Season 1 Episode 2

The Long Road

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 16, 1999 on TNT



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    • (Gideon is playing an unsuccessful solo game of basketball)
      Gideon: That's the third time, in and out! That hoop is defective, man! Cheap, lousy, piece of...
      Matheson: I believe you were saying something about "calming the spirit"?
      Gideon: Complaining about the court's part of the game, John.

    • Gideon: They report seeing a dragon.
      Galen: What?
      Gideon: A dragon.. Big as a skyscraper.
      Galen: Aaah, breathing fire and all that?
      Gideon: Supposedly, yes. But they haven't found any damage. Can't be much of a dragon.
      Galen: Did they say what color it was? Red, green, black...?
      Gideon: Gold, with red eyes. Why?
      Galen: No reason, just curious.

    • Galen: Well, I'll go and get ready to meet them, then.
      Gideon: I haven't invited you yet.
      Galen: You will.

    • Lt. Meyers: A twelve-ton cargo transport disappeared entirely from our planet-side base for two days. When it reappeared, we discovered that the engines had been removed and replaced with a substance resembling peanut butter. (Galen laughs)

    • Galen: And if I'm right, it's definitely something you should see.
      Gideon: And if you're wrong?
      Galen: Oh well, that hardly seems likely, does it?

    • Gideon: Well, Galen, we're here. What now?
      Galn: Well, this is an inn. We're new in town. I suggest you by us a drink.
      Gideon: You're enjoying this, aren't you?
      Galn: Immensely.
      Gideon: Swell.

    • Gideon: How much longer are we supposed to wait here?
      Galen: Until something happens.
      Gideon: What if nothing happens?
      Galen: Something always happens.

    • Alwyn: How did you find me?
      Galen: A gold dragon. You used to pull that one out for children at parties. You might as well have put out a sign with your name on it.
      Alwyn: Yes. Yes, well, it's a classic. Classics never grow old, do they? The fear reaction to that image, you know, is heredity. It's engraved in our DNA. It's archetypal, it's Jungian, it's... it's... just that I do like dragons. Especially golden ones. Nobody does dragons anymore, do they? Pity. Too showy, I suppose.

    • Alwyn: Now mind the bowls. It's a vegetable chowder made by Mrs. Simms just down the road. It stays blisteringly hot for at least half an hour after it's drawn from the pot. Don't know how she does it. Defies at least two of the laws of thermodynamics. I just can't decide which of the two it is.

    • Alwyn: It was always painfully surprising to me that you went along with them.
      Galen: I followed my teacher. I believed I had an obligation.
      Alwyn: You did. What a pity you confused the one with the other.

    • Alwyn: These people have given me a home. They come to me with their problems, with their questions. I try to help them. I am part-time wise man, part-time jester, part-time soldier. Part-time whatever the moment requires. They are decent people and I have an obligation to them.

    • Alwyn: But if they come with guns, they will leave in boxes.

    • Alwyn: And (Gideon) didn't want me to hear to overhear him. If I didn't know any better, I would think he didn't trust me.
      Glaen: He doesn't trust easily or often. I'm surprised he trusts me. Almost as surprised as he is about it.

    • Alwyn: Leave them alone
      Lt. Meyers: Get out of the way, old man. Don't mess with things you don't understand.
      Galen: That's funny. We were about to tell you the same thing.

    • (technomages discussing their creation of demons)
      Galen: The teeth are a very nice touch.
      Alwyn: You think so? Not too big?
      Galen: No, I think they're are just about right. (someone is bitten, and screams)
      Alwyn: Yes, I suppose you're right.

    • Alwyn: On the other hand, in ten or twenty years, this will become a legend. Some people won't even believe that I existed. I don't think I mind that, not at all, really. It's what we all want, isn't it? To become something larger than ourselves, to enter living memory... have them talk about us when we've gone. Might as well. They talk about us enough when we're living.

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