Season 1 Episode 13

Each Night I Dream of Home

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 01, 1999 on TNT
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Episode Summary

Excalibur is called back to Earth in order to pick up a passenger on a top-secret mission.

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  • Bad filmed,badley scripted badley ,bad ,bad,bad

    Excalibur goes to earth to pick up a life pod containg doctor Steven Franklin

    His plan is to infect a plumber with the drahk virus deleberately .The plumber wishes to go back to earth and marry his true love and has volunteered.

    After some reservations gideon agrees .

    The plumber is infected and subjected to special scans which track the virus.It turns out to be non biological in nature locking on to only critical areas of the body.

    The plumber contacts his soon to be wife and tells her hes coming home.Unfortunately a drahk fleet picks up the signal and launch a massive attack against the ship.

    perhaps the drahk hate weddings.

    After a daring manuvere of hijacking an enemies jump point the excalibur escapes goes back to earth to drop off the plumber and doctor franklin

    They muse about people still getting married on earth while the plague is hanging over there heads

    life goes on

    The plumber`s scene where he pleads with gideon was hilarious hes so bad its scarey.

    The dialogue for franklin and the doctor was awful.

    The stunt with the door was badley done and also funny.

    Im sure it could have been a worthy finale

    but as it is it sucks arse

    Did I mention its so badmoreless
Richard Biggs

Richard Biggs

Dr. Stephen Franklin

Guest Star

Lance LeGault

Lance LeGault

Senator Redway

Guest Star

Timothy Williams

Timothy Williams

David Williams

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Arc significance:
      -It is discovered that the plague is a nano-technology machine and not a natural virus.
      -The virus can also communicate with itself.

    • Captain Gideon says near the end of the episode that they survived their first battle with the Drahk. The pilot episode "War Zone" did contain a battle with the Drahk. This error is most likely due to this episode being the last of the first wave of episodes filmed. TNT demanded a new pilot and a revamp (uniform change) and that these episodes should be shown first resulting in many continuity errors.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Franklin: (about the virus) It's not reproducing. It's decompressing like a .zip-file!

    • Gideon: Perhaps you will join me for dinner, once ... you're up and about?
      Lochley: Will you be serving anything bigger than my head?
      Gideon: Not on the first date, Captain.

    • Lochley: (close to collapsing against a wall after leaving the MedLab without Chamber's consent) No, I'm fine. I'm fine.
      Gideon: Of course. You're just holding up the wall in case of an emergency.
      Lochley: Yeah! Well, I thought it looked kind of weak! I try and do my part.

    • Lochley: Is there anything you can tell me?
      Gideon: Never eat anything bigger than your head. Never shoot pool at a place called Pop's. Never eat food at a place called Mom's. The mission is classified, Captain.

    • Gideon: I can see every detail of the Earth's surface as clearly as we're seeing it right now. But after my father died, I tried to remember his face, but it always slipped away from me. Why is that I wonder?
      Mattheson: Maybe it's because we can't decide which face to remember: the face of our father when we were children, the face of our father the first we left home, the face of our father the last time we saw him. They all blur together we lose the details. But Earth is constant. Earth is forever!
      Gideon: You're too young to be having thoughts this old, Lieutenant!

  • NOTES (2)


    • The plot of this episode - a patient being deliberately infected with a disease to watch its progress - has some reference to the infamous Tuskegee Syphilis Study, in which poor African-American men with syphillis were denied treatment to watch the progress of the disease.

    • The life pod containing Dr. Franklin is very similar to the TARDIS from the UK series Doctor Who.