CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 7

A Bullet Runs Through It (1)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 10, 2005 on CBS
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The team must investigate the death of a police officer who died during a shootout leaving hundreds of bullets on the crime scene. The case becomes complicated when it turns out that Sofia Curtis and Jim Brass were with the victim during the shootout. When it turns out the officer died from friendly fire, it is up to the team to find out who fired the fatal shot. Meanwhile, Sofia is wondering whether she fired the fatal shot or not. She decides to hide the fact that the officer stepped into her line of fire, afraid it will ruin her career.moreless

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  • A big shoot out leaves Brass and Sofia wondering if they killed a cop

    This was the first of a two part episode when a big police shoot involving Sofia and Brass involves the deaths of a few policemen and one of them was from friendly fire.Sofia starts to get nervous when she remembers that one of the policeman ran out in front of her in the shoot out so its possible she shot him and that it can ruin her career but all will be revealed in the next episode.moreless
  • cant wait till next week. what's that on Nick's face??

    excellent episode with the whole team working together. was enjoying it so much I didnt even realised it was getting close to the "TBC".Although it is a little odd having a two parter at this stage of the season but I love it anyway.

    Felt a little sorry for Greg having to trek all that way. He does still seem to get the worst jobs on the crime scenes being the most junior but at least he didnt get punched in the face!

    I felt really nervous for Brass and Sofia when they were being interviewd by the detective and Catherine. He really seemed like he wanted to blame them for Bell's death.

    I'll be on the edge of my seat all week, lets hope I don't fall off.moreless
  • The reactions to what was happening nearly made me cry.

    To see Brass breakdown like that in the interrogation room was just so sad. For years he has personified the "tough cop" attitude and to see him start crying was one of the best CSI moments ever. I guess I'll admit to seeing Spork (Sofia) cry was a rather emotional moment as well but only because the episode nearly made me feel sorry for her. Like it or not everybody in this case is personally involved so I suspect that we will see more of that in next weeks episode.

    Moving on to the not so great part of the episode, Nick's moustache. It should kill itself with a razor and some shaving cream while Nick sleeps at night (or during the day as he does work nightshift.) The sooner Nick gets rid of it the better. Many children right now are huddled beneath the safe covers of their bed trying not to think about what Nick did. They will try to remember the happy, not so scary looking Nick that we all came to know and love. Is Nick trying to make a point that he is an actual cowboy or is the moustache here to stay? Find out next time on CSI.

  • Holy Mother of Pearl! Bullets everywhere!

    This had me on the edge of my seat. From the irst moment, when bullets where flying about, to the end when the dreaded "To be continued" flashed on the screen, it was action, action, action.

    We get the treat of seeing Brass and Sophia in their full police glory as they step out of their roles as CSI hangers on and get in the thick of the action. Kudos for the added treat of having them act like real people as they process the fact that they were in a life or daeth situation and killing isn't fun.

    All the other CSI's found themselves caught in the drama of dealing with the fresh anguish of the relatives in the unfolding tradegy. I am truly looking forward to next Thursday.

  • This is really the reason I watch this show. The twist and turns are quick and paced at ther right times throughout.

    I Love this show and they have used 2 parters sparringly in the series so when they come around they really shine. This episode covers a 4 vehicle shoot out that goes through a neiborhood in Las Vegas, there are perps shot and an officer down, in pursuit of the last subject they come across a innocent kid who was shot while riding his bike with the same caliber bullet that the police were using, but all officers claim they found him that way. The community lashes out about every little rumor and the tensions run high through the department when the evidence starts to point tworads friendly fire killing the officer. The show leaves us with the suspect that survied and who got away on the bike being tracked down in a sleazy hotel room and then leaves us on a cliff hanger. I can't wait for the second part. This is my first post so excuse my poor writing.moreless
Nestor Serrano

Nestor Serrano

Detective Ortega

Guest Star

Brennan Elliott

Brennan Elliott

Sergeant Carroll

Guest Star

Colby French

Colby French

Officer Davis

Guest Star

Louise Lombard

Louise Lombard

Sofia Curtis

Recurring Role

Alex Carter

Alex Carter

Detective Vartann

Recurring Role

David Berman

David Berman

David Phillips

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Goof: While Catherine is in the lab reviewing the audio tape of the police call to dispatch, the dispatcher claims that the first call she received was at 6:34. First, her lips do not match what she is saying and then when they show the screen with the audio playing, the screen reads "first call 5:43."

    • Goof: When Tracy Bell gets informed that her husband died, you can see clearly that she is not pregnant. However, in A Bullet Runs Through It (Part 2), an officer states that "She was pregnant, about to pop, just like Bell's wife."

    • Although he spoke Spanish in the Season 5 episode "Snakes," George Eads (Nick Stokes) had to take another quick crash course in Spanish because he forgot that his character is bilingual.

    • Goof: In the initial chase scene when Officer Bell was radioing in to dispatch telling them their location, Officer Bell takes his hand off of his radio key to unbuckle his seat belt, before he finishes saying his line, "Jefferson and 4th." There is no way that Dispatch would have recorded their location.

    • Goof: In 32:50 mins there is a shot of round shot into the basin in the lab. We can see that this is a parabolic round (used in most pistols), most probably a 9mm Parabellum, but next moment we see Nick holding an AK rifle that uses definitely different 7,62x39 rifle ammunition.

    • This is the first time that two detectives (Vartann and Cavaliere) worked a case. Usually there's only one.

    • Goof: Warrick is standing behind the suspect that is arrested at the hotel - the person is shot from the front - and the cops are all scanning the rooftops and windows for the shooter - that would make the shot a downward shot so how does Warrick who was standing behind the suspect get blood on his face?

    • Nitpick: Nick pulls a fingerprint off the dashboard of the suspect's Chevy Caprice. The dashboard in this vehicle is a textured surface and at best, you would get a partial print. The print would be so broken up by the textured surface that it would be incomparible. It would add additional lines and ridges as it was lifted.

    • Nick now has a mustache.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Sergeant Adams (to Officer Bell on the autopsy table): Okay partner... I guess I was pretty rough on you. Maybe not rough enough. You're the best rookie I ever trained. I have to leave you now. I'll, uh, I'll talk to Tracy. Try to make her understand. Drop in on the kids. You were a good cop.

    • Brass (softly): I remember my first shooting...
      Sofia (interrupts): I appreciate the sentiment. We're not supposed to talk to each other 'til we give our statements.
      Brass: You're right, you're right.

    • Undersheriff McKeen: You did a hell of good job out there.
      Brass: Yeah, not good enough. Has Bell's wife been notified?
      Undersheriff McKeen: The sheriff's on his way to the house now.
      Brass: You know, she's pregnant with their third kid.
      Undersheriff McKeen: We all know the risks.

    • (After they got done putting red rods into a police car, indicating where the bullets hit it)
      Nick: Looks like porcupine.
      Sara: There's not enough room between rods for a human being to fit.
      Nick: I know. (sighs) Bell and Adams must've been really swervin' and weavin'.
      Sara: 78 bullet holes. And Bell wasn't hit until he got out of the car.
      Nick: And I heard Bell was a rookie, barely off training. It was just his time I guess.

    • Grissom: Left to right, back to front... only cops were shooting in that direction.
      Doc Robbins: Are you saying Bell was hit by friendly fire?
      Grissom: Maybe not so friendly.

    • Grissom: Hey, you done yet?
      Greg: Grissom, am I on overtime?
      Grissom: Of course.
      Greg: Did everyone else go home?
      Grissom: No.
      Greg: Good to know. Well, I finished about 10 blocks so far. That's 98 cartridge casings. Let see, double L, a to z's 26. That's 38 bullet impacts.
      Grissom: Pursuit started 10 blocks farther down. You're halfway done.
      Greg: You know, I've got like three or four hours work left. Can I have some help?
      Grissom: Everybody's busy. I think you missed one. (Greg groans. Grissom notices a hubcap, just then his phone rings he answers it as he's walking over to the hubcap) Grissom.
      Catherine: Hey, I just talked to Sergeant Adams. He and Bell were making a routine traffic stop when the Caprice cut in. (Grissom picks up the hubcap) The initial vehicle was a---
      Grissom: A Buick?
      Catherine: I hate it when you do that.
      Grissom: Lucky guess, I'll call you back. (Cath hangs up the phone and makes a face)
      Greg: How'd you know that hubcap was connected to the case?
      Grissom: I'm a trained observer, Greg.
      Greg (scoffs): No, really.
      Grissom: How long do you think a perfectly good hubcap would sit around like this out here? Now, there's a freeway on ramp about two blocks away, see if there are any traffic cams between here and there.
      Greg: You know, you scare me sometimes, it's kinda freaky. Do you ever bet on the ponies?
      Grissom: I prefer poker, horses are hard to control. Make sure you document these skidmarks.
      Greg: He said skidmarks. (laughs)

    • Catherine: So the suspect had a gun pointed at Officer Davis?
      Sofia: Of course.
      Ortega: 100 percent sure?
      Sofia: Yes.
      Ortega: What did you do next? (flashback to when Sofia told Davis to leave the suspect's gun where it was)
      Sofia: Officer Davis was acting under survival instinct, not training. It was understandable under these circumstances.
      Ortega: I don't think so. (Sofia looks to Catherine, and Catherine looks at Ortega)

    • Cavaliere: Word on the street is we shot two unarmed men and high school kid.
      Catherine: We got ID's off of all three dead suspects, multiple felonies. Immigration violations, they're all members of the 18th street Chuko's.
      Ortega: Driving in stolen cars, shooting automatic weapons at a police car. These guys aren't exactly altar boys.
      Cavaliere: West alley, I got an eye witness who saw Davis plant a gun. East alley, I got an old lady who swears she saw Ricardo Esteves with his hands raised before he was killed.
      Catherine: These witnesses creditable?
      Cavaliere: I don't know.
      Ortega: Listen, if the suspects don't have guns in their hands, we can't shoot them.
      Catherine: Well, let's not get ahead of the evidence.

    • Catherine: Detective Curtis' service pistol was received with one magazine containing three live and one live round in the chamber.
      Ortega: During the gun battle were you aware of the other officer's positions relevant to you?
      Sofia: They were in front of me and to my right, no to my left.
      Ortega: Did you continue to be aware of their positions after the suspect took off running?
      Sofia: Uh... Bell was in front of me. But he was down behind his car.
      Ortega: Do you remember Officer Bell being shot?
      Sofia: Um... s-sorry, what-- what was the question?
      Ortega: I said do you remember Officer Bell being shot?
      Catherine: Do you need a moment here?
      Ortega: No, no that's alright. She's gonna do just fine.
      Sofia: Uh...make sure you check Bell's vest, I think he took one in the chest.
      (Cavaliere knocks on the door)
      Cavaliere: Detective Ortega, Catherine, can you step out for a moment?
      Ortega (before leaving): We're not done.

    • (about the kid who got shot)
      Cavaliere: They're gonna blame us for this too.
      UnderSheriff McKeen: CSI's processed the scene?
      Cavaliere: Yeah. Not much to process, some blood stains off the ground and a 9mm cartridge casing.
      UnderSheriff McKeen: Cops are shooting 9's. Guilty until proven innocent.

    • Ortega: Captain, hand over your firearm to CSI Willows. (Brass takes his gun out the holster, and sets it on the table)
      Catherine: Any magazines?
      Brass (checks his holder): I must've used them. (Catherine checks Brass' magazine in his gun, finds no bullets, she checks the chamber and finds one)
      Catherine: Captain Brass' service pistol was received with an empty magazine and one live round in the chamber.
      Ortega: It'd be smart to have ammo before you start running into a gun fight.

    • Catherine: Hey, what happened out here?
      Brass: I was one of the shooters, so was Sofia. You know the deal, that's all I'm really allowed to say.

    • Catherine (about the Buick): Did you see where it went?
      Adams: I was kind of busy.

    • Bobby: See those scraps and gouges? They look like road rash. Like when you toss a gun out of a moving car.
      Hodges: Huh. Well you'd be the one to know about rashes.

    • Grissom: I didn't find any cartridge casings in this alley from the dead guy's gun. Just these three 9mm's from our cop.
      Vartann: So he must have been out of ammo.
      Grissom: But he had to know that he'd get shot holding a gun whether it was loaded or not. Why didn't he just toss it?
      Vartann: Maybe he didn't know it was. Heat of the battle, I mean we're not talking rocket scientists.
      Grissom: That doesn't make him suicidal though does it?

    • Grissom: Okay, everybody around here has a video camera, cell phone cameras and they'll all be takin' pictures.
      Warrick: I think we all know how to operate in front of a camera.
      Nick: Don't get caught picking your nose.
      Grissom: Catherine's back at the station collecting all the officer's guns. This is the main crime scene. So, Nick you and Sara take this. There are two additional crime scenes on the alleys down third. Warrick, you take the west, I'll take the east.
      Greg: And what do I get to do? Go back to the lab and wait for a phone call?
      Grissom: This is a running gun battle that started 20 blocks back, you get that.
      Greg: That's got to be like a mile, who's gonna be with me?
      Sara: A bunch of pissed off locals with their shot up cars.

    • Sergeant Carroll: Hell of a day, man.
      Grissom: It's just beginning.

    • Officer: Nobody gives a crap about a dead cop.
      Other Officer: I don't see them lighting any candles for Bell.

    • (After Sofia shot a gunman)
      Sofia: What are you doing? Put it down.
      Cop: Yeah, sorry. I was just trying to secure his gun.
      Sofia: He's not going to be using it anymore.

    • Nick (after he test fires an AK-47): Oh-oh, yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about.
      Warrick: I got over firin' AK's along time ago. (Warrick is looking at a gun) Hey mustache boy, come over here and check this out.

    • (Autopsy on one of the shooters)
      David: He bled out.
      Doc Robbins: Bingo. The wound was not immediately fatal, it took awhile.
      David: This is gonna look bad.
      Doc Robbins: David, it is what it is.

    • Cop: Those people think that they catch us doing something wrong that they'll sue and win the lottery.
      Warrick: We don't do anything wrong then we've got nothing to worry about.

    • Sara (to mother and two children): I-I'm sorry, I don't speak Spanish.
      Little girl: She wants to know why our house got shot up.
      Sara: I don't have the answer to that, I'm sorry.

    • Catherine: They were shooting all the time?
      Brass: Oh, yeah... it was like movie guns. They never run out of bullets, you know?
      Ortega: I don't go to the movies.

    • Catherine: You know it's gonna be a long shift when you get the call to report to the command post.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Greg: He said, "skidmarks," heh heh heh.

      This a reference the 1990s animation show Beavis and Butt-head when anytime someone said something that they could possibly take in a way different than intended, they'd react just like Greg did.

    • In this episode, Nick says to Sara about the dead Officer Bell, "It was just his time I guess." In the earlier season episode "Gum Drops," Nick and Sara had a conversation in which Sara says "It wasn't your time to die."

    • When Catherine is pulling the bullet out of Officer Bell's flack jacket, there are several hundred pictures on the wall behind her. The most distinguishable one is a close-up photo of an "S" on a round white circle. This appears to be a letter tile from the game "Logos" from the Season 4 episode "Bad Words."

    • Episode Title: A Bullet Runs Through It

      The title of this episode is a play on the title of the 1992 film A River Runs Through It.