Season 1 Episode 3

The Well of Forever

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 23, 1999 on TNT

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  • Galen convinces the crew to go and look for the legnedary well of forever But he`s pulling a flanker

    Galen convinces the crew to go and look for the legendary well of forever.Having recently found a magic rock on his travels.We assume it can lead him there.
    Unfortunatley the well is many days off known hyper space routes and well of the beacon.
    Galen assures them that his ship will handle the navigation of both ships.
    Gideon is convinced that galen is hiding something and when they reach the location and find nothing ,
    he pleads to go on.
    Gideon refuses he's already put his mission in enough danger.
    Galen counter that his ships "guidance" of the excalibur cannot be deactivated by anyone but him and he wont do it until they find the well.
    Later the ship penetrates a strange cloud in hyper space
    and find a giant rock Laced with gold ,silver ,jewels , gems and a core of solid Q 40.

    Galen takes his ship to the asteriod (which has an atmosphere) and gideon follows to ask why he did this.

    Galens character is put in a very un flattering light right up until the end when his true purpose is revealed.
    The actor evokes geunine sympathy from the viewers with his simple under stated delivery of his explaination.

    They return to the ship and galen promises gideon that one day he will help him fulfil his promise.
  • This one really explored the humaness of the characters, what they would do for each other and to protect each other.

    I loved Capt. Gideon\'s loyalty to his crew members and his seemingly uneasy alliance with Galen to allow him to keep his promise. Having to trust him without really knowing where or why-you could see the emotional conflict between the two, and it was an insight as to who they really are.

    I found Dureena to be a very interesting character in this. Her loyalty to Matheson, and her willingness to help Capt. Gideon to help him was an interesting chemistry to watch.

    I really enjoyed Michael Becks very robotic guest role as MR.Jones-the inquisitor. He never once let down his focus, and I enjoyed him being not really bad and NOT really good either. He kept you guessing as to his real motivation.
    And the way that Capt. Gideon was able to use Dureena\'s anger/rage to keep him from threatening/harming Matheson--that was a real treat to watch. excellent epiosode.
  • "Well Of Forever" is a pivotal episode for understanding of the characters.

    "Well Of Forever" is a pivotal episode for
    understanding of the characters.

    The "Well Of Forever" gives the viewer get a brief glimpse into the pasts of Galen, Gideon, and Matheson.

    We learn of Galen's love and loss. Allusions to his past with the Captain are posed.

    Captain Gideon's dark secret is pointed to. His pain may be the source of many of his future decisions. The chess board in the episode may be a symbol of his situation. This episode also coined the famed title phrase, "Who do you serve and who do you trust?"

    Matheson is visited by successor of the Psi Corps who place him what appears to be an inquisition.

    The one disappointment was Galen's ship. After the pioneering computer generated images (cgi) and effects of Babylon 5, Galen's ship is a let down. This is likely a symptoms of JMS's budget fights with TNT that occurred at this time.

    However, the story develops well and is a pleasure for the "Fen" to watch.