Season 1 Episode 13

Each Night I Dream of Home

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 01, 1999 on TNT

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  • Bad filmed,badley scripted badley ,bad ,bad,bad

    Excalibur goes to earth to pick up a life pod containg doctor Steven Franklin
    His plan is to infect a plumber with the drahk virus deleberately .The plumber wishes to go back to earth and marry his true love and has volunteered.
    After some reservations gideon agrees .
    The plumber is infected and subjected to special scans which track the virus.It turns out to be non biological in nature locking on to only critical areas of the body.
    The plumber contacts his soon to be wife and tells her hes coming home.Unfortunately a drahk fleet picks up the signal and launch a massive attack against the ship.
    perhaps the drahk hate weddings.
    After a daring manuvere of hijacking an enemies jump point the excalibur escapes goes back to earth to drop off the plumber and doctor franklin

    They muse about people still getting married on earth while the plague is hanging over there heads
    life goes on

    The plumber`s scene where he pleads with gideon was hilarious hes so bad its scarey.
    The dialogue for franklin and the doctor was awful.
    The stunt with the door was badley done and also funny.
    Im sure it could have been a worthy finale
    but as it is it sucks arse
    Did I mention its so bad