CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 19

4 x 4

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 2005 on CBS

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  • Best Put Together Episode in Season 5

    When I read this episode would have 4 cases in it, I thought it would be very confusing and hard to follow. However it was the opposite, the four cases flowed from one case to the next and was a very unique episode. However, it wasn't a 10 for me due to the 1st case (Grissoms hit and run) being very quick and didn't really contain that much forensic science and was pretty obvious from the start. However the other three cases were superb, especially the last case (Nick's case). This one for me the best as the story line was very unique and interesting. George Eads, who plays Nick, was superb is showing his emotion in the last scene and is a fantastic actor. This episode would have been a 10 for me if Grissoms case hadn't have been so obvious.
  • 4 cases in 1 episode

    This episode was very unique in the fact there were 4 cases and that each of them took centre stage for 10 minutes or so before they were solved and the next 1 started.

    Case 1 is Grissom and Brass investigating a stolen Hummer, this case perhaps features my favorite line In the whole of CSI history, when Grissom says "I think this is the dumbest thing weve ever heard".

    Case 2 my least favorite out of the 4 sees warrick investigating the death of a model at a car show. Alot of ageism in this case.

    Case 3 sees Sara team up with Greg investigating the death of a bodybilder. Some funny moments here including Sara and Greg showering together and Greg looking at his muscles in a mirror. Case 4 (the last 1) and perhaps the darkest sees Nick investigate the death of a young boy who it turns out was killed by his best friend. Very sad and some great acting in this case from George Eads. Overall a unique and interesting way to handle 4 cases, one of the best episodes of season 5.
  • Four cases are seen in transition from one case to another, often providing hilarity and insight.

    This is an excellent episode, and one of the funnier episodes of CSI. It starts with a rapid time lapse, giving a hint as to what is to come.

    Grissom works through his case efficiently, and the rapid time lapse backward occurs again, leading to Catherine and Warrick on the case. Once their crime is wrapped up, time warp happens again, and we find Sara and Greg on the scene of their crime. The final time lapse into the past gives us Nick.

    While the crimes themselves are not particularly memorable, the banter between the colleagues is absolutely priceless.

    As each 'group' of CSIs on a case passes another in the hall or lobby, the effects of overheard conversations is priceless. For example, as Grissom passes Sara and Greg, he overhears them talking about showering together. The look on Grissom's face was perfect. As Nick talks on the phone to the private school's administrator, Catherine's distraction is obvious, and leads to her assistance, since her daughter attends that academy.

    Overall, this was a fabulous episode.
  • I like this episode.

    This episode starts with Grissom and Brass investigate a stolen hammer. The culprits had intended to run over a taco vendor, but hit the car by mistake. The car-jacking leads on to the next story.

    The Hummer was won by a couple at a motor show. A body is discovered in a motor home at the show. The victim turns out to be a conference assistant (booth babe). After investigating further, Warrick discovers her agent killed her for attempting to blackmail an influential client. Whilst talking to Warrick, the agent yells at another girl who works for him, leading on to the next story.

    The girl from the previous story discovers her trainer dead in his studio. While the doctors are doing autopsy, the find out that the COD is mucormycosis, and Sara and Greg need to decominated. Finally Nick investigate the death of a body found on the bench.

    Four of the cases seems to be related each other. Cleverly plotted. Probably the best episode in this season.
  • I like this episode, very unique!!!

    This episode is very unique because the cases intervene with one other. I thought nick case was so sad… didn't really like that one… the rest weren't too bad. Grisom worked one case by himself, then at one point of the show, you see him walking pass Greg and Sara. Then it when to Catherine and Warick, you see them walking pass Nick, then it when to Greg and Sara case where you see them walking by Grisom, then it was Nick where he walked by Catherine and Warick. Then at the end you see Nick walking by Grisom. So yeah it was interesting.
  • it was interesting to watch it from all points of view.

    it was a busy night full of strange cases. happening all at once we got a glimpse at all four from the participants perspective connected by only a meeting in the hallway.
    Grissom had an traffic accident with blood but no body that turned out to be a result of false pride. Sara and Greg had a shower together - in decontamonation tent and dealt with a death of a body builder that turned out to be a result of injured pride. Cath and Warick dealt with a death of a model that turned out to be a result of a bussines decision. and Nick dealt with a death of a kid which turned out to be a result of too little responsibility, too much alcohol and a lot of wrong decisiones. it was original, captivating and sad.
  • A brilliant and innovative plot concept is what makes this episode famous. Rather than getting bits and pieces of different cases that go on at once, we get the full scoop of one case, then jump back through time to experience the next.

    This intruiging frame got my attention from the get-go. What is also great about this idea is that bits and pieces from each crime overlap -- not so much as to spoil anything, but just enough to hold your attention until that crime come into the forefront. For example, when we're following Grissom's case and he overhears Greg and Sara's conversation of what happened when they were in the shower together, you definitely want to stick around for an explanation!

    As is to be expected, the acting is above par and the mysteries are varied with good plots and twists. One case that particularly jumped out at me was the one Nick took, with a good punch at the end when the boy realizes that he killed his best friend.

    Definitely one of the best CSI episodes.
  • Different from the other episodes.. Four mini cases linked to one another..

    This episode was really good and it was different from the others. There were 4 different plots and we saw how they were all linked one way or another. Grissom and Brass worked together in solving a case where juvenile teens who wanted revenge ended up colliding with a Fiero. The next case involved Warrick, Catherine and Detective Vartann solving the murder of a convention girl at an "International Vehicle Expo". The third case had Sara and Greg working together to determine how a body builder was found dead in his house. Sara and Greg were rushed out to a portable shower tent after receiving a call from Dr. Robbins who found black pus coming from the dead body builder’s eyes during autopsy. There was a funny moment of overlap when Sara and Greg are walking in the corridor. Greg says to Sara that he didn’t see anything when they were in the shower and Sara replying that she saw everything. We can see Grissom listening curiously. The last case was emotional as Nick investigated the death of a young boy who was put in a dryer by his best friend.
  • Excellent this episode!

    Excellent this episode

    I loved this ideia of 4 cases, both are established connection. I liked why each in case that it were decided of a time, while it did not finish a case, the other did not start.
    The first one was simplest, to put amused. As he was weakker for min, but any form It was valid! Third it was very interesting, and the room was saddest, the boy is very silly same, it practically committed suicide.

    Emfim plus an episode memoravel, of this memoravel series!

    4x4 Note:9.7
  • When I first saw this episode, I was a bit surprised, thinking: "That's it?" but it soon changed.

    It was strange to watch how the episode went backwards at one point, showing what happened before the first case of the episode and then how the second was connected with the previous which happened later in the episode time frame.

    I felt like watching Memento again.

    All 4 cases were connected in a subtle manner that didn't influence each other in any significant way, and yet, it was one of the best CSI episodes I have seen.
  • Greg without his shirt, soooooooo hotttt!!!

    So Greg had his shirt off in this episode. Eric Szmanda is sooo hott. I nearly died from the hottness of it all. I remember the previews for this episode and was wondering what happened to Greg and Sara. There was this huge build up and it wasn't all that exciting. When I found out what happened I was like 'meh' it could have been a much huger deal.

    The way they did the cases was cool, I liked how they were all connected. The couple who lost their Hummer were funny. Greg flexing in front of the mirror was funny and the same goes for the scene where Greg and Sara were discussing the shower, Grissom's look was priceless. Overall a very good episode that held my interest.
  • 4×4, four cases... each connected to the other somehow...

    This is one of my favorite episodes, because:
    1, It's something new, because of the technique
    2, Come on people Eric Szmanda "semi" naked... as in we don't really see it, but I have a wide imagination :D
    Oh, and Greg is just plain cute, when he is standing before the mirror..

    Yes, you are right I\'m a Greg fan... but just a bit... ;D
  • Another different touch to the show. 4 different cases all connected to the next one in some way. Each case is solved independently before moving on to the next one.

    Another different touch to the show. 4 different cases all connected to the next one in some way. Each case is solved independently before moving on to the next one.

    Although I wasn't really that fond of the episode, I did like 2 of the cases. One of them being Nick's case about the kid who died in the dryer and my favorite Sara & Gregs case about the dead bodybuilder.

    The decontamination scene was the best, I found it quite funny, how Greg didn't take one peak at Sara while they were in the shower and kept his eyes closed, but she took a good look. And I just loved the way Grissom looked at them when he overheard them discussing the shower incident.
  • An innovative new way to tell the story on "CSI."

    This episode features the "Tarantino Effect"-named after famous director Quentin Tarantino and his use of such an effect in movies like "Pulp Fiction" and "Kill Bill"- of reconstructing as details become available to show how the single night affects all four teams and cases.

    A nice bit of foreshadowing for the season finale and its guest director!
  • Overlap without overlap

    4 cases, 4 teams. All are occurring concurrently, but each is played out one at a time, with minimal interactions. The other interesting thing is that they show them is roughly reverse order. Dead bodybuilder dead in a sealed house, dead model at a car convention, dead kid on a bus bench, and hit-and-run with a stolen Hummer.
  • not enough words to explain this show, but great will have to do.

    what can i say this show is basically for everyone. it has everything in it. its exciting, great for you kids to watch, informative in the medical field, update you on the medical up and up, and the equipment that is used is magnificent. the characters on the show is just amazing. their preformance is unbelievable. i dont think anyone else in the characters place would not do as good as the ones thats playing the parts right now. this show will be on for a very long time still to come. CSI will always be a show to remember.
  • A great example of how, sometimes, all it takes is one investigator to solve a crime, and not a whole shift crew.

    This is what makes CSI so interesting; instead of falling into a pattern of "oh look, a dead body. Let's poke it and picture it, cut it open, and find one small thing that is the key clue in helping to solve the case", they try new and different things.

    In this case(pardon the pun), the different crews each have a case that is unique and different. While the taco stand/ drive over and run case is interesting, and the dead model was nothing special, after watching the biohazard one, I had a sudden urge to go and start ripping the sheetrock off the walls and checking for toxin, black mold. (I have this thing about mold; might be due to the fact that I am HIGHLY allergetic to it). And Nick's dead kid...well, I don't want to give it away, but come on, what kid hasn't had that idea in their head.

    While this episode makes my top ten list of favorite CSI episodes, it does not break the top 5. (Those are limited to more interesting episodes).
  • The CSI work four wildly different cases over a day.

    Watching the repeat tonight, this episode holds up to repeat viewing well. It shows four different stories that occur and slightly overlap over the course of a shift.

    The first story is a light story that highlight Grissom and Brass. It deals with murder that takes a couple of unexpected twists before Gil finally pieces the case together. "This has got to be the dumbest thing we've ever heard" is a classic Gil zing, delivered with classic Gil deadpan.

    The second story is about a woman found dead on the stage of a car show, earlier in the shift. This story highlights Warrick and Catherine. I found this story the most degrading to women,in general, regardless of how realistic it may sadly be. Cath spouting her usual "Men are pigs" party-line isn't helpful either.

    The third story focuses on Sara and Greg and a dead bodybuilder. It is a smartly-written segment that delivers on the gross. Doc Robbins is the our gross host-twice! Yet we get a decontamination scene with Sara and Greg as well. (Sara has a cute sun tattoo on her ankle!)

    The fourth story is a heart-breaker, so they must give it to Nick. It is a child's death that he investigates and it quietly touches on underage drinking, the need for parents to not check out on their kids, and the general apathy and fear that the average citizen has. On the originial air date, this story gut-punched me and I almost tuned out this time around.

    The format for the episode was a delightful change-of-pace and gives the viewer a chance to catch their breath.

    Overall, a great episode and one of the series' best!
  • Yet, another experimental episode from the CSI franchise, and unlike it sister show, CSI:Miami’s episode Recoil, this episode delivered the goods. Not breaking with the format that it started with.

    Yet, another experimental episode from the CSI franchise, and unlike it sister show, CSI:Miami’s episode Recoil, this episode delivered the goods. Not breaking with the format that it started with.
    Much, like Recoil, this episode dealt with telling a story from the ending to the being, in the reverse order that any story is told, but, unlike Recoil that only did in the first half of the episode, this CSI episode kept that format throughout the entire episode, which made the show exciting to watch because you wanted to know how each case connected with each other and how a certain action or thing was connected to previous case.
    Throughout the episode the cases that each character had to deal with ran gallant of emotions with first Grisson’s case being a stupid and silly one. Which was a kid wanted to get revenge on a vendor at taco stand because the owner wouldn’t let him steal his money. Finally to Nick’s case with was the most emotional one in the quadrant of cases that this CSI episode dealt with, which took up most of the screen time in this episode. Which was good because of emotions that were attached to it. Which was that young kid was playing with his friend, stuck him in the washing machine that killed him, an action that he did in jest that resulted in his friend’s death.
    All in all an unique episode and a different way to tell a story, something that the CSI franchise has to do because with three series that dealt with the same plot has to do if it wants to kept its fans with the show and not copying each other as well.