CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 9 Episode 9

19 Down (1)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2008 on CBS

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  • Grissom decides to leave CSI but has one last case to solve

    When Grissom tells the team that he is leaving I just couldn't believe it and you could just see how much it meant to the team that he is leaving.However Grissom has one more case to solve which involves him getting the answers of a dangerous serial killer called Nate Haskell known as the Dick and Jane killer who is in prison.Then one murder turns into multiple and the CSI's believe they are dealing with a Dick and Jane killer accomplice who is has killed other accomplices to cover his tracks and is killing couples like Nate.Grissom tries to get his answers at a seminar where Nate Haskell will be talking to Dr Raymond Langston's class.When Grissom reveals himself to get the answers Langston is annoyed but when Nate phones Langston saying he wants to talk Grissom and Langston decide to help each other and they find the body of DJK's first victim and the story continues when they find another body who hasn't been dead 24 hours which will be Nate's accomplice.The next episode will be Grissom's last so enjoy it.
  • The CSI Team Discovers A Link Between A New Murder And The Infamous Dick & Jane Killer.

    Aside from this episode's obvious significance in that it is the beginning of the end for William Petersen, "19 Down" is memorable for other reasons. One of the best things in this episode are the excellent performances by William Petersen and Laurence Fishburne. Raymond Langston's (Fishburne) enthusiasm about the case is just terrific. The suspense in this episode never gave up. This is tecnically the second part of a three part episode (Leave Out All The Rest was the 1st part). The conclusion will be revealed in the next episode.
  • begining of the end.

    I was sadded by this episode even before it started.And then,it did..

    The rotting body in the bag set the tone for what is to become an epic episode in this otherwise epic series.It was just the prelude of a very intense episode both in terms of emotions showed by charachters at hearing the news that Gil is leaving but also in terms of the psychotic factor of the action.

    It is rare when one gets the chance, in this show, to see more of the killer and the way he/she thinks [ with some notable exceptions ] and i'm sure everybody found the whole interview during course fascinating [who wouldn't sign up for that course? the attraction of darkness...].

    Everything was top notch in my opinion: the reaction of the characters,especially Grissom, whom i found so genuinly affected by his decision.

    I realise that i should say something about the new head CSI but unfortunately his arrival hasn't bursted any emotions in me .For now,i just see him as a hard investigator who lacks the subtility and grace of Grissom. Maybe the future will prove me[and the other skepticals] wrong , but i doubt he will ever be able to equal or surpass what grissom was for this show...

    Again,i'm sad at his departure more than i
    ve been when Sara left and even more , when Warrick died...but...I understand his reasons and it makes sense for his character.It was too much to handle for anyone and a lesser man would've quit a long time ago..or never.I belive that the never would have proved that Grissom lost his soul to this job and the authenticity of his reactions could have been questioned by a keen observer..hence,yes..leaving was his only way out of this while he could still find his humanity,if not unstained,at least..there.

    Good bye Grissom.We will miss you.
  • One of Grissom's last ever episodes!

    In this episode of CSI, the following happens. We open with a man being killed and his body being put into a black bag. His body is then dumped and we see the body degrading in the bag over a matter of years. We see that Greg has become a CSI level 3. As Grissom is handing out the jobs for the night shift, he announces that he is retiring. Catherine will become Supervisor. The body in the black bag is discovered and the team are called in to investigate the crime. They soon identify the male victim through his personal effects. They believe that he and his fiancée (who both have been missing for over 10 years) may have been the first victims of a serial killer, known as the Dick and Jane killer. But when they investigate the footwear, they learn that the shoes were only made 2 years ago, so he can't be the missing man. Through the shoes they learn that the victims name was Gerald, and that he went missing just over 6 months before. We soon learn that the murder of a couple a few episodes ago is connected to the man's whose body the team have found. Everyone in this episode is trying their best to deal with the fact that Grissom is leaving. When Grissom tells David that he will miss him, David gets upset and leaves. Grissom tracks down a professor who teaches students about the Jane and Dick killer. The killer tells him and Grissom where the body of his first victim is. They head out there and find the skeleton remains of the body. Whilst there they also discover the body of a new victim. To Be Continued.....
  • In the wake of a murder which may have ties to a serial killer, Grissom shocks the team by announcing he plans to leave CSI. In an attempt to crack the murder case Grissom joins the class of pathologist Dr. Raymond Langston.

    Laurence Fisburne certainly has a memorable introduction to "CSI." He delivers a very strong performance here which I believe shows that he is capeable of stepping into the big shoes of Mr. Petersen when Petersen says good-bye soon. The scenes at Dr. Langston's (Fishburne) classes are very well done and the grab hold of the viewer's attention right away. The character of the incarcerated serial killer is a little formulaic. I kept seeing echoes of a certain guy named Hannibal Lecter, but this is a minor flaw and it does not take away from the episode's suspense and overall enjoyment.
  • Exciting episode and great story..

    So, Grissom is leaving but we all know it was going to happen and they are giving him a great goodbye episodes.. The story - starts out weird but soon turn very fascinating and well plot - the first leads what go in the direction, then the connection with the old serial killer and the way Grissom decides to go to lecture undercover - I liked the idea, and the dynamic they managed to build with it - the killer there and questions.. and the whole cat mouse game and the way the episode finished - they finding another victime and I am eager to see how it solves.
  • Meet Professor Langston.

    Laurence Fishburne's character, Raymond Langston, adds a breath of fresh air to a show that isn't quite ready to be put on life support. Before Grissom can leave Las Vegas, his final case points to a connection with the infamous Dick and Jane killer, whose calm demeanor and eerie presence makes him one of the most compelling criminals introduced on the show. Grissom's investigation into the killer, lead him to Professor Raymond Langston, a man who has made the Dick and Jane killer the subject of one of his lectures. When Langston discovers Grissom's motives for sitting in on his lecture become clear, Langston is less than pleased but his interest in the CSI outweigh any negative feelings and eventually agrees to help Grissom with his investigation.

    I was liked the way Grissom's pending departure was handled and especially liked the way the character of Professor Langston was introduced. While no one can replace Grissom, Langston's background makes him a compelling character in his own right and sets him apart from Grissom. My only complaint was that the episode went by much too quickly and left me begging to see the rest of the episode.
  • Downside: part 1 of 2 (not preannopunced--bah!); upside: the incredible Bill Irwin.

    No one should miss this show next week: find a way to see part 1 first, of course. It is definitely not padded, as so many two-parters are. Everyone was just as good as you would expect them to be, but especially galvanizing was Bill Irwin as the incarcerated killer. Be sure to check out the whole body of his work as an entertainer. He is a genius-grant-recipient as a mime and clown (with an off-Broadway triumph to his credit); played the father of Cindy Lou Who in Ron Howard's "Grinch," and now this stunner of a performance. This cat has RANGE!
  • The Dick and Jane Killer becomes quite famous after ten years imprisonment, just as Gil Grissom decides to call it quits on CSI.

    I suppose it was inevitable that one of the CSI stars would eventually leave, but I never thought that Petersen would be the first to go. He has built a foundation beneath himslef so strong that it would take multiple crushing balls (or murderers) to destroy. The show opens with him giving the unfortunate news of his departure, and ends with Brass simply saying "Guess you're not leaving just yet, huh?" Through the events that led up to this, though, I must say, truly nerve- wracking. The Dick and Jane Killer was stone faced, empty- eyed and monotoned, only showing faint flickers of happiness when thinking of his kills. Dr. Raymond Langster I did not initially think I would like. Though after watching him for a few minutes, I can happily say that he will be a more than fair addition to the team, though I am happy that Catherine will be taking over.
    As I am sure that many of us are eagerlly anticpiating the next episode in a few weeks time, it cannot go without saying that the next few episode will most likely be the hardest. Both for CSI's cast and crew, and us as the viewers, to see such tremendously adored character leave.
  • Introducing Mr. Fishburne.

    Gil good bye is a long time coming and in my opinion long overdue. But as always Gil Grissom is never known to do things easily. The case is probably the most complex one I've seen the show do in a long time. A serial murderer who resurfaces and has develop followers. I liked how they introduced Dr. Langston. The class interviewing a serial killer was pretty bizarre. The concept of having Gil take the class was creative. Dr. Langston and Grissom develop a mutual respect pretty quickly. Haskell is just plain ol' creepy and the idea that someone is out there like him, is scary. Can't wait until next week.
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