CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 8

A Bullet Runs Through It (2)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2005 on CBS

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  • Fantastic!

    This was a great second part, and definitely my favourite two episodes of the entire series. It was definitely a tear jerker, especially the final scene where Brass goes to see Officer Bell’s widow. It was nice to see that they didn’t resort to a stereotypical reaction from her, which was completely hating him. It made it even more sad that she didn’t blame him, saying that she knew it wasn’t his fault, even though every cop there did blame Brass for what happened. It would be interesting to see if anything comes from this or whether they take the lead from Bell’s widow and stop blaming Brass for what clearly wasn’t his fault, something that he couldn’t control. It was also a sad moment when Grissom told Brass that it was him who shot Bell, not Sofia. It was clearly hard to Grissom to tell Brass this and it was nice to see that moment between the two friends.

    But what was up with Sara? She totally turned into a totally insensitive cow when she saw Sofia talking to Grissom. A little compassion wouldn’t have amiss. There is definitely something wrong with her.

    I didn’t really like the scene with Grissom explaining to the community what had gone on. It just felt…off for some reason. But it was nice for the father of that boy who got shot hear the truth. He’d been so busy slagging off the police without any reason to suspect they did anything wrong. And why was he more concerned with telling the world what he though of the police and not spending more time with, in his words, his critically ill son? He needs to get his priorities in order.
  • There was no way Brass shot the cop.

    Unfortunately if you were to pay attention to the first part (or have a dvr) you can plainly see Brass behind the officer he supposedly shot. He was low to the ground. He definitely never stood up!

    You can actually see he never gets up during the entire event. No wonder he couldn\'t remember standing up. I hope they address this in a future episode.

    I hate it when a show like csi is inconsistent. If only the csi team had the footage of the event like we did...
  • Good episode

    I liked this episode because so much was going on with the CSI team, and Grissom had everyone working around the clock on solving this case. It was also a two-part episode, which I love with CSI, because they always know where to leave the audience hanging. I think all the tension in the community and within the team conveyed well, creating a tense atmosphere for the viewer. It kept my heart beating the whole episode. I also liked how they had Sofia thinking that Bell's death was her fault the whole time through, only to discover that she was innocent, and that it was in fact Brass who had killed Bell. All in all, a good episode.
  • Did I already say damn? Damn!!

    The previous episode already had stellar quality, but this one really made me love CSI even more. Fact is that the last few scenes made me cry. And that's saying something. Paul really impressed me with a piece of acting that was solid and not for second went over the top.

    Basically, this episode goes on after the assassination of a suspect. Sofia tries to deal with the situation and turns to Grissom while Sarah, seeing this, is being a insensitive (maybe even jealous) bitch. The situation with the Hispanic community is dealt with, although a bit too easy for my taste. No way, that the whole community would accept a presentation just like that, especially given by a scientist.

    The last scene is just very very good, and I'll be rewatching that one quite a few times. It will be difficult to surpass this one!
  • This was excellent. It was suspenseful and I never guessed how it was going to come out. I love that.

    How this show continues to have people you care about with plots you cannot predict I do not know. But they do and I am so grateful. There is no show like it. CSI Miami shows what it would be like without the characters you love. The characters show that they care about each other and therefore you care about them. It is "science with a heart" - you can't beat that!
  • This episode proves just why people watch T.V

    There are six episodes that realte to exactly why I watch CSI.

    The first episode encompasses the "traditional" episode of CSI, the one where there are two cases, comedy, and both cases eventually being solved.

    The next episode would have to be 4X4 from last season, simply because it was unique, fast moving, and refreshing.

    The next episode was Hollywood Brass, where the episode was again a character study on a specific cast member that is a break from the typical CSI fare.

    Following this was Grave Danger, I do not have to explain my reasons for this particular episode.

    This seaspn there would have to be two episodes that stand out. Firstly is the episode with the little girl who is the sole survivor from the mass murder at the house. This episode defines television like no other show could. The pace is relentless, the tension and build up of drama is unparalleled, and the conclusion is heartfelt.

    Lastly, this episode moved away from the whodunit in a sense, and focused mainly on the emotions of all those involved with who did it. This would have to be one of the few episodes where the sum of words spoken by all suspects reached less than fifty. Putting main characters into jeopardy is both realistic, and something that producers of CSI do remarkably well. Documenting the interactions between CSI's that are literally under the microscope, and colleagues who are comfused by their conflicting emotions regarding the said CSI, provides remarkable television that only this series is able to achieve.

    A fabulous two part episode that leaves this viewer 100% satisfied.
  • Best episode so far this season!

    Wow. I didnt expect that. Sophia yea, but not Brass. I thought it was going to be Sophia because her consciense started getting to her and she had to tell someone "Grissom." I know she was just doing her job, but Sara could have been a little nicer when she told Sophia she needed to leave the building. It was also fitting when Grissom was in the community meeting and started to explain that the Bell had died by friendly fire, but no the father wanted to know what happened to his son. Grissom told him that it was Fautos that shot him and stole his bike not a police officer and boy did that shut him up. Poor Brass. Keep Hodges where he belongs in the lab. And finally, what is up with Eckley. These past three episodes he hasnt been the obnoxious ... he has been being.
  • This episode was by far the most eye-catching and dominating of the series 6 season run. I don't know what else to say except I'm speechless. I wonder how Grissom felt, knowing he had to report to Brass he knew just who fired at Bell.

    It's the first episode I've watched that wasn't on DVD, and let me tell you, what a way to start! I know I missed Part One, but believe me, this isn't a show that lets you fall out of line. You know what happens and quickly thanks to their constant, but needed re-informing of other agents. I love the almost liquid melding of scenes and sights in this episode, and who couldn't love the part where Warrick is complaining about Tina leaving the jelly out of his PB&J. Classic. This gets a ten from me, the series always has. And this just proves how Bruckheimer has the power to pull you in and keep you in. I know I made the right choice in listening to a sister's friend by watching this. Now I can't stop and I don't think I will. You want action? You've got it, because remember... the physical evidence does not lie.
  • This episode was the perfect ending to a two-part episode... it was just really great how they chose to end it...

    A Bullet Runs Through It has got to be the second best episode of CSI ever (my fav is still Grave Danger...the finale to last season). The ending of this one was very well written. When Bell's wife found out who Brass was, and she walked up to him, i think it was absolutely great that she hugged him...any lesser woman would have totally freaked out and attacked. Gil was also pretty good in keeping his emotions at bay and i think it was great how they had the Physical Evidence stuff explained at the end like how they arent affected by emotion and they dont lie. I thought it was great how he got the dead kid's dad to finally stop blaming the police for his kid's death. All in all it was an amazing episode...
  • Facts and/or Emotions

    This show did a great job showing how LEO's deal with difficult situations, trying to balance out the intricacies of fact and then keeping the lid on emotions. I was bothered, however, how Bell's co-workers kept blaming others, the shot kid's Dad, then Brass when it was found that he had shot Bell. All of us are fallable. Mrs. Bell was fantastic. When she put her hand up, I just didn't know what was next and to see her hug Brass brough out the boo-hoo's. Paul does a great job in this show. Gil is again the anchor, the glue that keeps everything together to again focus on the evidence, the truth. He's coping with his own emotions when he realizes that Brass shot Bell. Good job. Sophia is a great addition to this show, and I keep hoping to see Louis Lombard's name added to the opening credits. Hodges again, is able to grate on the viewer enough to keep the show from becoming a complete tearjerker. CSI did it again with this show.
  • Powerful conclusion!

    Wow! I had to wait 'til today to review this one. This episode had *everything*: action, science, drama, emotion, character development... everything!

    Pet peeve: spoilers in the reviews. I don't want to spoil the science so I'll just say that this episode's science is exemplar of why I watch the show. Bullet paths, oddball theories, etc. You won't be disappointed!

    Paul Guilfoyle and Louise Lombard delivered particularly powerful performances. So much empathy was created as their emotions unfold as they are each overcome by own grief and speculation. The widow's reaction to Brass was perfect, and I will not include spoilers!

    Gil's lack of people skills was painfully evident twice, but he was saved both times, once by Sara and once by doing what was asked by the crowd. Overall, this was a great two-parter!
  • A moving episode with a lot of facts, action, and overall grandness.

    With what we saw last week the episode could have gone either way. The episode could have been a bad episode but this episode was executed with perfection. It was moving and was made more moving by all the actors acting abilities. It is simply amazing what a simply look or comment can add to a scene. The actors have the ability to not express their feeling with words but with facial expression. Brass and Sofia shined in the episode as they were under the microscope the entire episode and we got to see what they, the suspects, were going through as we saw what the CSIs and lab techs were going through. The episode has left us all with a great feeling of pity for both Brass and Sofia but especially Brass. What will happen to him down the line is the question I am asking myself right now. This has been one of the best episodes to date and really gave all the actors a chance to shine in the roles they play.
  • The CSI teams work to solve what went down with the major cop/bad guy shoot out. They discover that the shooters were involved in a drug ring and that it was really Captain Jim Brass that shot Officer Bell.

    Perhaps the most emotional part of the episode was when Brass attended a service for Bell. Seeing Brass as emotionally vulnerable was definitely tear jerking, as was the scene where Bell's wife forgave him. Very fine acting. Another excellent scene was when Gil explains the results that his team has found to the angry community. The way he pushes the truth of science, that it speaks without any human influences, really was what the community, and the father of the injured boy, needed to hear in order to be able to trust what he was saying.
  • Please may I borrow a tissue

    The second part to A Bullet was as brilliant as the first. I would have to say, that to me, these two episodes had to be the best CSI has had with all 6 seasons combined. I really felt the pain Sofia Curtis was in, as well as the concern Jim had for her. As for the other characters, mainly Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle, the disappointment was once again there. Gil, the man who gave that pivotal speech in 109 Unfriendly Skies, allowing Sofia to leave his office as she was without verifying her safety was appalling. And Sara, please someone get that girl a mirror so she can repeat the part about getting Sofia a shrink to herself.
  • i love it..! go brass..

    i really love Bullet runs Through.., it's such an exciting episode.., the writer has done a great job..!! i loved the chase.., the gunfight.., and the very great confusion that was created due to the havoc of the gunfight.., but of course Grissom and his team are there to solve the case..!! but i really can't believe that Brass made a mistake like that.. i loved the last part of the episode.., Jim was such a very nice.., and BRAVE i say.., when he went to the funeral of Bell.., and it was such a very nice ending..!! well don CSI..!! i love this show very much..!!
  • My personal favorite of the entire series. Incredibly moving 2 parter.

    Honestly, I think this is the best episode of CSI: Las Vegas ever. It's a real tearjerker, very powerful and engaging. I read in an interview that the writer, who is also a technical adviser on the show as well as a real CSI, wrote the plot by combining three real life shootout cases into one. It works!

    I don't want to spoil *too* much so I'll stick to the beginning. In the first part, an officer is killed in a shootout between apparent drug dealers and the cops. Sophia and Brass are both involved in the shootout. The officer shot is a rookie. After the chaos is over, some suspects are dead, some have fled, and the CSI team is left to sort it all out.

    The first episode is definitely setup and investigations. Part 2 is all about the consequences. It's very powerful stuff. You can really feel the strain on the characters are they deal with this very out of the ordinary crime scene. It's also a very personal story, especially for Brass. This is a must-see for any Brass fan, let me tell you.

    Anyway, quit reading this review and go buy the DVDs or get them off Netflix, hurry! If you like CSI *at all*, or even if you don't, you will enjoy this episode.
  • One of the best episode.

    Good job. I don't expect this episode to be so good. This is probably the best episode in this series. The lab is about to be charge for the murder of a citizen during a shootout, and the CSI must clear their name before they have to face the court. Creative plot, it's just perfect. Grissom clears Sofia name, only to find out Brass is the one who accidentally killed Officer Bell. Poor Brass, he don't deserve that. This episode is amazing, perfect, interesting...It's just good. I love this episode so much, and this is one of my top 10 episodes.
  • The CSI team must investigate a case of a police shootout where 3 perps and 1 cop were killed and deal with the knowledge that the shot that killed the cop may have come from one of their own.

    The last few scenes made this episode. Grissom explaining the evidence to the distraught community and finally the cop's funeral. I wanted to hug Brass the whole time. Poor guy. He doesn't have a family to take the blow off this. His career is his life. The shot of his hands breaking was heart breaking. When he stood up to hug the wife all I could think was please don't let her slap him, please just let her hug him - to understand. And she did. It was beautifully done.
    I've always been uncaring about the character of Brass, much as I am with the other detectives who work with the CSIs. But in this episode it really made him grow for me. It just added all of the knowledge I have of his character and what he's been through and then made it grow into this person. This fallible cop who has suffered because of choices in his family. It was really well done. Brought tears to my eyes.
  • I think part 2 was more of a ending than a second part. It was a good ending but more of a ending than a concluding part.

    I think part 2 was more of a ending than a second part. It was a good ending but more of a ending than a concluding part. I think it was a good idea to make it a two part because trying to fit all that in in one episode would have make it a bit quick and not that good. I would give it a 8/10 but the 2 episodes together get a 10/10 The starting was one of the best gun battles in csi ever i think and the story is very well explained Thank you for reading.
  • Brass holds his head high!

    Wow, great episode. The first part was good, but I enjoyed this second half much more. Following the evidence as is always the Grissom way. Even tho the evidence at first could not tell him what he really wanted to know; which police officer actually killed Bell. So in the older style and the style that is coming back Grissom has the team come close to together and act out a scene. In doing so they find out just who actually shot Bell. It is tough to be in the situation, but Brass holds his head high. Keeps integrity and his graciously rewarded by Bell's wife.
  • SPOILER: Excellent ending scene where Mrs. Bell, after finding out what happened, forgives Capt. Brass, while the rest of the cops are treating him like a pariah


    Many plot twists, kept me guessing through the entire episode.

    Also, when Grissom said he worked for the crime lab as a scientist, and the guy shouted "You work for the cops, you're a cop!" Gris doesn't even flinch, knowing how emotionally charged the scene is.

    If only people would respond the way the kid's father did when Grissom explained how the bad guy had shot his son, not the police...
  • A tear jerker conclusion, CSI does it again.

    This is the conclusion to a two-part episode, and it was great. The team has evidence and they are listening to it speak. However not all the evidence tells them what they need to know. I was stunned at whom the shooter was, but I was kinda thinking that was they way it would be. But none the less I was stunned.

    It was good to Grissom up there talking to the community and trying to explain what they do. And what the community thought was wrong. You get one person on a mission and truth gets lost in the chaos.

    I think this episode had it all great acting, great writing, great directing, and a great ending. I will admit it brought a tear to my eyes. CSI does it again and again, keep the great episodes coming.