CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 12 Episode 1

73 Seconds

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2011 on CBS

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  • Where is Grisham?


    This show and especially this episode have gone downhill since the departure of Grisham. Bring him back!

    Fishburne was very good on this show. They needed to have paid him whatever he wanted.

    This show and especially this episode have gone downhill since the departure of Grisham. Bring him back!

  • The 12th Season Starts With The Team Investigating A Shoot-Out In A Tram. Their New Supervisor, D.B. Russell, Stuns Them.

    "73 Seconds" is a sensational beginning for the 12th season of "CSI"!!! I liked Ray a lot, but I did not think his replacement would be this good. So I am glad he is gone. Unlike D.B. Ray did not have much personality. The episode itself was very entertaining and it was easy to follow. What added to enjoyment of this episode is watching Ted's acting and how he tries to settle into his role. The second story line was not as good as the first, but it was good. The ending scene was pure gold as Nick and Catherine argued and D.B. sends a message: "Breakfast on me": I can't wait for the next episode!! An excellent season opener.
  • 12x01


    Brilliant episode!!!, first at all, I agree with all of the people who says that this kind of episodes bring you back some memmories of the old csi las vegas, I also agree whit the people who says that ted danson (D. B. Ruseel) is a nice touch for the season, I particularly enjojed his acting in the secne with the invisible ball, it was very interesting and cool

    maybe this episodes deserves a teen, but I have to be honest and I have to admit that I did not like the "b plot" at all, for me the case about the man with young face and old body was toosilly that makes consider that this episode does not deserves a teen, however, the case in the tram was exellent and thats the most important thing here

    there is also another great point in this episode, here, I think that the characters did a great job, theyr acting was very convencing and even nick (who is one of my personal less favorites characters) was great here.

    I think I said everything I wanted to say in this review, definetivily I recommend this episode to everybody

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes

  • Not my cup of tea anymore

    OK guys that is enough for me with CSI. Ted Danson is a great actor ... loved him in the Curb Your Enthusiasm.... but no connection with CSI. Thanks for the 12 year long show.
  • TED DANSON .... Seriously !!!!!!!


    TED DANSON has officially ruined CSI for me.

    I used to love the show and now I am waiting for them to end it now.

    WTF is up with the crazy acting of TED DANSON

    Better yet kill off danson's character and bring in someone that can act !!!!!!!!!

    Now I am hoping CSI Miami goes in the right direction

  • Just take CSI out back and put it down!


    Not even Ted Dansen could save CSI. This show should have been put down 4 years ago. It is getting VERY long in the tooth. The acting in this show is even bad.

    The argument between Kathryn and Nick at the end was horrible. It sounded like they were reciting lines.

    When I first watched this episode i hit stop because, it was so bad. Then I was shocked that I was only 20 mins in.

    CBS, for the love of god please make this CSI's final season.

  • The twelfth season begins with a shootout on an intercasino tram that leaves two people dead. The team, with new supervisor DB Russell, investigates.


    When I first heard that veteran actor Ted Danson would be replacing Laurence Fisburne on CSI I was skeptical. However all doubts were erased practically from the moment Danson first appeared on screen. It is believed by many fans that the problem with Fisburne's character, Dr Ray Langston, was that he was very gloomy and depressing. Danson's character, DB Russell, could not be any more different from Langston if he tried. I very much liked how DB handled the case and how he tried to assimilate himself with the team. Also, I liked seeing how much DB enjoys what he does. You never saw that in Ray Langston. The episode itself was very entertaining as well. The octopus lady was a little creepy, but overall, it was an enjoyable episode. A very good way to start the season.

  • Ted Danson takes over for Laurence Fishbourne.


    I never liked Fishbournes character much so I knew I wasn't gonna miss him. I really liked Ted Dansons character. He was a bit of an oddball but very sympathetic. He seemed genuine and wanted to get to know the team.

    What I didn't like in this episode was the norwegian thing Greg tried to pull off. I am norwegian and I just couldn't figure out what Greg was saying in "norwegian". And no, You Tube is called You Tube in norwegian too. I know many hunters and noone uses that device. Trust me, Norway is a small country and hunting is stricktley regulated.

    I have never been a huge fan of CSI but I watch it when I can. I like CSI New York too but the Miami thing. Man that is a stupid show. The whole sunglasses on David Caruso thing... And his hopeless one-liners...

    I will still watch CSI with Ted Danson. I didn't like him him Cheers but I saw him in Damages and I liked him there.

  • A very good start of a new season. D.B. Russel is a refreshing character.


    I liked this episode very much. There was a lot of interaction between main characters, finally Nick had more screentime (that didn't involve anything illegal - think LA), and the new boss is quite an exciting character.

    I wasn't sure if Ted Danson would be fitted for CSI. Luckily he seems to be doing well. I like it that Russel is not omniscient like Ray Langston and actually asks questions. It's also nice that, for a change, he has normal personal life (he definitely loves his wife:) and is a little eccentric (Grissom-like?). Hopefully, Morgan Brody will be an interesting addition to the show as well.

    I'm glad that Langston is out. I like L.Fishburne but for me Ray was unbearable. Also, I was bored with Haskell's story and I'm happy it's over.

    Overall, a very promising beginning.

  • Hmm, now about Danson.


    Well, it was refreshing, sure he's no Grissom, but maybe he can somehow bring this show and the team back. I kind of miss the way things used to be handled, I was wondering where the questioning and confession of the killer was, but I see it was kind of good to still follow.

    The team may still be reeling from Grissom leaving, now that last guy does his thing, I can see the frustration, so maybe a bit of light, perky yet serious boss is just the thing they need to restructure.

    I haven't seen an episode since Grissom's departure, but Danson here seems to offer "promise" of a spark, not sure just yet, but I am willing to give it another episode and see where it goes from here.

  • A great start to season 12 with a glimpse of old school CSI.


    The first new episode of the season did not disappoint, Ted Danson is a great replacement for Fishburne. I did not like season 11 as the the haskell thing got on my nerves and there was hardly any Forensics.

    The cases featured in this episode were forensics based, nothing too far out like last seasons premiere. The tram case had a lot of forensics and i liked how this episode seemed to focus on the forensics instead of action.

    Ted Danson is a great replacement for Fishburne. He reminds me of Grissom slightly with his unique attitude to solving cases but with a bit more humor thrown in, this makes a nice change to renegade and rogue Langston obessing over serial killers.

    I liked how the episode covered flaws with CSI since grissom left. The scene where russel said they are not social workers commented on how personally involved the CSI's have become with the victims since Grissom left. Before Fishburne most cases the team remained emotionaless and did their jobs but in season 11 they took on a more personal role. The conversation between Nick and Cath also commented on how CSI has changed since she has been incharge commenting on how events in LA have changed the team.

    In conclusion i liked this episode a lot and it was refreshing to see a case and premiere where forensics are the focus not shooting. CSI has lacked detailed science since Grissoms depature. Although nobody will ever replace Grissom i am hoping Danson's character will show the team they are scientist not social workers. Great start to the season.

    *Grissom is returning in episode 12 of this season*

  • A very promising start to the Season 12. Despite casting changes, the show looks to be pulling itself back up to a standard reminiscent of the older seasons.


    I have to say I was very impressed with the premiere.

    So far, I think Danson is doing a great job in the supervisor role, he asserts both an authority and a sense of humour which is something the show was desperately needing at the end of last season. I won't say whether I feel he's saved the show until I've seen a few more episodes but so far so good.

    The writing was a significant improvement over last year as well. Greg particularly has livened up and I was strongly reminded of Greg from before Season 7, where they began to tone his character down. There is also a much larger sense of light-heartedness which nicely takes us back to the show in its earlier days. There are faults with the episode, but I blame that primarily on the fact thatIn a Dark, Dark Housewas ended so sloppily so there are still a few loose ends, but I hope the tension eases over between the team and we get to see some great teamwork in upcoming episodes.

    The tram case was pretty decent, although I realise that the crimes needed to take a slight backseat in this episode to introduce two major characters, however I do feel the conclusion was rushed slightly. The B-case appeared very rushed, daft and kind of pointless, however, I can see it as a way to give Sara and Greg some screentime, so kudos to the writers for giving everyone an equal showing. (Something which was seriously lacking in the past three seasons.)

    Overall, I feel Season 12 has gotten off to a pretty decent start. Whether I feel Ted Danson has managed to fill in the hole that CSI was digging itself into at the end of Season 11, I'll decide in a few more episodes, but nevertheless, if you were disappointed by some of the more recent seasons, you'll be relieved to know that73 Secondsbreathes a bit more life into the show.

  • Sam Malone is no Grissom, but he's the next best thing.


    Very few people could top Fishburne, but Danson is one of them.

    Great interaction, great tension, great changes. Becker FTW!

    My only small complaint is that the sub-plot was a bit far-fetched IMO. But it doesn't mar a marvellous episode and a fantastic premiere.

  • Season 12 Starts with a Bang... well 4 Bangs and a Stab Wound!


    Wow, I thought this episode was amazing. I loved that just jumped into a new case and didn't spend 43 minutes dwelling on the events of the season 11 finale, but did mention it as to not leave us completely hanging.

    I was nervous about Ted, I thought he would be great, but some other people had their doubts. And, while D.B. Russell is no Grissom, and no one is, he does some how bring the show back to a place we haven't been since Grissom left! It really felt like the old CSI, and I really hope the show stays with the quirky cases and/or creepy murders in a big house in the middle of no where, in the middle of the night, and backs off the vendettas and torture in a dark house.

    Ted Danson was great, so was the rest of the cast. The writing was great, and the guest stars were great.