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AIRED ON 2/15/2015

Season 15 : Episode 18

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CSI is an innovative, new type of crime drama because the characters use cutting-edge forensic tools to examine the evidence to solve the case. Rather than a 'whodunnit' cop show (investigating witnesses/suspects), CSI explores the 'howdunnit'. CSI has been the number one scripted series in the Neilsen ratings for four years running. In 2007 nearly 84 million people watched CSI, making it the most watched show in the world.

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Fan Reviews (994)

  • It's not the same

    It used to be a excellent series, but now it's getting boring. I think it's good it's ending. I'll have some good memories.
  • The thrill is gone

    Story lines are not as good as when Grissom was there. And the puns are too much. New writers?

    Stil like the show but groan at the puns (weak writing) and will miss G Eads.

    With Grissom was a 10; sliding downward now.
  • Nothing beats CSI

    CSI is a programme based upon reality, it shows different ways of how a culprit can be caught and how justice can be prevailed. I have watched this programme ever since it started and if it wasn't for the programme itself then i wouldn't of realised why these people do what they do. But yet so many people judge the actors in the programme, but its not the actors that make the programme its what they do to make it seem so real. Even if Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows, Jim Brass, Warrick Brown, Raymond Langston, Wendy Simms or Riley Adams are no longer in it it doesn't mean that the people in it now aren't just as dedicated to the work they do. People who judge others on the roles they have to play, are just disrespectful because the actors aren't the ones who make up the different ideas or decide how things are planned out and acted upon. I've always been fascinated by forensic science, so this was tailor-made for me! It's intelligent and literate, with intriguing stories and lots of cool crime-fighting toys. In addition to seeing all the cool ways the crime scene unit can place you at the scene and ultimately prove you did the crime, it has gallows humor/sarcasm and edge. To be quite honest I hope they don't cancel it.moreless

    Man, I STILL love this show. I have watched since the very first episode aired. Waited on the edge of my seat for every episode. Have been a huge fan of forensic science ever since "Quincy " first ran on tv . The growth and fleshing out of the characters on CSI has been remarkable . I never thought the show would survive the loss of "Grissom", but , has thoroughly awakened my lagging interest after two miscast wannabes. The writers have provided a wide spectrum of new titillating episodes that keeps me waiting for Sunday evenings. Thanks immenselymoreless
  • Please Come Back

    Many are complaining about the current low caliber of actors but the series went downhill for me when William Petersen left and was replaced by "Academy Award Winner" Laurence Fishburne. I haven't checked the credits to see if the writers have also changed but the current story lines are not as creative either. Neither Fishburne, Danson or the other replacements have any chemistry for me.

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  • UPFRONTS 2015

    CBS's 2015-2016 Schedule: CSI Is Ending, Person of Interest Held 'Til Midseason, and Supergirl Mondays

    CBS will be comedy-free on Mondays for the first time in decades, and Bradley Cooper will recur on the Limitless adaptation.

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