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Season 1 Episode 10

The Memory of War

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 11, 1999 on TNT
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Episode Summary

The crew finds a super weapon on a long-deserted planet.

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  • On an abandoned planet excalibur`s crew is being picked of one by one by an unseen enemy who seems to strike all at once all across the city and only when the sun goes downmoreless

    On an abandoned planet

    with its cities still intact

    Gideon and co encounter and fearsome and invisible enemy.

    No worries at least galens on the case.

    Except he isnt,he`s terrified of the planet and according to technomage law the planet is cursed.

    After several bodies turn up mutlilated

    Galen figures out that a technomage may be responsible for the abomination on the surface.And other wizards were warned against going there to cover up the secret.

    Genus Loci

    With another night aproaching galen goes down to the planet to expose the truth and save gideon from the spirit of the place.


    scarey interesting

    shows the technomages in a entirely different lightmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Arc significance:
      -It is discovered that Galen's staff is his control center, and his powers revolve around it.
      -It is also the last of its kind.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Eilerson: Good in theory, lousy in practice - it implies that I'm expendable. I am many things. I am bright, personable, charismatic, and not a bad dancer, but expendable? No.

    • Eilerson: Where are you going?
      Gideon: To follow a friend into Hell.

    • Galen: Look, Matthew. To those of us in my order, another Technomage is the only family we have. Then, after I was... asked to leave the order as a penalty for having to much contact with the outside, I came to rely on you and on the others and on this place. Perhaps more than I should have.

    • Galen: Have you ever wondered why there are so many dead worlds out there? Let me tell you why. It's because despite the best advise of people who know what they are talking about; other people insist on doing the most massively stupid things.

    • Galen: There are good planets and there are bad planets. There are healthy planets and unhealthy planets. There are safe planets and dangerous planets. This place is known to every Technomage as a bad place, a deceased, dangerous place.
      Eilerson: You talk like that planet is alive?
      Galen: Everything is alive, in its way. Have you ever been in an empty house and felt an oppressiveness, a shadow on the soul? Now multiply that by a billion times, and that is fairly radiating from this planet.

    • Galen: I want you to know, this thing [probe] just made a very large dent in my ship! Did you ever think about looking outside, before you start throwing things overboard?
      Gideon: Maybe next time, you'll let us know when you coming.

    • Galen: Clear me for docking. Put away the breakables. Turn on the landing lights. I'm coming in.

  • NOTES (1)