Season 1 Episode 12

Visitors from Down the Street

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 25, 1999 on TNT



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    • (Dropping loads of encyclopedias on "X-Files"-planet)
      Matheson: There are probably some who'll say that by doing this, we are interfering with their culture...
      Gideon: Probably. Screw them.

    • Gideon: Refresh me, lieutenant. How did we get in the middle of this again?
      Matheson: I believe it was an act of mercy, Sir.
      Gideon: Remind me, never to do that again.
      Matheson: Aye, Sir. No good deed goes unpunished.
      Gideon: I'll have that embroiled on a sampler when we have time...

    • Matheson: The more you make a big deal out of denying something, the more people think it must be true...

    • Gideon: Getting kinda crowded out here, Lieutenant. How am I supposed to sleep? I expect you to find a quieter sector next time.
      Matheson: Aye Sir. If they begin firing on us, shall I tell them to come back in the morning, when we're all fresher?

    • Gideon: We're not there yet, try between decks eighteen and fourteen. There! Did you smell that?
      Matheson: I didn't smell anything.
      Gideon: Whad'ya mean? You didn't smell that? You're a telepath! I though all your senses were supposed to be enhanced.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Matheson: No good deed goes unpunished.
      This was first said by the American diplomat and writer Clare Booth Luce.

    • The X-Files
      This episode references the TV series The X-Files. Including: a Cigarette Smoking Alien, placing a Y on the window to signal for help (X-Files used an "X"), alien with red hair, alien conspiracy, etc.

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