CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 8

A Bullet Runs Through It (2)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2005 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Sofia: Hey, I left you a couple of messages.
      Grissom: Oh. (pulls out his cell and looks at it) You know, I haven't gotten to them yet, sorry. You're on adminstrative leave though, you should be at home gettin' some rest.
      Sofia: Yeah. I tried. I-I can't stop thinkin' about this-- this Bell shooting.
      Grissom: That's understandable.
      Sofia: Grissom, I think that, maybe there a possibility that maybe I shot him.
      Grissom: Sofia, we can't discuss--
      Sofia: It's something that I remembered giving my statement.
      Grissom: Well, then it's already on the record.
      Sofia: No, something that I didn't mention.
      Grissom: Sofia--
      Sofia: Please listen to me. Bell was between me and the suspect. I was shooting over his cover which is a violation of policy. (flashback, to when Bell stands up and gets shot) I was-- I was just trying to stay alive. But if I did it I uh--
      Sara (walking in): Grissom I uh-- (looks up from her file) Sofia. You're on adminstrative leave.
      Sofia: I know.
      Sara: You should not be in this building.
      Sofia: I was just talking to a friend. If I can't talk to a friend, who the hell am I supposed to talk to?
      Sara: Any friend outside the department.
      Sofia: And how many friends outside of work do you have, Sara? Oh, maybe I should go talk to my mother, oh, no, sorry, I forgot, she's a cop too.
      Sara: I can recommend a departmental psychologist.
      Sofia (to Grissom): This was a really bad idea I'm sorry. (leaves, and Sara glares at Grissom)

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