CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 8

A Bullet Runs Through It (2)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2005 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Carroll: I shot an armed suspect who was shooting at the police.
      Grissom: I believe you. But the witnesses may also be right.
      Brass: Look, don't make this some intellectual exercise for your own personal amusement, alright?
      Grissom: Check it out. Hodges, stand over here.
      Hodges: Yes, sir.
      Grissom: See that roof?
      Hodges (looks up): It's red clay.
      Grissom: Toss one of the guns up there.
      Hodges: Actually they're Bobby Dawson's guns. He made me sign for them. I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate it if we brought them back damaged.
      Grissom: Technically they're my guns so toss one up there.
      Hodges: Just for the record, I've never really been good sports. (Grissom immediately looks at Sara)
      Grissom: Sara.
      Sara: Yeah. (Hodges hands her a gun and moves out of the way. She throws the gun on the roof)
      Ortega: How does that prove that the guy tossed the gun up there? You recovered it from the ground.
      Grissom: There's a cracked tile on the roof. I found a series of scratches stretching from the cracked tile to the end of the roof.
      Hodges: I found scratches and red clay dust on the suspect's .45.
      Grissom: It explains how the witnesses saw Estevez with his hands up and Sergeant Carroll then saw him with a gun in his hands.
      Ortega: Gun's still up there.
      Grissom: Sara, try it again. (hands her another gun and she throws it up there, and it comes back down and she catches it) There you have it.

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