new. Jane Curtin is terrific as Suzanne. This show reminds me of "Soap", a television classic with off the wall, controversial characters that switches from crazy to touching in a heart beat. Some may be disturbed that one issue of the show is the death of one of the Crumb sons years ago, but it shows that life must and does go on, and let's face it: the greatest episode of the classic "Mary Tyler Moore Show" was about death.
  • Jane Curtin and Fred Savage wasted in this show.

    Following an all-too-frequent trend of the past few years (such as Center of the Universe and Out of Practice), this sitcom has some superb talent in lead roles that just can't overcome poor-to-mediocre writing/plotting. Both Savage and Curtin are fine actors for situation comedy, but "Crumbs" storyline tends toward farce and the writing toward slapstick -- I know that the networks believe the sitcom audience to be dumb, but this show is targeted at an audience that can't walk and chew gum simultaneously.
  • WOW. Fred Savage GAY!

    unfortuanely that was about the only original thing I saw in this show... and to tell the truth I HATED it. This show is kinda like they rolled all the C grade sitcoms... added a crazy mom and said hey here we are America! now laugh with the sound track... No thanks!
  • Crumbs is a sitcom about Mitch, a screenwriter with one big hit movie, who comes home to help care for his mother, just released from a mental hospital. She was put in the hospital for trying to run over her (now ex-) husband for cheating on her.

    I originally turned into "Crumbs" specifically to see Jane Curtin. The original cast of SNL was before my time, but whenever I watch the old Crumbs is a sitcom about Mitch, a screenwriter with one big hit movie (based on a family secret) who comes home to help care for his mother, just released from a mental hospital. She was put in the hospital for trying to run over her (now ex-) husband for cheating on her. Mitch has his own problems however, in dealing with his immature brother, his inability to write another movie, and the fact that he has yet to tell his family that he is gay. Mitch takes a job at the family restaurant, and decides to stay in town, leaving the good life....for now.episodes, I think she is hilarious! So, I thought I'd see how she'd hold up in a sitcom, but I don't have any definite feelings about "Crumbs" yet. I think the actors all do amazing jobs, but the writing lacks a little. It seems like Mitch is gay just to have the "token gay guy" in the sitcom. While some jokes have me laughing out loud, others fall flat, and the show seems almost predictable at times. I'll continue watching, though, and hopefully "Crumbs" will get better with time.
  • What were this talented actors thinking of? What a waste of talent

    A show that stereotypes, trivializes, and makes fun of mental illness. And painfully unfunny to boot. What\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s next, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Dancing with the Retards?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" I hope this show goes into the garbage bin where it belongs. Our society has came very far in our sensitivity toward those with disabilities, but Mental illness is fodder for comedy. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves for promoting bigotry and stigma.
  • Life shown in the extreme. Extreme mood swings and extreme belly laughs.

    I thought this show was funny inspite of myself.
    Mom here says and does all the things we have all wished we could do but couldn't. And it is funny.
    Sure one son is gay but the focus isn't on that with this character but rather on his conformity. After all he is the "sane" one in the family. But we get to see that normal just may not be such a good thing after all.
    That or I just like the big belly laughs it gave me.
  • Yet another show trying to draw people in by having a gay character...

    The first thing that I noticed about this show was the fake laugh track. Getting rid of that would be a step towards making this a better show.

    Crumbs uses the ever growing ploy of having a gay character to draw in viewers. Though, one thing I do like is how average Fred Savage's character is. The show doesn't cling to the gay stereotype like some other shows do (cough*QueerEye*cough).

    But him, as are the rest of the characters, are very flat and unbelievable. They don't even talk like real people. And, aside from Savage, they all seem to know exactly how and why they feel about everything almost instantly after its happened. I wish I could self-diagnosis myself that fast, I would save tons on my therapy bills.

    And for being a comedy, the show isn't very funny. Jane Curtin was the only character I found entertaining.

    I do see potential in this show, but first, I think it needs some better writers.
  • Any decent people left out there? I dont want to see yet another show about a gay guys life. Hollywood, i get it, there are gay people. Its wrong, and dont want to see that crap on every channel.

    Any decent people left out there? I dont want to see yet another show about a gay guys life. Hollywood, i get it, there are gay people. Its wrong, and dont want to see that crap on every channel. I hope its cancelled. What happened to morals? I for one, won't be watching.

    Fred, what were you thinking?? Everyone that made Wonder Years such a hit is hanging their heads in shame right now.
  • This show is great!

    This show is great! I hope they dont cancle it just because of what New York Times say. I think this show it pretty funny. I love the whole plot of the thing. Its a little weird at times but other then that its hilarious!!!! I love alll the chracters ant there personalities!
  • What to make of it?

    Well, I'm not quite quite sure.
    This show seems to have some potential, but there is definetly some work to do, on the writing-side.
    I'm sure the actors will find their chemistry wich each other sooner or later, but the Pilot-Episode wasn't very well written. Throughout the whole 30 minutes I always had the feeling that I already saw, what was happening somewhere else.
    I hope they get that sortet out, otherwise this show might be gone very soon.
  • Jane Curtain and William DeVane are the only good things in this show.

    I really liked the way Jane Curtain and William Devane play their roles, the scenes with them were slightly funny. There were some good lines that were well delivered by both. Now to the kids, Fred Savage in my opinion wasn't delivering the lines right. I do like him and he is a far better actor then what I saw in this show. The brother was just plain annoying. Unless these two get their rhythm going this show will be gone very very soon. I do like the actors in this show for the most part so I hope it gets it together. I'll probably give it another chance but I'm really not holding my breath here.
  • Pilot is HILARIOUS! Jane Curtin is at her best once again.

    I saw the pilot this past summer and this will be the funniest four camera sitcom in a long time. The plot is hilarious and it feels like a classic. It has a mix of the classic sitcom Soap and the dynsfunctionality of Married...With Children. Jane Curtin hopefully will be nominated for best actress in a comedy, because she is hilarious in this! So, tune in Thursday, January 12 at 9:30 p.m. right after Dancing with the Stars, only on ABC!
  • The show has all the trappings of a typical sitcom, but if the writing improves as they go along and the characters come into their own, it could work as a decent show. Decent concept.

    I saw the pilot episode for this show, which was played before the taping of the second episode, which I attended at Universal in Hollywood last month. So in essence, I've seen the first two episodes, although it will be interesting to actually see the pared down TV version of episode 2, since they were filming for well over three hours and there were as many as eight takes on the same scene. It was a very interesting experience.

    Anyway, the show itself has promise. I thought there was some very smart moments in the two episodes that I watched, but this is a sitcom, so it also had its obvious sitcom moments. Some worked, some didn't. The acting overall was very good. How can you not like Jane Curtain? One thing I like is that they don't harp on the fact that the main character is gay. It's mentioned a few times, but it isn't what the show is about. At least, not yet. I hope to see this show grow and become something that people enjoy.
  • And it all came crumbling down. . .

    I think the only real talent in this show is Jane Curtin. She always seems to be able to make me laugh. And in this show, she is the only one who even made me crack a smile, while watching a preview of the pilot on ABC.COM. The other characters are very unfunny and untalented, especially Fred Savage. Eddie McClintock, is nothing to aspire and look up to either, and I've never heard of the other ones. I can presume this show will be cancelled real fast after it's mid-season debut in March of 2006.
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