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    i am really excited about the new B5: Lost Tales DVD....but to me i feel JMS should spend time making Crusade movies so he could continue the series in that capacity, much how serenity continued the firefly after it got cancelled. The lost tales seem like add ons to an already completed saga. With Crusade, there seems to be a lot more stories JMS could continue.
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    [2]Nov 20, 2007
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    Unfortunately, JMS isn't ready to do anything big in the B5 universe, like movies (including Crusade movies) or a B5 universe TV series. JMS is rather busy right now. Before the strike, it was non-B5 movies and comics.


    Every so often, Warner Bros. calls me up and "We have to do something with Babylon 5." It's usually like Lucy and the football, you get up there and it's not there anymore. They made half a billion dollars on the DVDs...that's with a B...and my profit statement still says 50 million dollars in the red, by the way. We needed a hundred million to make the show, 50 million in the red, they've made half a billion on the DVDs...I don't think so. I mentioned that to the Warner Bros. guys at a recent meeting. "How come I'm still 50 million dollars in the red and you're making half a billion in profits?" WB Guys: "We made a really good deal, didn't we?" Anyway, they call every so often and want to do something with B5 and asked "Do you want to do a feature film?" and I thought about it for a while and I said, "No." And here's why: A) I don't trust movies that much but B) most important, I can't see the structure of a B5 movie right now as long as long as Andreas and Rick insist on staying dead. As much as B5 was about the stories of Sheridan and Delenn and those guys, there's the Londo and G'Kar arc that was the clothes line from which I hung all that. And without G'Kar...maybe in a year or two I can start to see the structure of it but right now I can't do something big right now. I'd love to but I can't.

    "Maybe in a year or two..." yeah right. (s) In a year or two, something else will be in the way, probably many, many things will be in the way (Stars won't be "available". Stars won't be willing. Warner Brothers will allocate a budget that makes even sock puppets too extravagant for the production. JMS will have forgotten how to write for B5 and/or Crusade. JMS won't be interested in continuing Crusade. Take your pick. It'll probably be all of the above.).

    And, on the odd chance that JMS does get to make anything in the B5 universe, the budget will be so tiny that most B5 fans will trash it, and/or his writing will not be up to par. He needs to warm up, and nobody is given the chance to warm up anymore.

    It seems that the B5 era is over, and it's no longer possible to make anything like it ever again. The current environment won't support it.

    And yes, I'm thoroughly disgusted by all of the above.

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